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Over 1 billion of the world's poorest people have at least one of these illnesses.
A bill set before the United States Senate that would help to restore the net neutrality rules recently repealed by the Federal Communications Commission is just one vote shy of having the support i
(Reuters) - Nvidia Corp said on Tuesday China's Chery Automobile Co [CHERY.UL] would use its self-driving technology that it has developed with Baidu and ZF Friedrichshafen AG [ZFF.UL].
The study looked at the concentration of radium-228 in the central Arctic Ocean and found that between 2007 and 2015 the concentration doubled, sugge
When the “Nashville” cast soundtracks end, there will still be more music for fans to buy. Lennon Stella is the latest cast member from the CMT drama to sign a record deal. The 18-year-old signed
A high school wrestler from California, who was wrestling during a match, sustained an injury that has paralyzed him from the neck down.
TV host Larry King believes he knows how Princess Diana would have reacted to Prince Harry’s relationship with Meghan Markle. “Princess Diana would’ve loved this. Would’ve loved this, and she
Don’t know your Blowfish from AES? You don’t have to, as we’ve pointed out all the top security VPN outfits here.
A leak appears to show the next version of the Xbox Elite Controller, and it looks to pack some new tricks.
Chinese smartphone vendor heading for public flotation according to press reports.
Facebook vows to simplify and streamline features in the Messenger app this year.
Have you recently purchased a OnePlus smartphone? You should check your bank statement for inaccuracies.
The malware Skygofree can use your Android phone to spy on you in a lot of different ways.
Prof Dame Glynis Breakwell, who earns £468,000, is the highest paid university vice-chancellor in the UK.
The picture captured by Nasa's Hubble telescope was magnified by a natural phenomenon known as 'gravitational lensing' giving never-before-seen detail of this ancient star system.
Skygofree can carry out a number of remote commands, including taking pictures or videos with the affected device, and even recording audio when the user enters a specified location.
At a Catcher Technology Co. manufacturing complex in the Chinese industrial city of Suqian, about six hours’ drive from Shanghai, workers stand for up to 10 hours a day in hot workshops slicing
Two new frog species were discovered in the Amazon Basin. Both had been previously misidentified as another superficially identical species. One of them received a name translating to 'demon' or 'devi
Pharmaceuticals and other human-made contaminants are forcing fish that live downstream from a typical sewage treatment plant to work at least 30 percent harder just to survive, researchers have found
When deciding which sweet corn hybrids to plant, vegetable processors need to consider whether they want their contract growers using a workhorse or a racehorse. Is it better to choose a hybrid with e
A new drone-enabled population survey -- the first ever on sea turtles -- shows that larger-than-anticipated numbers of turtles aggregate in waters off Costa Rica's Ostional National Wildlife Refuge.
A team of scientists has examined the Middle Pleistocene Montmaurin-La Niche mandible, which reveals the complexity of the origin of the Neanderthals.
Do we all hate folding laundry this much?        
The modernization of the United States' missile monitoring and defense system is schedule to meet another benchmark on Thursday with the launch of GEO-4.
A new image captured by the Hubble Space Telescope shows what the mass of three million billion suns looks like.
Even if Democrats win that vote, they will have trouble restoring internet rules that the Federal Communications Commission repealed in December.
Led by Eric Schneiderman of New York, the attorneys general said the rollback of so-called net neutrality rules were “arbitrary and capricious.”
Snapchat’s already underperforming stock price took a hit Tuesday when the markets opened after the app suffered a great deal of dismay from users over its redesigned layout introduced late last w
Shale gas is one of least sustainable options for producing electricity, according to new research.
Researchers used LiDAR imaging to digitally preserve and study important dinosaur tracks.
That's a hard storm throbbing through the South.
Another “Rocky” movie is on the horizon, and the upcoming film will feature the offspring of the franchise’s No.1 villain. Ivan Drago’s son will be part of the “Creed 2” plot, and the act
Humans have cleared about half of Europe’s forests through their history of settling into farming societies and then building civilizations. Deforestation is not an invention of modern nations, but
Kim Zolciak is not one to back down from a feud, and while she may not have meant to a ignite one with “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member Cynthia Bailey, her harsh words stirred up some t
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Researches examined the transport, evaporation and combustion of liquids in large-scale fire incidents.
Methods from optogenetics and machine learning should help improve treatment options for stroke patients. Researchers have now developed a computer vision technique to analyze the changes in motor ski
Obese, middle-age men and women who had bariatric surgery have half the death rate of those who had traditional medical treatment over a 10-year period, reports a study that answers questions about th
A research team has found a new way to keep the immune system engaged, and is planning to test the approach in a phase 1 clinical trial.
Pain researchers have developed a new method of reducing pain-associated behaviors with RNA-based medicine, creating a new class of decoy molecules that prevent the onset of pain.
More than 10,000 people in the United States are living with memory loss and other persistent neurological problems that occur after West Nile virus infects the brain. Now, a new study in mice suggest
A research team has validated a way to outfox tumors. They engineered T-cells, essential players in the body's own immune system, to strip tumors of their self-preservation skill and were able to hold
A new, first-of-its-kind study was designed to assess whether cognitive training, a medication-free treatment, could improve MCI. Studies show that activities that stimulate your brain, such as cognit
In 2014, astronomers found an enormous galaxy cluster contains the mass of a staggering three million billion suns -- so it's little wonder that it has earned the nickname of "El Gordo" ("the Fat One"
Nitrogen-based synthetic fertilizer forms the backbone of the world food supply, but its manufacture requires a tremendous amount of energy. Now, computer modeling points to a method that could drasti
The Swift's futuristic design is gorgeous, but it's not cheap.        
Police in Denmark meted out preliminary charges to 1,004 people including children and young adults Monday for distributing a video and photos of two underage people having sex, according to German
The city known for being one of the coldest in the world saw an extreme over the weekend when the temperature dipped well into the negatives. Yakutsk, the city in Russia along the Lena River, is cur
Apple still has to reveal the 2018 iPhone lineup, but rumors are already suggesting what features will come in next year’s iPhones. A new report by Korea’s ET News [via MacRumors] says Apple cou
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Treasury has warned U.S. investors to approach Venezuela's proposed "petro" cryptocurrency with caution, saying that it may contravene U.S. sanctions against the govern
LONDON/NEW YORK (Reuters) - Bitcoin slid as much as 18 percent on Tuesday to a four-week low, as worries about a regulatory crackdown on the market spread after reports suggested it was still possible
The number of a güiña wildcats in Chile continues to decline, and new research suggests habitat fragmentation is the species' number one threat.
Applied mathematics can be a powerful tool in helping predict the genesis and evolution of different types of cancers, a study has found.
Photons with energy higher than the 'band gap' of the semiconductor absorbing them give rise to what are known as hot electrons. The extra energy is lost very fast, as it is converted into heat so it
Scientists have identified a unique structure that wraps around the mantis shrimp's club to protect it from self-inflicted damage as it crushes hard-shelled prey. The finding will help researchers dev
Climate protection and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions have been on top of global development agendas. Accordingly, research and development projects have been conducted on national and inte
A nanostructured composite material has shown impressive performance as a catalyst for the electrochemical splitting of water to produce hydrogen. An efficient, low-cost catalyst is essential for real
A new model now gives researchers a tool that extends past observing static networks at a single snapshot in time, which is hugely beneficial since network data are usually dynamic.
A new report provides practical agronomic data for five cellulosic feedstocks, which could improve adoption and increase production across the country.
The owner of a North Carolina Crossfit gym is facing continued backlash over his controversial photos and captions of women’s posteriors while working out in addition to his ensuing apology that a
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