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Why Tech Giants Want Samsung To Beat Apple In The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court finally held a hearing today on a years-long dispute between Apple and Samsung over smartphone patents. What it ultimately decides will have major impact on how tech companies think about design patents--Apple supporters say keeping the original law will protect individual design, and Samsung supporters say the law needs to change or it will stifle tech innovation.
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More corals are dying and others are succumbing to disease and predators after the worst-ever bleaching on Australia's iconic Great Barrier Reef, scientists said Wednesday.
The University of Cape Town (UCT) and North-West University (NWU) have established a cloud-based data centre - a first for an African institutes.
An increase in solar activity means the chances of seeing the Northern Lights tonight in places like Canada, Scandinavia, Scotland and even England and are greater than usual.
The new bar, allegedly known as the Magic Toolbar, has been doing the internet rounds for some time.
LONDON (Reuters) - As commodity margins flat-line, the number of traders will shrink as existing trading firms consolidate and digital rivals emerge, U.S. consultancy Oliver Wyman said in its annual c
Code hidden within the latest MacOS operating system appears to reveal a new laptop.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics are no longer distant concepts but are fast becoming a reality
A good opportunity missed, says Exponential-e.
Swedish mobile networks company Ericsson has named longtime board member Borje Ekholm as its new CEO, in a bid to turn around the company amid a decline in the industry
At the end of June, I found myself running through the streets of Geneva with two other brain mappers--all three of us sweaty from trying to catch the bus. Even though I live in New Jersey and am used
Narrowing the best Xbox One games down to 20 wasn't easy, but somebody had to do it.
Do you use the Pokemon Go Plus wearable? It’s set to break if you update the app.
Our daily pick of the best free Windows software – an open source vector graphics editor that rivals Adobe Illustrator.
GCHQ and MI5 have been illegally collecting data on the UK public for a decade.
Yes, this video was released in a live streamed footage from the International Space Station and immedietly received a miraculous response.
MasterPulse Pro also offers virtual 7.1 surround sound.
The tech giant posted 3% loss in the last quarter.
With the release of iOS 10.1, Apple has finally plugged a leak that made iOS devices accessible to hackers. The flaw would allow hackers to plant a malicious code in the user's system by having them
Microsoft is hosting an event today in New York to talk about devices—ostensibly a Surface PC all-in-one, but that isn’t the only thing on the horizon for Microsoft. There is another event scheduled
The Cupertino brand ihas hired dozens of software engineers from Blackberry-owned QNX and is developing its car OS at a base in near Ottawa, sources claim.
An Afghan woman, who became famous after her picture featured on the cover of National Geographic Magazine, was arrested Wednesday for staying in Pakistan on fraudulent identity papers. Sharbat Gula,
The concept of big data has been around since the late 1990s
They’re the windows to your soul, and the most favoured way to login with online banking.
Scientists at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, compared the pros and cons of using various brain imaging techniques to make the technology a reality in the future.
Vertiwalk has been designed by a team from the Rombout Frieling Lab in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and is a hybrid between stairs and an elevator.
The Tomb Raider icon picks up the prestigious gong at this year's Golden Joystick awards.
Britain’s Prince Harry is set to head for the Caribbean, visiting seven countries during a two-week trip on official duty. The prince will represent his grandmother Queen Elizabeth during the royal
Among 160 IT service management users, a third (36 per cent) believe analytics would improve service desk efficiency.
OSAKA, Japan (Reuters) - Japanese videogames maker Nintendo Co cut its annual profit outlook by a third on Wednesday as a strong yen erodes income earned overseas and overwhelms an earnings bounce fro
A University of Alberta study claims to have found the first evidence for flocking behaviour in bird-like Avimimus dinosaurs in a large cache of bones found in the Nemegt region of Mongolia.
Don’t own a smartwatch yet? Black Friday is probably the best possible time to buy your first wearable.
Retailers are slashing the prices of the older Kindle models this week.
A team of scientists led by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology studied 19 quasars using the Very Large Telescope at ESO's Paranal Observatory, with a new instrument called MUSE.
Days after the executive board of Unesco — the United Nations body in charge of preserving the world’s historical sites — ratified a controversial resolution that Israel says ignored Judaism’s connec

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Enjoy free dance classes

Jam SS Dance Studio will hold open lessons on October 29, Trend Life reported.
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Review: ‘Battlefield 1’ looks backward for fresh ideas

Why doesn’t World War I get more attention in popular media? It’s complicated. Sure, we all know it started when some archduke got assassinated, but most non-history majors would be hard put to explai
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'The Flash' surprises again, revealing the debut of a classic villain

New speedster Jesse Quick arrives and a classic Flash villain debuts.
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Commodity traders must go digital or face extinction: report

LONDON (Reuters) - As commodity margins flat-line, the number of traders will shrink as existing trading firms consolidate and digital rivals emerge, U.S. consultancy Oliver Wyman said in its annual c
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'You are what you eat': Chemical traces in bones point cold case investigators to Canada

There is an old saying that you are what you eat, and it turns out it might hold the clue to unraveling the mysterious identity of a woman found dead
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Twitter bot creates 'remarkably Trump-like' tweets

CBC Radio technology columnist Dan Misener digs deep into DeepDrumpf.
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'There's no way for you to know': Why so-called smart devices are putting us all at risk

Last Friday's massive cyberattacks should serve as a "wake-up call" to alert the public that internet-connected devices designed to make our lives mo
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China pledges more military drills in disputed waters

The maritime administration gave coordinates for an area south of the Chinese island province of Hainan and northwest of the Paracel Islands.
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1 killed, 3 injured in Rankin County crash

One person was killed and three others injured in a crash on Interstate 20 Wednesday morning.              
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Are carmakers facing a 'petrolgate' scandal over emissions?

A year after Volkswagen cars were found to be emitting illegally high levels of harmful diesel emissions, new research has warned that a similar issue could hit petrol vehicles too.
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Thousands of divorcees deprived of PPI payouts by NatWest and RBS to be paid

State-backed RBS-NatWest failed to pay separated and divorced women their legal share of payouts for mis-sold payment protection insurance.
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Boss of budget airline Flybe to step down with immediate effect 'by mutual agreement'

Flybe said its chairman Simon Laffin will assume the top job until a new chief executive is appointed. The company said that it is actively looking for Saad Hammad's replacement.
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Here's what we know so far about voter fraud and the 2016 election

Campaign 2016 updates: What we know about voter fraud in 2016 Oct. 26, 2016, 5:42 a.m. Hillary Clinton continues to campaign in Florida on Wednesday. Donald Trump stops at his hotel in Washington,
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Latinos in California have one big reason to vote: Donald Trump

Galvanized to vote in the presidential race by Donald Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric, Latinos in California are expected to turn out in large numbers in November and have considerable influence
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Newt Gingrich to Fox's Megyn Kelly: 'You are fascinated with sex'

Campaign 2016 updates: What we know about voter fraud in 2016 Oct. 26, 2016, 5:42 a.m. Hillary Clinton continues to campaign in Florida on Wednesday. Donald Trump stops at his hotel in Washington,
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Activists say airstrikes outside a school in northern Syria kill 17, mostly kids

Syrian activists say airstrikes outside a school in the northern, rebel-held province of Idlib have killed 17 people, mostly children. The Idlib News network says the airstrikes hit as the childre
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Growing pains for Obamacare - and its customers

Starting next week, many Americans who buy individual health insurance policies will see big increases in premiums — 25% on average for those who shop at the federally operated exchanges establish
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Patt Morrison asks: Carl Reiner on being 94 and living to see America's first female president

One of the founding fathers of television comedy, Carl Reiner, creator of “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” has become a 90210 Gutenberg, publishing memoirs and children’s books under his “Random Content”
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