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Who Will Trump Remove? 100,000 National Guard Troops To Detain Immigrants Nationwide, Report Says

UPDATE: 10:55 a.m. EST -- White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer denied an Associated Press report Friday that claimed the Donald Trump administration could soon mobilize nearly 100,000 National Guard troops to arrest millions of unauthorized immigrants nationwide
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Following an emergency decision to move to Amazon Web Services, Iceland’s Wow Air has wholeheartedly bought into the cloud
(Reuters) - The U.S. Department of Commerce on Thursday awarded a 25-year contract to AT&T Inc for the construction of a nationwide wireless broadband network to better equip first responders during e
Is Samsung's Galaxy S8 really worth your money?
Canada is much more “activist friendly” than the United States, particularly due to significantly different standards and regulations involved in the investment industry. As a result, there is a signi
ISPs' massive ad networks are the biggest beneficiaries from Congress vote to repeal incoming privacy rules.
Musk's SpaceX, formally known as Space Exploration Technologies Corp, made history in Dec 2015 when it landed an orbital rocket for the first time.
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain will tell Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft on Thursday to do more to stop extremists posting content on their platforms and using encrypted messaging services to pla
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - With the ink barely dry on the $15 billion sale of his autonomous driving technology firm Mobileye to Intel , inventive Israeli entrepreneur Amnon Shashua now has his sights set
Scientists discovered a new tyrannosaur with an unusual mode of evolution. Findings include that Daspletosaurus horneri, or 'Horner's Frightful Lizard,' evolved directly from its geologically older re
A new study showed people who feel lonely are likely to report more severe symptoms from the common cold.
Looker is now a leader in the crowded startup field for business intelligence, with 800 corporate customers and a $81.5 million raise valuing the company at about $850 million. Here's why Alphabet's C
Maksim Chmerkovskiy is down, but not out. The “Dancing With the Stars” pro is on the path toward recovery — or as he’s called it, “gettin’ unbroken” — days after hurting himself in practice. Maks sha
The Open Compute Project aims to make future data centres more efficient and cost effective.
Further portions of the controversial dossier purporting collusion between President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and the Russian Kremlin were reportedly confirmed to a secretive Congressional meetin
The website Clarifai, which was created by New York-based computer scientist Matthew Zeiler, uses facial recognition software to identify famous faces.
Quantitative and qualitative assessments of the rise of the machines and of robots replacing humans.
A team of masters students from Zurich have created a working version of a wheelchair which can climb stairs. Users will be able to control the chair with a joystick or simply by shifting their bod
Social mobility remains an elusive ambition, says the education secretary.
Oxford Economics study reveals how workers at high-performing companies avoid falling victim to digital overload, and make collaboration pay off at scale.
Netflix’s next original is a dark story about teens. “13 Reasons Why” follows Clay, a teenager who investigates why his crush, Hannah, killed herself. Fans of Jay Asher’s book will want to be among t
With NATO member countries already on edge because of the bloc's recent military maneuvers, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an order on Thursday for 142,000 more men to be drafted this spring
Excavations at the site of El Palenque in Mexico by researchers from the American Museum of Natural History in New York have recovered the oldest-known palace in the Oaxaca Valley.
Twitch users will be able to enjoy detail-rich streams because the Amazon subsidiary and live streaming video platform is supporting 1080p/60fps video content from now on. This would make the user ex
Watch new spring anime episodes, in high definition and with limited ads, as soon as paying subscribers can.
Many pundits have predicted that Moore’s Law is dead, or at least slowing down. Intel has gone to great lengths this week to debunk that myth at an unprecedented 5-hour marathon event for analysts, pr
What you need to know about mobile messaging's future -- and its potential impact on your business.
In Episode 1 of new business tech podcast Predicting Our Future, serial entrepreneur Andrew Weinreich predicts that the way we build single-family homes is destined to change and explores exciting opp
In China, tech-industry leaders and investors hail Elon Musk as a genius and visionary worth cheering on. So it comes as no surprise to them that Tencent, the country’s most valuable company by market
After ending their 108-year title drought, the Chicago Cubs are expected to be the best team in baseball for a second straight season. The defending champs have the best World Series odds and the hig
Climate change has long been linked to physical harm in humans: be it injuries resulting from storms, illness borne out of flooding or malnutrition from droughts, extreme weather events have been kno
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (Reuters) - SpaceX is aiming for another space industry first on Thursday when it plans to launch a Falcon 9 rocket that has flown before, a key step in billionaire entrepreneur E
Privacy campaigners plan to buy, then sell, US politicians' internet browsing histories.
Connected devices may be easy to use but they come at a security cost.
In a crowded market massive marketing costs and regular payments to rights holders can devour fortunes, not make them. A review of recent hits and misses shows that game developers need more than a ma

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UN secretary-general starts official visit to Iraq

The U.N. chief visited Iraq on Thursday amid a growing humanitarian crisis due to months-long fighting against the Islamic State group in Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city.
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Rescued Filipino says he survived on rain, fish for 2 months

A young Filipino fisherman has returned home after getting lost at sea in a storm and drifting for nearly two months, during which he says his uncle starved to death, before being rescued thousands of
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Turkey criticizes US arrests in Iran sanctions case

Turkey’s foreign minister says a Turkish banker and a Turkish businessman arrested in the United States for allegedly helping Iran evade U.S. sanctions are the target of a politically motivated case.
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Germany charges Afghan over alleged Taliban membership

German prosecutors have charged an Afghan man with membership in the Taliban and as an accessory to attempted murder for his role in fighting Afghan police and security forces.
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Army ranger, policeman shot dead in southern Thailand

An army ranger and a policeman were shot dead in Thailand’s deep south in the latest killings in a region troubled by violent Muslim separatism.
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Tillerson, Turkish leaders struggle to resolve Kurds dispute

The United States and Turkey struggled Thursday to resolve a deep dispute over the Kurdish role in the fight against the Islamic State group, but appeared no closer to a resolution as U.S. Secretary o
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Something different at McDonald’s: Fresh beef

The fast food giant says it will swap frozen beef patties for fresh ones in its Quarter Pounder burgers by next year        
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Chilean president chides protectionism, isolationism

EVORA, Portugal (AP) — Chile’s president criticized isolationist foreign policies and protectionism in trade Thursday, saying during a state visit to Portugal that multilateralism is “cru
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Jeff Bezos is second-richest person in world — behind Bill Gates

The Amazon boss has $75.6 billion, trailing only Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates with $80 billion, according to Bloomberg’s billionaire index.
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Samsung unveils mesh router to rival eero

Samsung router/hub can help you spread Wi-Fi and control smart devices in your house        
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Here's what happened in Uber's self-driving car crash

Witnesses in police report disagree on fault; police cited driver who was making left turn.        
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Fighting for everything: Black and female at work

One woman's story of breaking ceilings only to be put back in her place        
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Top 5 richest people in the world will make you feel poor

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is now the second-richest person on the planet. See who he beat and who is still richest of all.        
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Report: FCC to revise broadcast ownership rule

TV-station owners may soon go on a buying spree, a consolidation wave that could limit programming options for viewers.         
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You can now order 'secret' medicine ball drink off the Starbucks menu

Feeling sick? A "secret" tea concoction touted as a cure for the common cold is now on the Starbucks menu.        
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McDonald's will start using fresh beef for its Quarter Pounders -- in a year

McDonald's announced today that the chain will make the switch in most of its restaurants.        
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Sky is giving its mobile customers a new phone every year

Sky says it's the first time consumers have been able to receive a brand new phone without paying upgrade, admin or delivery fees.
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Govt seeks public comments on auction of coal mines

A discussion paper on the modalities for allocation of coal mines through auction route has been placed in the public domain to seek comments of stakeholders, Parliament was informed today.
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