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What's So Special About Special Relativity?

It took Einstein to make sense of the idea in the first place, but you don't have to be an Einstein to understand it.
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Samsung execs say they're still trying to figure out why its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones were catching fire.        
Social media service reported flat user growth during third quarter.        
Japanese scientists are getting an up-close lesson on how volcanic islands are formed.
Government Digital Service chief technology officer Andy Beale is the fifth senior executive to leave since appointment of new chief Kevin Cunnington
Israeli archaeologists have unveiled a 7th century BC text they said contains the earliest mention in Hebrew of Jerusalem outside the Bible. The scroll was found in the Judean Desert, near the Dead
FRANKFURT (Reuters) - One of Germany's longest-running business court cases reopened on Thursday, with the lawyer for the plaintiffs against Deutsche Telekom urging judges to speed up proceedings as
The deal expands Qualcomm's presence in the lucrative market for automotive technology.        
Harley Street facial cosmetic surgeon Dr Julian De Silva said the Duchess of Cambridge has inspired many woman to have cosmetic surgery, coining her own nose shape name.
The Museum of Modern Art in New York has announced it’s adding the first 176 emoji to its permanent collection.
Virtual assistants, such as California-based Apple's Siri, are spending more time dodging personal questions and dealing with darker forms of sexual harassment.
Thunderbirds Are Go season 2 premieres on Amazon Prime Video on Nov. 4 with a unique physical-digital crossover approach to animation.
Why pay full price for a new iPhone when you can get a discount?
Chip maker Qualcomm buying NXP Semiconductors in a transaction valued at about $47 billion
The MacBook Pro will finally get an update and usher in a number of major changes.
The OnePlus 3 may have delivered on major improvements from last year’s OnePlus 2, but rumor has it that it’s going to get an upgrade. The upgraded version, called the OnePlus 3T, is now claimed to b
Black Friday bargains are coming, but we don't think you should have to leave your house to get them.
A swathe of corals bleached in the northern third of the biodiverse site off the Queensland state coast died after an unprecedented bleaching earlier this year as sea temperatures rose.
(Reuters) - Apple Inc is expected to unveil a revamped MacBook Pro on Thursday with a fingerprint reader and faster ports, returning to the product line it build the company on after updating smartpho
Surface Studio has a shot at drawing creative types away from Apple-and that would be huge for Microsoft. The post Microsoft Surface Studio's Gains Will Be Apple's Loss appeared first on WIRED.
A RoboSimian robot at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory blew up thanks to its lithium ion battery. What would happen if it went to space? The post Samsung Isn't the Only One with Lithium Ion Battery P
The opacity of machine learning isn't just an academic problem. It's something we need in order to feel comfortable with artificial intelligence. The post Sure, A.I. Is Powerful—But Can We Make It Ac
Even if it is, at least the <em>Doctor Strange</em> sequel sounds like it's shaping up to be good! The post Cape Watch: We Hate to Ask This, But Is Deadpool 2 Losing Its Way? appeared fir
Internet Service Providers could help clean up Internet of Things security for the devices around us. The post Internet Providers Could Be the Key to Securing All the IoT Devices Already out There ap
The future of DDoS attacks is grim, indeed.
Spain's new "gag law" criminalizes the unauthorized use of police photos. Daniel Mayrit couldn't fight the law, so he decided to exploit it instead. The post Trolling Spanish Cops by Censoring All Th
The artist behind Alien's Xenomorph was known for a whole lot more than that monster. The post A Disturbingly Beautiful Tribute to H.R. Giger’s Nightmarish Work appeared first on WIRED.
Nintendo previously disclosed it would only be releasing further details on its new gaming console in 2017. Now, the gaming firm just announced that it will be holding a special Nintendo Switch Event
Gaëtan Dugas. If you’ve heard the name, you must know him as the “patient zero” who brought AIDS to the United States in the 1980s. He was not. A study published Wednesday in the journal Nature has d
LONDON (Reuters) - After struggling for weeks to woo buyers for a proposed public offering, financial software firm Misys scrapped plans to relist on the London stock market, blaming shaky market cond
As per the report, the population if mammals, fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians has plunged owing to the human activities that have overwhelmed the environment.
In a full-page advertisement in the Sunday October 23, 2016 edition of the Los Angeles Times, the union representing Los Angeles teachers, challenged the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA)
Today we'll discover what Apple has for pro users. Will it be enough?
Materials scientists from Britain and China have collaborated on a lithium-sulphur cell inspired by the lining of the small intestine.
There's a wide range of iPhone SE cases available and these are 10 of the best.

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French press review 27 October 2016

Critics brand President Hollande's spectacular"jobs' month too little, too late. Warning bells ring in France as China stretches its influence over the economy.
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Big Pharma, Wall Street and Big Oil: Jill Stein is heavily invested in industries she rails against

Jill Stein is heavily invested in the industries she attacks on the campaign trail, including Big Pharma, defense contractors and oil companies. The Harvard-educated physician, who said she inherited
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WATCH: Gary Johnson becomes completely unglued over tax questions — and changes subject to weed

Libertarian Gary Johnson’s presidential campaign has been swirling down the drain lately, and the candidate himself appears to be losing his cool. In an interview with the Guardian’s Paul
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Trump claims Clinton’s Bosnia lie disqualifies her for the presidency

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump Wednesday tried to reignite controversy over a statement by Democratic rival Hillary Clinton that she came under fire during a trip to Bosnia in 1996 at th
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Lawyer urges court to speed up 2001 Deutsche Telekom case

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - One of Germany's longest-running business court cases reopened on Thursday, with the lawyer for the plaintiffs against Deutsche Telekom urging judges to speed up proceedings as
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Efforts to pry back bonus payments from service members stopped

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India's Tata group accuses ousted chairman of malice

NEW DELHI/MUMBAI (Reuters) - Tata Sons accused its former chairman, Cyrus Mistry, of leveling unsubstantiated claims and malicious allegations against the Indian conglomerate as the bitter and highly
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Hundreds of flights canceled in Lufthansa budget unit strike

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Cabin crews at Lufthansa budget units Eurowings and Germanwings staged a strike on Thursday in a row over pay and conditions, forcing the carrier to cancel hundreds of flights.
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Deutsche Bank warns of tough times ahead due to U.S. fine

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Deutsche Bank chief John Cryan pledged to redouble restructuring efforts on Thursday, warning that it faces tough times finalizing talks with U.S. justice authorities over a mul
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Moxico: Sacassange farming project produces 23 tons of pet food

Luena - At least 23 tons of pet food have been produced daily in the eastern Moxico Province, in Sacassange farming project, to respond to the needs of cattle breeders of the region. , According to t
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MBNA's Nuba launches with 41 month 0% balance transfer and all-round card

MBNA has launched a new credit card brand, Nuba with two new competitive cards and £20 Amazon vouchers.
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Gilbert Ott reveals how to make economy feel like first class

New York-based travel expert Gilbert Ott shared some of his wisdom with MailOnline Travel - from identifying those empty rows early on to getting a fast-track through security.
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FTSE LIVE: Footsie easier, pound mixed as above-forecast UK third quarter GDP falls flat

Around mid session, the FTSE 100 index was down 2.6 points, or 0.04 per cent at 6,955.5, holding off the early low of 6,924.05, but well below the initial post-data peak of 7,003.93.
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Northern California is seeing two or three times more rain than normal. So why is Southern California so dry?

As the state enters its sixth year of drought, Northern California is seeing some significant relief thanks to a series of powerful storms, while Southern California remains mired in record dry co
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Man suspected of being masked thrill-seeker '8Booth' arrested in Orange County

A 28-year-old Orange County man who authorities say is the masked thrill-seeker "8Booth," known for death-defying videos of him leaping off buildings and cliffs in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach,
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All Trump gropes are bad, but they aren't all equal or equally horrible

The Trump-inspired national seminar on sexual harassment and assault has given me, like a lot of women, occasion to think about my own experiences in this arena. I’ve mostly been mercifully untouc
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Campaign 2016 updates: Third party candidates threaten the GOP stronghold in states like Utah

Campaign 2016 updates: Third party candidates threaten the GOP stronghold in states like Utah Oct. 27, 2016, 4:01 a.m. Donald Trump swing through the battleground state of Ohio on Thursday. Hillar
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With 'Trolls,' Justin Timberlake takes on a new venture and reunites with an old 'N Sync collaborator

Longtime fans of Justin Timberlake were probably surprised earlier this year when the singer and actor announced he’d signed on to oversee the music for “Trolls,” the new DreamWorks Animation movi
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