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Waze sent commuters toward California wildfires, drivers say

Users warn apps like Waze taking them through neighborhoods near fires.        
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Talking about net neutrality is hard when there’s misinformation everywhere. … of net neutrality have been around since the dawn of the internet, but Tim Wu coined the phrase “network ne
As self-driving cars come closer to being common on American roads, much of the rhetoric promoting them has to do with safety. About 40,000 people die on U.S. roads every year, and driver errors ar
When the iPhone emerged in 2007, it came with all the promise and pomp of a major Steve Jobs announcement, highlighting its user interface and slick design as key selling points. We know now that the
“The state will always have the money it needs," a fire official said.
A Facebook bug, the Kaspersky ban becomes law, and more of the week's top security news.
They came from "a mixture of Islamic extremists and the hard left", she says.
UIDAI took strong objection to payments bank accounts are being linked to receive LPG subsidy
The world is clinging onto every word of the net neutrality debate. The United States government chose to repeal net neutrality laws and this will give companies power to provide higher speeds to int
Many former special education students struggle to find good-paying jobs, and high schools are partly to blame.
Day 16: the fastest way to create and extract compressed file archives in over 60 formats.
Silicon Valley is slow to come to terms with the fact that it's become the new Wall Street. In 2018, that needs to change.
The owners of a Texas restaurant defended putting up a sign outside their restaurant, which was deemed racist by social media users. A person, who went to attend a company Christmas party at Cook’s
Teenage is a time of constant change and it is often overwhelming for the best of us. Adolescents tend to exhibit characteristics that are a mere reflection of insecurities, which often drive them t
With sexual harassment revelations rife and public spaces threatened, some women are wondering just why they wear these things.
On Friday, President Donald Trump’s sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric, shared their pictures from the White House Oval Office on Twitter, a gesture that did not go down well with the social media use
The Project Tango AR initiative is no more, as Google shifts its attention to the new ARCore platform.
From robot dogs to robot...robots, will our children be able to differentiate between Fido and i-Fido?
The feature, which was reportedly in its test phase for the last couple of months, will allow users to curate content on their news feeds
The energy needs of human beings are growing by the second. Even though we have realized over-exploitation of every natural resource available, over a century, has done more harm than good, we contin
Stop living with a shoddy VPN. It's time to expect more from your provider – along these suggested lines.

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The essential tradeoff in the Republican tax bill, in one chart

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Why Republicans shouldn't be so optimistic their tax bill will be a big win

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Being naughty or nice is a question for science as well as for Santa

Does being honest lead to riches, and do bad people get what’s coming to them?
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Mars focus aims to inspire students studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics

Space exploration picks up steam as Nasa and UAE turn their attention to the red planet
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Samsung is said to plan February S9 reveal on heels of IPhone X

The debut will be the South Korean company’s first major phone introduction since the Note 8 was released in September
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China wants financial cooperation as UK seeks to boost trade

Vice Premier Ma is holding talks with UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond, with the two expected to sign more than £1b of trade and investment deals
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Supersonic jet gets lift on Goldman debt sale, Lockheed help

The financing will be a big step forward for the $4b project to produce the world’s first supersonic business jet
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Nafta may be on track for an unhappy New Year as talks lag

Only two chapters are completed out of a new deal that’s expected to include nearly 30
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Tawazun Industrial Park home to Saab’s new facility

Saab’s facility will serve as a centre for development and production of a variety of defence and security products
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