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U.S. FDA approves first two-drug HIV regimen from GSK

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday approved the first two-drug regimen to treat HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, aimed at lessening the side effect burden of current treatments that combine three or four medicines.
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The just-released State of Play 2017 report has troubling numbers and lots C's and D's for America, which unfortunately don't stand for "cool" and "divine magnificence."
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain led calls for an end to coal-fired power generation at United Nations climate talks in Bonn last month but at the same time British companies are active in coal projects aro
Anxiety, weight, fear of being lonely - and Trump, are just some of the factors that are negatively affecting women's wellness, suggests US survey
Christopher Pokrana, who sought help from doctors at the University of Virginia, was told the barrage of abuse on his feet led to haemolysis - the destruction of red blood cells. (stock)
OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canadians consumed an estimated C$5 billion ($3.8 billion) to C$6.2 billion worth of cannabis in 2015, a study by Statistics Canada showed on Monday, ahead of the nationwide legaliz
Adam Taylor, a lecturer in anatomy at Lancaster University, revealed how a 28-year-old woman was putting up an ornament when the bar stool slipped under her - causing her vaginal trauma.
With societal controversies being exposed daily, how long before Americans demand transparency of the US Drug and Healthcare system?
A report from the California Department of Health is raising concerns about the possible risk of radiation and guidelines on how to reduce it.
Kayla Itsines, whose fitness routines have drawn more than 8 million followers on Instagram, shares her top tips for how to get in shape live on "GMA."
The 10 seaports whose imports are rising the fastest this year -- Houston, Long Beach, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Savannah, Newark, PhilaPort, Seattle, Wilmington and Jacksonville -- align nicely with
(Reuters) - Allergan Plc and Hungary's Gedeon Richter Plc said on Monday their drug to treat severe bipolar depression in adults met the main goal of a late-stage study, bringing the them closer to ge
A Humana acquisition of Kindred Healthcare would expand the insurer's desire to bring more healthcare services into homes of elderly Medicare patients and out of the hospital.
Merger mania, political intrigue and sexual misconduct headlined the year that was in American healthcare.
Heat and humidity may lead to more heart-disease related deaths according to a new international study.
The operation was carried out at the Scientific Research Institute of Pediatrics in Baku, Azerbaijani. The penis was all that was left of a parasitic twin who failed to develop.
(Reuters) - Allergan Plc and Hungary's Gedeon Richter Plc said on Monday their drug to treat acute bipolar depression in adults met the main goal of a late-stage study, bringing the drugmakers closer
New guidelines advise people to keep phones "away from the body."
Nicholas Joyce from the University of South Florida recommends people manage their expectations, either confront relatives or let things go, and prepare in advance how they will respond.
Dennis Kowalski, wife Maria and their three sons Jacob, 19, Danny, 17, and James, 16, from Wisconsin, want to be preserved at Cryonics Institute in Michigan when they die.
Morningstar Mercredi sees her partial sterilization in her youth as part of a systemic negligence toward her as an Indigenous woman.

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The woman who can smell Parkinson's disease

Joy Milne has an amazing sense of smell that is bringing amazing results for scientists studying Parkinson's disease.
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London-based psychologist Hélene Fermont says that you shouldn't feel guilty about keeping your bank account a secret.        
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A glowing review of your service can quickly lead to more profitable and loyal clientele.        
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Facebook: Post more to feel better about yourself

Using Facebook more proactively can combat its negative impact on wellbeing, says the social network.
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Twitter suspends Britain First leaders

The leader and deputy of a far-right British political party's Twitter accounts are frozen.
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Lawyer asks jury to find Garnier not guilty of second-degree murder

HALIFAX - A lawyer for the man accused of killing off-duty police officer Catherine Campbell has asked a jury to find his client not guilty of second-degree murder and interfering ...
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Ambassador on Bombardier's side in trade fight with Boeing

WASHINGTON - The Canadian government is in a tribunal hearing today, arguing against the imposition of duties on Bombardier planes. The country's ambassador to Washington says potential duties of up
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Richard Wagner sworn in as chief justice of Supreme Court of Canada

OTTAWA - Richard Wagner has officially taken the helm at Canada's highest court. The Quebec jurist was sworn in today as chief justice of the Supreme Court of Canada at a ...
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Ottawa looks to produce reports with national overview on assisted death

Ottawa has posted draft regulations designed to allow the federal government to produce a national overview of medical assistance in dying. Health Canada says the proposed regulations, published this
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