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TV This Week, May 21-27: 'Dirty Dancing,' 'Twin Peaks' and more



Cher — the one and only — is feted as part of the “2017 Billboard Music Awards.” Slated performers include Drake, Bruno Mars, Celine Dion, Lorde, Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus. 5 and 8 p.m. ABC

An abused woman takes her kids and goes on the run in the TV movie “Escaping Dad.” With Sunny...

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Many with certain investment policies or endowments could lose between £20 to £25, but some could lose 'a lot more than this', Royal London Insurance group claims.
Black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend kick off the holiday shopping frenzy        
We tend to rely on word-of-mouth to find reliable professionals, but what if your friends and associates don’t come up with the goods?
Candy Lowe is on a mission to support black businesses and wants others to join her.        
Luanda - The Angolan State must avoid the temptation to privitise public companies with bad management records in order not to jeopardize the stock market in future. , This was said Thursday in Luan
It's best to start working on this goal now.        
The ministry will put on the block 3-4 GW wind power capacities during third and fourth rounds by March 2018.
Sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday is becoming more about awareness and community than profit.        
If history repeats itself, the stock market could rise about 2% between the holiday and end of the year.        
Department of Justice officials announced Monday that they were swooping in to protect Americans from economic predators by fighting for our right to watch “Game of Thrones.” The prosecutors
For decades, environmental activists in California have battled to keep the oil and gas industries from turning the state’s coastline into a West Coast version of the Gulf of Mexico oil fields.
White Label ATMs or WLAs are ATMs that are owned and operated by non-bank entities where the only requirement of the bank is to provide or supply cash.
Luanda - The amount of transactions made at Angola Securities Exchanges (BODIVA) from January to October yielded Akz 320 billion, which is deemed a positive indicator. , This was said by the head
Lakshmi Vilas Bank's issue will open on December 12 and end on December 26
President Trump, unlike his predecessors, has in recent months focused his attention on criticizing athletes. The criticism, some say, is unwarranted.
President Trump, unlike his predecessors, has in recent months focused his attention on criticizing athletes. The criticism, some say, is unwarranted.
When you go shopping this holiday season, you’ll no doubt come across smiling cashiers and perky sales clerks. But behind the holiday cheer, many retail workers have very un-merry tales to tell
Scam Artists will be working overtime this holiday shopping season. Here's how you can avoid them.
A sovereign rating indicates a countryâ??s risk profile and another rating upgrade after Moody#39;s will enhance Indiaâ??s position as an investment destination for foreign investors

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Three UN peacekeepers, one Malian soldier killed during joint operation

Three United Nations peacekeepers and one Malian soldier were killed and several others were wounded Friday in an attack by unidentified assailants in northeastern Mali, the U.N. mission there said in
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Russia takes Tokyo to task over defense alliance with Washington

Russia is concerned that Japan is allowing Washington to use its territory as a base for a U.S. military build-up in north Asia under the pretext of countering North Korea, Russian Foreign Minister Se
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Pope urges compassion from politicians who fan racism, demean human dignity

Pope Francis Friday excoriated politicians who foment fear of migrants, saying they were sowing violence and racism, and urged them to "practice the virtue of prudence" to help them integrate.
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Battle of the bots

There’s no doubt bots will become more prolific, as artificial intelligence is integrated into familiar apps like Facebook Messenger to offer booking services and online help services.
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Security in the world of microservices

In the world of microservices, the goal is to have a small piece of software that performs a well-defined set of tasks.
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EU wants better controls over spying tech

European Union plans to tighten up controls on "dual use" devices that can be used to intercept mobile phone calls.
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EU wants taskforce to coordinate multiple Uber investigations

Privacy regulators will meet next week to discuss fallout from Uber's 2016 data breach.
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Intel plans to remove legacy BIOS support by 2020

Legacy hardware will no longer be compatible with Intel's newest platforms.
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Firefox wants to warn you when you visit breached sites

Partnership with HaveIBeenPwned? will appear in next build of Firefox.
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