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Sunni volunteers to protect Pakistan Shia mourners during Muharram


Islamabad, Oct 11, IRNA – In a sign of sectarian harmony, Sunni Muslims in some parts of Pakistan have volunteered to escort mourning processions in the country during Muharram.

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Lucas Hnath’s “A Doll’s House, Part 2,” funny and illuminating, dares to wonder what Ibsen’s Nora Helmer has been up to since she slammed that door.
Colourful Acadian group Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire shared ECMA wins with pop star Ria Mae, banjo player Old Man Luedecke and a host of Atlantic Canadian
Here are some of our critics’ favorite gallery shows on view now. (But don’t expect a break from politics.)
An actress by training, Ms. Lavey was artistic director of Steppenwolf Theater during a period of great expansion.
In the opening scenes of Russia’s new series The Optimists, Soviets stroll past shiny U.S. appliances at the 1959 American Exhibition in Moscow, held to bring two Cold War foes closer together.
Winning a major photography competition in your home country when you’re still at photography school is a considerable achievement.
In these art shows: paintings depicting coitus, films of cars being crushed for scrap and a machine that stretches plastic like bubble gum.
In these neighborhood art galleries, bold text paintings, marijuana pipes made of blown glass and a rude marmoset.
Embarking on an art odyssey that features Calder mobiles, portraits of Angela Merkel and homages to the Duchamp urinal.
Political art, family portraits and abstract sculpture fill the land known as Loisaida, an area that has experienced extensive change.
Abstraction that grapples with racial implications; posthuman and intergalactic themes; and Benjamin Moore as a medium.
The women each won $20,000 for their work, while an Iranian who won best short couldn’t accept in person and blamed “Mr. Trump’s fascinating decisions.”
Critics review “The Circle,” “Casting JonBenet” and “Obit" for The New York Times.
Do you believe in ghosts? Our writer spends an hour on her own in the poet’s room at the Emily Dickinson Museum.
Nintendo Co.'s Switch, a new hybrid game machine that works as both a console and a tablet, is selling well, helping the Kyoto-based company behind t
In a conceptual exercise, actors audition for roles in the celebrated case as a way of showing how people are still preoccupied by it.
At the American Medium gallery, young artists are exploring the digital world with installations evoking cybertwee and the Post-Internet movement.
Emma Watson and Tom Hanks star in this adaptation of a Dave Eggers novel that explores surveillance-state threats.
After just two years on the Bowery, a gallerist who struck out on her own has had one success after another.
Korakrit Arunanondchai’s multimedia work includes a man-sized rat suit, a grandmother’s possessions and thoughts on extinction.
The artist’s large-scale portrayals of domestic interiors are at the Jack Shainman Gallery at West 20th Street.
A documentary observes life — births, milking and vegetable picking — on a goat farm in Oregon.
Mr. Malek, of “Mr. Robot,” heads for the hills of Montana as a man fleeing a soul-deadening job and the burdens of modern life.
A look at efforts to make superheroes we’ve seen before stand out at crowded multiplexes.
This intense debut feature from the Irish director Liam Gavin, with its spare style, is a marriage of acting and atmosphere.
The French soprano, recently retired from staged opera, gave a recital at Carnegie Hall that showed off the intensity of her acting.
Meet the husband-and-wife team that inspired some of the most memorable moments onscreen, from “The Graduate” to “The Birds.”
This documentary, one of several commemorating the riots’ 25th anniversary, assembles broadcast and helicopter footage into a taut chronological account.
A drama from Brazil about a psychiatrist who defied medical orthodoxy and treated patients with paint brushes instead of spikes and electroshock therapy.
An Israeli couple lose a son and have some trouble finding a path back to normalcy.
Noomi Rapace plays a woman subjected to jumbo syringes and repulsive nuzzling after being kidnapped by a mysterious cult.
When a morose Russian teenager comes to town, a 16-year-old in the Toronto suburbs meets his match.
Roll out the red carpet: the East Coast Music Awards show kicks off Thursday at Harbour Station at 8 p.m.
Shania Twain says her first album in 15 years will be available in September, while a new single is coming in June.

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Philippines charges 2 police for deaths of drug suspects

Philippine prosecutors have filed murder charges against two police officers accused of killing a suspected drug dealer and his father inside a police station.
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The secretary of state will lead U.N. Security Council discussion on Pyongyang’s nuclear threat on Friday.
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Employers can pay women less based on previous salaries, US court rules

A ruling from a traditionally left-leaning federal appeals court allows employers to pay women less than men for the same job, as long as a man was paid more at his previous job and the
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German parliament moves to partially ban the burka

Right-wing parties want Germany to emulate a French ban on wearing burkas in public places.
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Eight bust in alleged IRS agent impersonation scam

The suspects told victims in phone calls that they were from the IRS and demanded payment.        
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Man calls 911 to ask for a police dog to search for his stolen heroin, authorities say

Police say an Ohio man called 911 to request a police dog to help track down heroin he said was stolen from him. WEWS-TV reports that a 20-year-old man in Bath Township, near Akron, made the call
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New Orleans Saints select CB Marshon Lattimore of Ohio State at No. 11

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Houston Texans trade up to No. 12 to select QB Deshaun Watson of Clemson

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Shondaland's West Coast versus East Coast: How fashion on 'The Catch' rivals looks from 'Scandal'

In Shondaland, love, death and monologues happen in Seattle (“Grey’s Anatomy”), Philadelphia (“How to Get Away With Murder”), Washington, D.C. (“Scandal”), and, for the last two seasons, Los Angel
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Eighth-grader sold pot-laced gummy bears to fellow students, authorities say

An eighth-grader at a San Diego County middle school has been arrested on suspicion of selling marijuana gummy bears to other students, some whom got sick, officials said. The unidentified male st
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Arizona Cardinals use the 13th pick to take OLB Haason Reddick of Temple

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Philadelphia Eagles take DE Derek Barnett of Tennessee with 14th pick

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After Olympic-sized goof, Ryan Lochte begins a new chapter

Don’t cringe or shake your head or stop reading this story. Not just yet. Give the man a chance. That’s all Ryan Lochte wants as he ambles across the pool deck on a bright Southern California day,
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