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Samsung Targets Low-Power Smartwatches, Fitness Bands With New Exynos 7270 Chip

Samsung Electronics is priding itself on being the industry leader in advanced semiconductor technology following its announcement that it has officially scrapped its relatively new flagship device, the Galaxy Note 7. Proving that it is still a big player in technology innovation, the South Korea tech company announced the mass production of its newest Exynos chip.
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Following an emergency decision to move to Amazon Web Services, Iceland’s Wow Air has wholeheartedly bought into the cloud
According to the media, nearly anything fun or delicious puts you at jeopardy of losing brain cells, but are there any activities that can help to replenish them? You’re in luck. Research has shown t
Online firms should pay to help police the material posted to their networks, MPs say.
Twitter is joining forces with Bloomberg to create a service that will stream news produced solely for the social-media company 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Glenn, a high-functioning seventeen-year-old with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), comes home from school and tells his mother at dinner, “Allen was mean today.” His mother debates what to do. Should
More people prefer reading books on their phones to reading print books.
The last few years has seen many airlines start (or expand) charging extravagant fees. What’s at the root of all these add-ons? The answer is both obvious, and not-so-obvious.
If you think smartphones are no good at nighttime shots, think again.
Believe it or not, businesses are four times more likely to be broken into than homes. Fortunately, it doesn't cost much to introduce sophisticated security systems to protect your people, products an
A custom-hacked S8 has a transparent back panel
Over the years, the online giant has picked off different retail businesses, from books to electronics. Now apparel sellers are starting to succumb.
Amazon recently received an intriguing patent for an “on demand” apparel manufacturing system, which can quickly fill online orders for suits, dresses and shirts.
LONDON(Reuters) - Social media were heavily criticized by a committee of British lawmakers on Monday for failing to do enough to remove illegal and extremist material posted on their sites, and for no
At the Met Gala, cameras don't get to go past the red carpet. But this year, Shutterstock has exclusive access to cover the gala. How did the stock content provider nab this sweet deal?
It's frustrating to run out of space on your iPhone when you're trying to take a picture or video, but these three tips will help you free up space so you can capture those precious moments.
Here’s a kind of bestsellers list for data, the top ten data offerings on
It may finally be quits for 19-year-old reality star Kylie Jenner and 27-year-old rapper Tyga, who’ve recently both been spotted getting cozy with other people. Amid reports that Jenner has moved on
Technology entrepreneur Elon Musk has envisioned the future of travel and it's getting close — and fast.        
The Boring Company is making some progress.        
Other than the prediction itself, there aren’t any other PlayStation 5 details to share. But because of the console’s underlying architecture, it’s easy to speculate about what will power the device.
You can end the persistent ringing on your home phone with some new tech and some near-forgotten tricks.        
Microsoft’s Q3 17 earnings were announced this week, and it shows a fall in revenue from the Surface division of 26% year-on-year to $831 million. Microsoft should not be too disappointed by this. Mor
Ben Blatt's statistical analysis of modern literature yields some really interesting insights into the structure of the great novels.
Users of, a service that declutters your inbox, were surprised it was selling anonymized data to Uber        
Humans mastered complex weapons-creating techniques much earlier than previously suspected, some 77,000 years ago, Belgium researchers say. The researchers from the University of Liège examined 25 we
This 1940s Hollywood star invented the technology that makes modern cell phone communication possible. It also protects U.S. nuclear codes and encrypts presidential communications.
We might imagine apps are created by some clever geek building a startup out of a garage, and that might even be true. But those shoestring operations would not have resources needed to create these u
“American Gods” is finally coming to TV, but any reader knows that the book is never the same as the TV show. Neil Gaiman’s beloved sci-fi novel about Shadow Moon, a man who gets caught up in a war b
The New York Times’ decision to hire columnist Bret Stephens — who has expressed skepticism about the dangers of climate change — roused the ire of scientists and subscribers who openly expressed th
Seeing the Acer Predator X27 in action is a real treat. If you’ve been stuck sitting behind a mainstream 60Hz display, the difference will be stark. The sharpness, intensity, brightness, and smoothnes
Lund University researchers demo the world's fastest image capture.

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Liberals drop some proposals, but seem ready to move ahead with reform to Parliament

The Liberal government is moving to break a month-old deadlock over parliamentary reform, dropping some proposals that had raised opposition concerns
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Five rescued after boat goes down off west coast of Vancouver Island

VICTORIA - Officials say five people have been rescued after their boat went down off the west coast of Vancouver Island. Sub-Lt. Melissa Kia with the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in ......
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Ice Poseidon Banned From Twitch: What Happened? (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Ice Poseidon is going to appeal to Twitch to get his channel back, but he needs people to be “well behaved” and not “calling restaurants and swatting.”   Uploading it on hotel wifi and it&
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When Brain Cells Die, Having Sex And 3 More Ways To Try To Grow Them Back

According to the media, nearly anything fun or delicious puts you at jeopardy of losing brain cells, but are there any activities that can help to replenish them? You’re in luck. Research has shown t
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Saudi Arabia ‘won’t be stubborn’ asking for German arms again – minister

Saudi Arabia understands Germany’s reluctance and will not engage in “arguments” over weapon supplies any more, as the kingdom values good relations with Berlin and wants to develop coo
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NATO may boost its presence & prolong ‘training’ mission in Afghanistan – Stoltenberg

NATO is considering sending additional military personnel to Afghanistan and increasing the timeframe of the deployment in the view of the “challenging security situation,” the alliance
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Japan deploys warship to protect US vessel, authorizes ‘minimum’ use of firepower

Japan has reportedly deployed a helicopter carrier and authorized it to use weapons, if necessary, to escort and protect a US supply vessel. The mission, performed under the country’s e
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‘Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’ Review: First Impressions Of Nintendo’s New Racer

There’s a lot riding on “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.” The latest entry in the venerable franchise is the first major... Read More »
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Watch Red Sox’s Hanley Ramirez Launch 440-Foot Home Run Vs. Cubs

It’s safe to say that Hanley Ramirez is heating up. Ramirez stepped to the dish with two outs and a... Read More »
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Venice Beach Freak Show, a bizarre tourist attraction on the boardwalk, is closing

A thin man with long blond hair and eyeliner burst through faded crimson curtains, revved a power drill over his right nostril, and began to shove it in. Screams rang out from a crowd of about 300
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Sunday Conversation: Andrea Martin's career is surging with NBC's 'Great News' and Hulu's 'Difficult People'

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Oakland labor, immigration groups plan shutdown, strikes and marches for May Day

Organized labor and immigration groups are aiming traditional May Day demonstrations in the Bay Area at the Trump administration. Dockworkers Monday plan to shut down Oakland’s waterfront, while d
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AmEx Platinum Vs. Chase Sapphire Reserve Travel Credit Cards

In the battle of the high-end travel credit cards, does the updated AmEx Platinum now have what it takes to dethrone the Chase Sapphire Reserve? Here’s a look at what both offer.
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Are Travel Credit Cards Worth It?

Are travel credit cards worth their high annual fees? Here are some pros and cons.
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NBA playoff previews: How the teams in the Cavaliers-Raptors and Spurs-Rockets series match up

A look at how the teams match up in the semifinals of the Eastern Conference and Western Conference playoff series that start Monday: 2. CLEVELAND 51-31 (Home: 31-10; road: 20-21) 3. TORONTO 51-31
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Andrew Toles helps secure Hyun-Jin Ryu's first win in Dodgers' 5-3 victory over Phillies

Don’t let that 5-foot-9, 192-pound frame fool you. Dodgers outfielder Andrew Toles might have the body of a leadoff man, but he does a fair impersonation of a cleanup batter. “He’s strong and pret
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Passing 100-day mark, Trump offers mixed signals on healthcare, taxes and North Korea

President Trump pushed past his first tumultuous 100 days in office by calling for action Sunday on three of his administration’s top priorities — North Korea, healthcare and tax reform — but gave
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St Helena airport granted an “open ended” Aerodrome Certificate

British Overseas Territory St Helena Airport was granted an ‘open ended’ Aerodrome Certificate on Monday, on 3 April 2017, following the visit by experts from the Air Safety Su
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