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Russia’s Humiliating Ban From The Winter Olympics Is the Right Move To Protect Integrity In Sport

As the result of a state-sponsored doping regime in the lead-up to and during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has banned Russia from participating at next year’s games. Bans from the Olympics are not unprecedented. In the aftermath of the two world wars, certain countries – like Germany and Japan – were not permitted to compete.
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Mark Hamill — also known as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise — took a a shot at FCC chairman Ajit Pai in a tweet early Saturday morning for appearing in an anti-net neutrality vid
The nature and ethics of “fake news” has become a subject of widespread concern. But, for many of us, the issue is much more personal: What are we to do when a cranky uncle or an otherwise pleasan
Apple's iOS 11 brought new features, including support for augmented reality, but some people are not happy with the latest software and might want to stick with a previous iOS 10 version.
These select apps are great tools to boost crop productivity, control pest attacks, learn about the weather and discover mandi prices
Opponents of FCC rule change say tiered service could happen        
A woman was banned from Qantas Airways frequent-flyer lounge Wednesday for wearing UGG boots. The Australian airline qualified UGG boots as casual sleepwear, which is a prohibited under Qantas' d
A Facebook video showing the violent arrest of an Austin, Texas, man went viral Tuesday, prompting an investigation into the officers’ use of force in the situation, KVUE reported. The video, whic
Question: I have been working for the same company and under the same manager for almost a decade. I have also been going to school part time to earn a professional certification. My manager's bos
Saturday marks the 242nd birthday of Novelist Jane Austen — the author who paved the way for the progressive mindset of women, with novels like "Pride and Prejudice," "Sense and Sensibility" and "
If the game “floor is lava” has taught us anything, it’s that some people avoid lava and other people dive right into it. If you are the type who likes to avoid burning to death but still finds
With Meghan Markle engaged to British royalty, Prince Harry, and spending all of her time in London, it’s safe to say that she’s been picking up a lot of the lingo used there, but this isn’t th
Fox is once again getting into the spirit of producing a live musical following 2016's "Grease: Live!" This time around, the network is getting in the holiday spirit as well, with the newest produc
Talking about net neutrality is hard when there’s misinformation everywhere. … of net neutrality have been around since the dawn of the internet, but Tim Wu coined the phrase “network ne
As self-driving cars come closer to being common on American roads, much of the rhetoric promoting them has to do with safety. About 40,000 people die on U.S. roads every year, and driver errors ar
When the iPhone emerged in 2007, it came with all the promise and pomp of a major Steve Jobs announcement, highlighting its user interface and slick design as key selling points. We know now that the
Science writer Britt Wray has spent the last few years investigating "de-extinction"—the effort to bring back long-lost species.
“The state will always have the money it needs," a fire official said.
A Facebook bug, the Kaspersky ban becomes law, and more of the week's top security news.
They came from "a mixture of Islamic extremists and the hard left", she says.
UIDAI took strong objection to payments bank accounts are being linked to receive LPG subsidy

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This blog will keep track of key global and local developments impacting business and markets through the day. Important local and global political developments will also find resonance here.
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