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Rahbani’s social critique still rings true

Ziad Rahbani’s play Film Ameriki Tawil was first staged 35 years ago.
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Kermanshah, March 30, IRNA - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Director and Representative for Cluster Office in Iran Esther Kuisch Laroche appreciated Kerma
A new biography will delve into the life of award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter, artist, educator and Indigenous activist Buffy Sainte-Marie.
Canadian artist Nelly Furtado looks back on her biggest hits over the years and discusses her latest album, The Ride.
Alysha Brilla wasn't surprised by the lack of female representation when this year's Juno Awards nominees were announced.
The new play by Martin Sherman concerns an intergenerational romance between men played by Harvey Fierstein and Gabriel Ebert.
Frederick Wiseman’s landmark 1967 documentary about a prison for the insane has been transformed into “Titicut Follies: The Ballet.”
Many comic book stars have same-sex relationships in their back stories. Is it time for Hollywood to honor that?
Our streaming columnist provides a budget- and genre-conscious way for viewers to binge, purge and watch movies on demand.
They writers are among 24 people who will be depicted in portraits at the university, which has been criticized for a lack of diversity.
The Qin empire lasted for 15 years, the Han for more than four centuries. Their art and cultural institutions laid the foundation for a Chinese state.
The director discusses a sequence from “Ghost in the Shell” featuring Scarlett Johansson.
The director Rupert Sanders narrates a scene featuring Scarlett Johansson.
Disney's animated phenomenon, Frozen, may not have been a heartwarming tale of sisterly love if its creators stuck to the film's original planned end
Preparations have been launched for the upcoming grand sporting events to be held in the capital of Azerbaijan soon.
“No one in America stood up in a town hall and said, ‘Sir, I demand you let somebody else make money off my shameful desires,’” the “Late Show” host said.
Some of the musical’s most devoted fans are showing up to the performances dressed in zoot suits and vintage attire. We spoke to some of them to find out what the Chicano play means to them.
For years, two experts in Southeast Asian antiquities could ensure a relic’s worth. Now, investigators say they falsified artifact histories.
Some recent works by local artists are more overtly political than others, but many suggest a sense of helplessness toward what is widely seen as Beijing’s tightening grip.
To value the humanities and the arts isn’t wimpish or elitist. It’s civilized.
A conference entitled "Multiculturalism and intercultural dialogue: Swiss and Azerbaijani models" has been held Bern. It was co-organized by the Azerbaijani Embassy in Switzerland and the House of Rel
The name of one of the greatest cellists and conductors of the 20th century, Mstislav Rostropovich is known by many people. Baku is going to host the 9th International Mstislav Rostropovich Festival o
“Azerbaijan` national idea in global transformation period” book by Academician, head of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan, Ramiz Mehdiyev has been published in Moscow, Russia.
“The Amazing Race” throws caution to the wind in its new season. And dream of sunnier climes with some beachy diversions.
The European Ceramic Workcenter has an international reputation for giving artists a crash course in ceramics, then telling them to think big.
Vacheron Constantin’s Villes Lumičres series is just one example of Yoko Imaď’s work.
Newly signed to Nickelodeon, JoJo Siwa is leading an international online movement of kind behavior and demure dress. But not everyone approves.
Despite all the surreal, spacey visuals and structure, what this episode really needed — and the season in general — was a little more care.
The author was an angry teenager when he began research on the book, which outlined weapon use, bomb-building techniques and drug manufacturing.
Stephanie Saade’s Elastic Distance, 2017, consists of a wall-mounted mobile telephone, whose screen shows a changing series of digits.
A standard-bearer of the New York jazz avant-garde in the late ’70s, he had a vibrato-thickened style and was a spokesman for jazz’s Afrocentric vanguard.
The book, published by William Powell in 1971, styled itself as a guide for would-be revolutionaries and had information on explosives, guns and drugs.
The author was an angry teenager when he began research on the book, which outlined weapon use, bomb-building techniques and drug manufacturing.
A new film offers an intimate, searching portrait of the turbulent friendship between the writer and the painter.
The Pulitzer Prize winner wrote for The Washington Post and was the author of the acclaimed novel “Testing the Current.”

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Blackwell, who heads MSU’s recruiting, has been suspended with pay amid an investigation into three football players.        
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Capital One May Be Able To Acquire Cabela's Card Portfolio After All

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Brad Gushue ready to lead Canada at world men's curling championship

Brad Gushue and his teammates have plenty of experience wearing the Maple Leaf even though they're set to make their first appearance at the world me
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Kemi Olunloyo, Walson regain freedom

Journalist and blogger, Kemi Olunloyo, and Port Harcourt-based publisher, Samuel Walson have been granted bail. Magistrate Alatuwo Fubara of the Magistrates’ Court in Port Harcourt in his ruling on Th
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Buhari’ll return to his London doctors – Presidency

Olalekan Adetayo, Abuja The Presidency on Thursday said President Muhammadu Buhari has not changed his plan to return to his doctors in London, United Kingdom for follow-ups. The Senior Special Assist
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Armenia approves bill to set up new FTZ near Iran’s border

Moscow, March 30, IRNA – Armenian government on Thursday adopted a bill for setting up Meghri Free Trade Zone in the vicinity of Iran’s border.
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New coalition pushes for one enrollment system in L.A. Unified

Essential Education: Former Education secretary weighs in on local school board races March 30, 2017, 9:18 a.m. Welcome to Essential Education, our daily look at education in California and beyond
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Death of three desert tortoises prompts warning at Joshua Tree National Park

People driving in Joshua Tree National Park are being asked to watch out for wildlife after the deaths of three desert tortoises in the past week. Two of the tortoises were killed in a campground.
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Pence casts tie-breaking vote to advance bill that would let states withhold federal funds from Planned Parenthood

Trump attacks House Freedom Caucus as Republican in-fighting intensifies March 30, 2017, 10:25 a.m. Here's our look at the Trump administration and the rest of Washington: Trump threatens to fight
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Trump levels extraordinary threat against GOP conservatives; Ryan says he understands president's frustration

Trump attacks House Freedom Caucus as Republican in-fighting intensifies March 30, 2017, 10:25 a.m. Here's our look at the Trump administration and the rest of Washington: Trump threatens to fight
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