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Quake death toll rises to 164 in western Iran


Tehran, Nov 13, IRNA – The 7.3-magnitude earthquake in Kermanshah Province, western Iran has so far claimed the lives of 164 people and injured 1,568 ones, deputy health minister said.

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Tehran, Jan 16, IRNA – Iran's minister of culture and Islamic guidance said that theater is the biggest manifestation of dialogue.
Tehran, Jan 16, IRNA – Iranian minister of culture and Islamic guidance described the upcoming 36th Fajr International Theater Festival as the biggest manifestation of dialogue.
The Cranberries singer fascinated the world, but her success meant something special in Ireland.
There was a big twist in this week’s “Star Trek: Discovery” — well, sort of. We remain in the mirror universe where relationships are sorely tested.
Belgrade, Jan 16, IRNA – The Embassy of Iran in Sarajevo said it has opened a memorial book to commemorate the sailors of the Sanchi oil tanker.
The money will go to groups fighting sexual abuse and harassment. The actor is one in a series of Hollywood figures distancing themselves from the director.
A resident of Jil village of Lankaran region found pottery vessels while digging a water well in his yard. Amid Khurshudzade while digging a water well in the yard area found these pottery vessels in
President Trump disparaged Haiti and some African countries in a meeting last week, and late-night hosts won’t let him forget it.
Boulevard Hotel Baku will host Azerbaijan Best Awards on January 23.
Tehran, Jan 16, IRNA - The following headlines appeared in the Iranian English language newspapers on Tuesday:
Gifts for International Women's Day do not have to be expensive-it's really about surprising your lovely ladies.
Netflix unveils a new comedy special from Katt Williams. And “Black Lightning” spins an empowering superhero story.
Vienna, Jan 15, IRNA -- Concurrent with declaration of Monday as a national mourning day in Iran, its flag was flown at half staff at the Iranian embassy in Vienna as a sign of respect to the victim
Al Bustan International Festival of Music will celebrate its 25th edition this year, with a program around Johann Sebastian Bach – the composer whose music, for many, embodies Baroque music.
“Parable of the Sower” is an earnest call to action, while the irreverent “Pursuit of Happiness” finds a Slovenian dance troupe in unfamiliar territory.
Ms. O’Riordan, the lead singer of the Irish rock band the Cranberries, famous for its Celtic-influenced vocals and songs such as “Zombie” and “Linger,” has died.
Vocalists delivered welcome surprises during the 100-plus-set NYC Winter Jazzfest Marathon, from Claudia Acuña to Sara Serpa to Jazzmeia Horn.
The Startford Festival announced it has received a $10 million dollar gift from Ophelia Lazaridis as part of the theatre's new $100 million dollar ca
A new comedy at the Bushwick Starr satirizes 20-somethings, gentrifiers, landlords and activists. In other words, Bushwick.
The 15th edition of the event featured 12 groups, from the Guadeloupean blues of Delgres to the diverse grooves of the Congolese group Jupiter & Okwess.

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Tehran, Jan 16, IRNA – Iran's minister of culture and Islamic guidance said that theater is the biggest manifestation of dialogue.
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