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Philippines set to keep open pit mining ban as Duterte rejects call to lift it

MANILA (Reuters) - The Philippine environment minister said on Wednesday that a ban on new open pit mining in the country would remain in place, with President Rodrigo Duterte rejecting government panel recommendations to reverse it.
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Recreational marijuana was made legal on January 1, 2017. But tests show scores of crops since then have been contaminated since they were not scrutinized like other herbs and fruits.
Every generation tends to despair at the next one's perceived shortcomings, and Chinese society is no different. The 'Little Emperor' generation -- those born during China's strict one-child policy, h
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Monday issued a notice that it wants public input for a possible replacement of Obama-era regulations on carbon dioxide emissions fro
A study from the non-profit RAND Corporation from California suggests that senior citizens who live in rural areas suffer from dementia more than those in cities due to lack of access to healthcare.
VANCOUVER (Reuters) - British Columbia on Monday banned all grizzly bear hunting in the western Canadian province with immediate effect, expanding on its existing ban on trophy hunting.
As the brain ages, it has a harder time producing two, coordinated deep sleep waves, that are key to memory formation, according to new research from the University of California, Berkeley.
A poll of 2,000 adults reveals that nearly half of Britons admit they will just resort to being quieter in bed rather than skip passionate nights beneath the sheets with their partner.
The rate of young people with depression has rocketed in the last few years, with many pointing to cyber-bullying and media. But new research from Australia shows junk food is also to blame.
The B.C. government is expected to make a health-care announcement in Surrey on Monday morning. According to a media advisory, Health Minister Adrian Dix, Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner and representatives
(Reuters Health) - - Both LGBQ sexual identity and traumatic experiences in childhood are linked to a heightened risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviors, U.S. researchers say.
ABC News offers tips to avoid the flu and, if you get it, explains how long the symptoms will last.
People who worry a lot about germs appear also to be especially concerned about their physical appearance, a new study shows.
The popularity of energy drinks and junk food might have unique risks for teenagers who consume too much of them during the later stages of brain development. These are just two of the factors potenti
Glycans are essential to virtually every biological process in the body. These complex structures -- composed of interlocking sugar molecules -- adorn the surfaces of cells in fuzzy profusion. Now, re
A new study has examined whether cognitive bias modification (CBM) for facial interpretation, a digital health intervention that changes our perception for emotional expressions from negative to posit
About 95 million years ago, a river turtle adapted to marine environments and made an extraordinary migration from the ancient continent of Gondwana, which grouped what is now Africa and South America
A new finds that viruses can transfer genes to organisms that they aren't known to infect, suggesting they can influence and interact with a much wider range of organisms than previously thought. The
Scientists have been studying high-pressure and- temperature material interactions deep below the surface of the Earth.
Genetic barcodes are being used to quantify crucial populations in a coral reef ecosystem, explains a new report.
Climate change and predator-prey dynamics with wolves make for smaller moose. Ecologists compare skull measurements spanning four decades gathered at Isle Royale National Park. For the booming moose p

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Shekhar Gupta: Modi wanted Cong-mukt Bharat, gets Cong-yukt Gujarat

This is a first since 2014, when any contest with the Congress has been a walkover for the BJP
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Pain after Himachal gain: Fulfilling promises to be a challenge for new CM

Fund crunch may come in the way of infrastructure development; women's safety another issue that will be in focus
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Tavis Smiley defends himself against allegations made by PBS

Tavis Smiley has defended himself from allegations he had sexual relationships with subordinates and created an abusive workplace environment, denying any wrongdoing and saying PBS made a mistake by s
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At least 6 people killed as Amtrak train derails onto highway in Washington state (VIDEO)

Six people have died after 13 cars of an Amtrak train jumped the tracks, according to authorities. Seventy-seven people were on board with five crew. The train was making its first-ever
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Trump unveils new security strategy based on 'principled realism'

President Donald Trump has released a new national security strategy for the US. The strategy outlines plans to preserve US military and economic dominance as key factors of global peac
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Russia ready to become ‘mediator’ in Israeli-Palestinian peace process – Russian envoy to UN

Moscow is ready to become a new mediator in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Russian deputy UN envoy Vladimir Safronkov said. He also added that Russia is ready to host d
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Families of soldiers killed in Iraq abandon fight to prosecute Tony Blair for ‘unlawful war’

The families of soldiers killed in the Iraq war will end their fight to have Tony Blair and other officials tried for war crimes after finding the former prime minister and his allies a
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Israel will no longer take part in 'ping-pong' game of rocket attacks with Hamas - defense minister

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman says Tel Aviv will no longer allow a game of "ping-pong" rocket exchanges to take place with Hamas. Read Full Article at
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Nukes and tanks a priority for Russian defense procurement next decade – report

This week the Russian Defense Ministry is expected to report finalizing its plan for materiel procurement until 2027, with the nuclear arsenal, precision weapons and Army hardware said
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