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Passenger who lost end of finger in train crash plans to sue

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — A man who lost part of a finger and suffered other injuries in a deadly train crash has filed notice of his intent to sue. Lawyers for Sheldon Kest announced the planned lawsuit against New Jersey Transit during a news conference in Newark on Tuesday. The 66-year-old Tenafly man was a […]
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A man was shot dead outside the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi on Thursday after he tried to attack a Kenyan police officer guarding one of the entrances, Kenya's Daily Nation reported on its website
A Romanian man asked his country's Constitutional Court on Thursday to recognize his marriage to an American man, in a case that has pitted the nation's conservative majority against those who want to
The sale of nearly 70 antiquities from an Ohio art museum that drew objections from the governments of Egypt and Cyprus has brought in $1.
Warships from the US Navy and allied nations have intercepted four weapons shipments from Iran to Yemen since April 2015, a US admiral said Thursday
Pakistani police on Thursday said they had arrested six men suspected of strangling a couple to death in the latest so-called honor killings to hit the country, weeks after the government passed long-
HALIFAX - A Nova Scotia couple has been sentenced to life in prison for the killing and horrific dismemberment of a young Halifax mother who pleaded with them to spare her life. Jason James Johnson a
Social network Twitter announces it will close its video sharing service Vine.
MONTREAL - National Bank of Canada announced Thursday it is eliminating 600 jobs over the next year — nearly three per cent of its staff — and offering early retirements or other positions to another
Hundreds of IS fighters have been killed in the battle for the Iraqi city of Mosul, US generals say.
The camp at Calais has been demolished, but its inhabitants have been moved to other centres in France.
Almost 100 people were feared dead after their boat sank in the Mediterranean of Libya.              
A Russian naval battle group is reportedly refuelling at sea off North Africa en route to Syria.
EU leaders agreed last week to increase sanctions against President Bashar al-Assad's regime, citing devastating attacks on Syria's second city of Aleppo.
NAIROBI (Reuters) - A criminal armed with a knife attacked and injured a Kenyan police officer outside the U.S. embassy on Thursday and was shot dead by the officer in self defense, a Kenyan police sp
"I strongly believe it is absolutely possible to strengthen European defence without duplicating efforts by NATO," alliance chief Jens Stoltenberg said.
ST. JOHN'S, N.L. - Newfoundland and Labrador's finance minister says the projected provincial deficit for this year has fallen slightly, thanks to higher than forecast oil prices. The deficit is down
At least 90 migrants are believed dead after their rickety boat started to fall apart in the Mediterranean Sea, after leaving the Libyan coast.
12 people were killed Tuesday after al-Shabaab militants carried out attack in Mandera near Kenyan-Somali border
The Norwegian Siem Pilot patrols the Mediterranean as part of the Frontex mission to combat smuggling, but saving migrants is what it does best. The crew has taken on board over 28,000 people since Ap
Some 100 migrants are missing after their boat sinks off Libya, with 29 rescued by the Libyan navy.
OTTAWA - Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett says a new special representative will lead national discussions on the reform of First Nations child welfare services. Bennett says Cynthia Wesle
Iraq’s government launched a key battle to retake Mosul, the country’s second-largest city, from Islamic State control.              
OTTAWA - The Supreme Court of Canada will decide whether painful, personal accounts from the survivors of residential schools should be destroyed or permanently archived for posterity. The survivors'
HALIFAX - Almost every day, exactly at noon, Alec Stratford is jolted by a thunderous boom that reverberates through his office, the intense blast so loud it rattles the plate-glass windows. Stratfor
DOHA (Reuters) - Gunmen who shot dead two security officers in the eastern Saudi Arabian city of Dammam on Tuesday were connected to previous militant attacks in the region, the Interior Ministry said
Two top Al-Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan were killed in a US drone attack, the nation's spy agency confirmed Thursday, in a major blow to the group as it seeks to re-establish safe havens in the countr
Afghanistan's spy agency on Thursday confirmed that two top Al-Qaeda leaders in the country were killed in a drone attack, in a significant blow to the militant group
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has said Ukrainian diplomats will be working on spreading the term “Russian aggression against Ukraine” in official international documents. “Rig
And it could get even worse by the end of the decade if nothing is done.              
Head of Kurdish Regional Government says ‘only Iraqi counter-terrorism forces’ will enter Mosul once ISIL is defeated
Scientists have reportedly uncovered for the first time since 1555 an ancient slab inside a chamber in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, which is believed to have once held Jesus' body.
KRASNAYA POLYANA, Russia (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday American politicians were whipping up hysteria about a mythical Russian threat in the U.S. presidential campaign
PHILADELPHIA - Amtrak will pay $265 million to settle claims related to a deadly derailment in Philadelphia that killed eight people and injured more than 200 others. Lawyers who negotiated the settl
PE ARLAND, Texas (AP) — A tow truck driver found a $110,000 sports car just too tempting and decided to give it a spin after towing it from a Houston-area home. But the driver was unaware the Nissan

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30 Seconds With Willis Reed

The long-retired N.B.A. center recently spoke about the new Knicks and his team’s old philosophy.
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US Congressman Tells Blacks To 'Go Home' To Africa: Joe Seiwart Says African-Americans Should Move Somewhere Else

Republican U.S. Rep. Joe Seiwert of Kansas is facing public scrutiny after he commented on a Facebook post of a meme by suggesting that a Black Lives Matter supporter should go home, the New York Dai
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Twitter Stock (TWTR): Shares Jump After Beating Q3 Estimates, Company Lays Off 9 Percent Of Workforce

In its third quarter earnings release, Twitter, Inc. (TWTR) announced plans to lay off 9 percent of its at least 3,860-person workforce—around 350 people. In October 2015, the social media website al
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What Is Vote Flipping? Donald Trump's Latest Rigged Election Claim In Texas, North Carolina And Nevada

Donald Trump has made no secret of his belief that if he loses the election, it will be because the system is rigged. Voter fraud commonly pops up in his statements, and he has railed against dead pe
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Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Putin Visits Crimea, Calls Tatar Activists 'Amazing Idiots' And 'Stupid'

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a controversial speech insulting Ukrainian activists and reaffirmed a pledge to build a contentious bridge between the peninsula and Russia during a visit Wednes
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Clarence Thomas Calls Washington 'Broken,' Discusses Guns, Scalia And Supreme Court Nomination Process

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has voiced his concern about the divisive nature of politics in America, citing a culture where people “aren’t thinking things through.” His comments came W
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What's scarier than a breakup talk? Being ghosted.

The sounds of four silent breakups.
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Noxubee schools evacuated after bomb threat

It is the sixth bomb threat the district has received since school started in August.              
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FCC adopt new broadband customer privacy rules

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday voted to adopt new privacy rules to protect consumer data on broadband networks.        
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Qualcomm to buy NXP Semi for $38B in massive play on self-driving cars

The deal expands Qualcomm's presence in the lucrative market for automotive technology.        
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Feds charge 56 in fraud scheme that siphoned $300M from 15,000 victims

Suspects posed as phony IRS agents and allegedly used a network of telephone call centers based in India.        
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5 common American foods banned in other countries

Foods we eat every day are packed with ingredients that could carry nasty, and potentially harmful side effects, yet they're allowed in the United States. Other countries took action and banned them.
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Qualcomm buying NXP Semiconductors in $38-billion mega-deal

Chip maker Qualcomm Inc. said Thursday that it is buying NXP Semiconductors in a massive deal to diversify its business as the smartphone market slows. At about $38 billion — or $47 billion includ
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Singer says 76ers stopped her from performing the national anthem because of her 'We Matter' jersey

A singer says the Philadelphia 76ers canceled her performance of the national anthem at the last minute Wednesday night because she was wearing a "We Matter" jersey. Sevyn Streeter posted a video
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Man shot dead after stabbing guard at U.S. Embassy in Kenya

A Kenyan police official says a man has been shot dead after stabbing a police officer guarding the perimeter wall of the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi. Vitalis Otieno, the officer in charge of the Gigi
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Skrillex lands a $6-million lot in Malibu where he can break ground

Skrillex, the Grammy-winning electronic music artist and DJ, has spent $6 million on a new spot in Malibu — and by spot, we mean a vacant lot. That’s the high cost of living in Westside areas such
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Podcast | USC Overtime: How USC revived its season after a 1-3 start, and a preview of California

Welcome to another episode of USC Overtime with Zach Helfand and guest host Jesse Dougherty. This week’s topics include: How USC revived its season after a 1-3 start Dylan Hernandez talks about hi
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