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NSA-style agency could install 'trapdoors' in many cryptographic keys - study

Knowledgeable, well-funded hackers can install indistinguishable backdoors in 1,024-bit cryptographic keys – widely-used among top HTTPS-protected websites – using a special technique that can eventually decrypt protected communications, researchers reported. Read Full Article at
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Ukraine's service for food safety and consumer protection has received data confirming an outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF) among pigs in Odesa region.
Ukraine insists on deploying a peacekeeping mission to the territories of Donbas uncontrolled by Kyiv, a prominent Ukrainian parliamentarian said.
India’s army chief has defended a soldier who tied a Kashmiri man to his 4x4 to deter stone-throwing demonstrators, claiming that “innovations” are required to fight the “dirty war” in
The three hikers are making progress through the Drakensberg
Mudiaga Affe, Calabar Three students from the University of Calabar and the Cross River University of Technology were on Saturday shot by soldiers attached to the state security outfit, Operation Skol
Several people were killed and dozens required medical treatment as the Russian capital was hit by a heavy storm midday on Monday, the Moscow mayor has confirmed. The storm uprooted tre
Saif Al Islam Gaddafi, the son of the late Muammar Gaddafi, is now free despite a 2011 ICC warrant for his arrest.
One in three Romanians would take out a loan to buy or renovate their home, compared with Spaniards where the ratio is one to ten, according to a KRUK study regarding debts, carried out by Millward
Filmmaker Cláudio de Oliveira Marques has produced a short film of promises made by Amsterdammers to mayor Eberhard van der...
The ANC says it can't say for sure if calls for President Zuma to step down will continue, after a motion of no confidence against him failed.
The South African police are hunting for three women who gang-raped a man after being drugged for three days. According to his statement to police‚ the 23-year-old man from Nellmapius‚ east of Pretori
Angela Merkel is a “deeply convinced Atlanticist,” a German government spokesman has said, after the chancellor called on Europe to rely more on itself rather than on the US and UK, sen
Ukrainians in London have marked Vyshyvanka Day, which is dedicated to the embroidered shirt – part of the Ukrainian national costume, with a festive march in the center of that city, according
Three coalition MPs and one independent have proposed changes to the Nation’s Memory Institute (ÚPN) that would remove its current head, Ondrej Kraj?ák
Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, aka The Mountain,  has said that he refuses to accept the title of ‘world’s second strongest’, despite... The post Hafþór ‘The Mountain’ Feels Robbed Of World’s Stronges
A representative of the National Public Health Institute has accused the government of violating human rights by failing to provide asylum seekers with access to healthcare except in case of life-thr
More than 150 firefighters were deployed to a large wildfire engulfing a Los Angeles hillside. The inferno covers 55 acres (22 hectares) of Mandeville Canyon, located above LA’s residen
Authorities seized crystal meth worth an estimated $120 million in a joint drug bust involving Chinese and Philippines officials some 15km north of the capital Manila. Read Full Articl
Another warm and sunny day is expected in Slovenia on Tuesday with the mercury rising up to 30 degrees Celsius. Showers are expected in hilly areas in late afternoon. A weak south-westerly wind will b
Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Volodymyr Omelyan has announced that a national airline can be set up in the country's segment of low-cost air transportation this year.
The new complex will excel its predecessors by the firing range and will be armed with precision munitions and a new automated control and guidance system
The Obolonsky District Court of Kyiv has dismissed a request by the defense lawyers of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, who asked to move the hearing of their client's case from May 29 to
Olaide Oyelude Kàtsina. There was no celebration of Democracy Day in Katsina on Monday as many residents stayed indoors for the better part of the day. Business activities in the markets and commercia
A survey conducted by the Employment Service sees Slovenian employers as optimistic regarding employment in the next six months, announcing a 2% growth in employment. They are expected to open a total
Construction of the second stage of the Dniester Pumped Storage Power Plant (PSPP) began in the town of Novodnistrovsk, Chernivtsi region, on May 26, with the first cubic meter of concrete cast into t
Below is a schedule of events for Tuesday, 30 May:
Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers will set up an ad hoc group to devise a draft bill for land reform.
An "un-Islamic" Lady Justice statue has been moved to a new location in Bangladesh, after religious hardliners held months of mass protests demanding it be removed from outside the Supr

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Optometrist's top five beauty tips to avoid eye damage

Optometry Australia's resident optometrist, Luke Arundel, recently shared his top beauty tips to help women avoid eye infection and damage.
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Heat-not-burn cigs contain more cancer-causing chemicals

Smoking giant Philip Morris markets its IQOS device, which tobacco sticks can be placed into, as containing 90 per cent less toxins. But a new Swiss study suggests the opposite.
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Mother blasts surgery nurse after diagnosis blunder

Kayleigh Chapman, 29, of Pershore, Worcestshire, visited her local doctor's surgery when Lily-Mae Filmer's spluttering cough started to get worse on April 23.
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Millions of Britons could be at risk of skin cancer

Most tend to choose their lotion based solely on its SPF, according to a study of 2,000 British adults. But this only protects them from one type of UV ray - and not the one directly responsible for
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Tech Tip: When You See Something (Fake), Say Something

In its efforts to help curb the spread of false news around the world, Facebook has added new tools for users to aid in monitoring the site.
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Official: Agreement with Shell to be finalized soon

Tehran, May 29, IRNA -- Managing Director of Maroon Petrochemical Company (MPC) Rahim Sharif Mousavi said on Monday that engineering agreement with Shell Company will be finalized in coming weeks.
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SEC okays name change of Phoenix

THE Securities and Exchange Commission has approved the change in corporate name of Phoenix Semiconductor Philippines Corp. (PSPC) to SFA Semicon Philippines Corp. (SSP) effective May 25, 2017, the co
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Cebu Pacific expands Vismin network

CEBU Pacific adds five new routes to its inter-regional network, connecting more islands from Mindanao to Visayas to the rest of the archipelago. Starting July 26, CEB wholly owned subsidiary Cebgo wi
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K to 12 good for IT/BPM talent pool

THE Cebu IT/BPM Organization (CIB.O), formerly Cedf-it, is taking advantage of the first products of the K to 12 education system to supply the talent requirements of the information technology-busine
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Official: Agreement with Shell to be finalized soon

Tehran, May 29, IRNA -- Managing Director of Maroon Petrochemical Company (MPC) Rahim Sharif Mousavi said on Monday that engineering agreement with Shell Company will be finalized in coming weeks.
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India will grow at 7.2% in 2017-18, economic activity to accelerate: World Bank

Economic activity ought to accelerate in 2017-18. GDP is projected to grow at 7.2 percent from 6.8 percent in 2016- 17, the World Bank said.
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Favourable winds blowing? Producers of the renewable power beg to differ

A combination of lower tariffs, muddled policy, and lowered incentives are threatening to cripple the wind power industry.
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Fitch downgrades IDBI Bank's rating on deteriorating finances in 2 years

Bank's non-performing loans increased by 80% in FY17
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Ask Larry: ??????Can I Still File A Restricted Application For Spousal Benefits Only At FRA?

Today’s column addresses questions about restricted applications, when to file, switching between retirement and spousal benefits, the implications of working in a foreign country and when to file whe
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Angola: KAZA project takes Angolan delegation on tour around SADC

Angola - Under Angola's participation in the Okavango-Zambezi Transboundary Tourism Project (ATFC KAZA), a delegation headed by the Foreign Affairs Secretary of State, Manuel Augusto, left Luanda thi
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How L.A. County is trying to sign more people up for food stamps — and why it's not easy

Vickie Williams’ favorite meal is baked chicken, string beans and corn on the cob. She often makes it for Sunday dinner for her 81-year-old mother, five grown children and four grandchildren. Will
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The 10 best places to picnic in the West

From the Grand Canyon to a cemetery, a place where dinos once roamed to a beerapolooza, here are great places to dig into the potato salad.
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How you aggravate, annoy and occasionally outrage the cabin crew — and your fellow passengers. (Hint: Your bad habit starts with an 'e')

On any given flight, most passengers have a cellphone, a laptop, a tablet or other e-device with which they can watch movies, play video games or conduct business. Although these diversions help r
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