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No violation at referendum in Azerbaijan, says CEC

The Sept. 26 referendum to amend Azerbaijan’s constitution was organized at the proper level
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News.Az congratulates its readers on the World Azerbaijanis' Solidarity Day and the New Year.
Tolls to use Germany’s autobahn network roads are due to come into force after the country reached an agreement with the European Commission. The initial plan had been to charge all cars on the autoba
The Aso Villa Chapel on Sunday organised its annual end of the year thanksgiving with former Heads of State, Gen. Yakubu Gowon, Olusegun Obasanjo and Ernest Shonekan in attendance. The service which t
The chair of the city council and two journalists have been killed in a shooting in the Finnish town of Imatra, police said, adding that the assailant was immediately arrested. Read Ful
An amended law that toughens penalties for female genital mutilation to up to 15 years in jail has come into effect, the health ministry announced Sunday. Health ministry officials will monitor and ov
Gbenga Odogun, Lokoja A group, representing the Egbira speaking communities in Bassa Local Government Area of Kogi State, has accused the military personnel drafted to quell the ethnic clashes in the
U.S. President-elect Donald Trump is a clever man and will quickly understand his new responsibilities, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with NTV TV, according to Reuters.
In a dig at the United States, Pres Putin said the efforts to create a single-pole world had failed, and the multi-pole balance of power is being restored, RIA Novosti reports Dec. 4.
Through no fault of their own - most of the French weeklies missed the week's top story - the announcement by Socialist President François Hollande that he will not run for a second term in office in
Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos has announced, on Sunday, at Digi24 private broadcaster, that the Pitesti-Sibiu highway will be finalized in 2012, if things go according to plan.
A French court on Saturday upheld a 25 year prison sentence handed to a former Rwandan intelligence agent jailed in France’s first trial over the African country's 1994 genocide.
Nine children aged between 12 and 14 and two adults were killed in a crash in Russia after a bus was rammed by a truck. The children in the bus belonged to an acrobatics team returning
Below is a schedule of events for Monday, 5 December:
Olalekan Adetayo, Abuja State governments have been advised to consider the idea of collaborating especially at the regional levels to tackle the current sharp reduction in revenue occasioned by the d
The number of attacks by the combined Russian-separatist occupation forces on Ukrainian positions in Donbas, eastern Ukraine, decreased to 26 on December 3, 2016, from 44 in the previous day, accordin
Fidel Castro’s ashes were taken on Sunday to a cemetery in the cradle of his revolution as Cuba opens a new era without the communist leader who ruled the island for decades. Capping a week of t
US President-elect Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to hit back at a Saturday Night Live comedy sketch that mocked him for tweeting too much. Read Full Article at
Slovenia's Ilka Štuhec won a World Cup downhill race in Lake Louise, Canada, late on Saturday, in what was the second World Cup victory and podium result for the 26-year-old alpine skier.
If we fail to build a mass-based and democratic left we, as with the US, the UK, India, and the Philippines, will face an increasingly bleak and dangerous future, writes Imraan Buccus.
Donald Trump’s business success means that he’s is a smart man who will quickly adapt to his new role as president, Russian Vladimir Putin said. Read Full Article at
The Forum 4 Service Delivery has denied it had been on the verge of booting out Rocky Malebana-Metsing, who died recently.
Five members from different state law enforcement agencies were shot dead in a shooting incident reportedly by mistake in the village of Kniazhychi in Brovary district, Kyiv region, in the early hours
An emergency helicopter airlefted a 41-year-old man from the scene of an accident in Deelkraal Road, after his car overturned.
Over 2,500 militants who ended their fight against Syrian government forces have been pardoned over the last week under a blanket amnesty promised by Damascus, the Russian Center for Re
Ryanair has moved into direct competition with tour operators by selling bonded package holidays alongside its flights. The Irish airline claimed it would “transform the market” as it launched Ryanai
The party said "Gauteng education MEC Panyaza Lesufi must be congratulated for his even handed handling" of the racism allegations at Pretoria Girls High School.
Survivors of a deadly blaze have shared their accounts of getting out of an artist space dubbed the Oakland Ghost Ship that went up in flames on Friday night. Neighbors and attendees of
Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said that the country does not eye present day territory of the Republic of Armenia.
Thousands of people took to the streets of Madrid on Saturday in the latest Dignity March – a protest against the government’s austerity policies. Read Full Article at
Netcare 911 paramedics in Durban helped deliver a baby boy in the back of an ambulance on Sunday morning.
Environmentalists have piled pressure on Spain over its sprawling Donańa wetlands, a UNESCO World Heritage site they believe is at risk and could be put on the UN body's list of endangered habitats.
Organizers of the Eurovision song contest consider Moscow as a possible host city for the competition due in 2017 because the Ukrainian authorities are facing problems with organization of the event,

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PetroSA executives must pay back bonuses, says DA

The DA has called for the R17.3 million in bonuses paid by state-owned entity PetroSA to its top executives to be paid back immediately.
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A friend of a friend is…a dense network

Networks evolve in different ways depending how often "second neighbor," or friends of friends, connections occur.
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Modifying a live virus in a vaccine to be just strong enough

By genetically tweaking the constituent live virus, scientists have created a vaccine against influenza in which the virus is capable of activating the immune system but cannot replicate in healthy ce
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How do children hear anger?

Even if they don’t understand the words, infants react to the way their mother speaks and the emotions conveyed through speech. What exactly they react to and how has yet to be fully deciphered, but c
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Jailed Palestinian icon sweeps votes in Fatah polls

Six new members were elected to Fatah's central committee
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Trump threatens payback for US companies that move abroad

WASHINGTON (AP) — President-elect Donald Trump is threatening heavy taxes as retribution for U.S. companies that move their business operations overseas and still try to sell their product to America
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Making the most of holiday charitable giving

The holiday season is a great time to give presents to loved ones, but also to charities that help others. Donations of money or goods to a charity by the end of the year can also help you on your fe
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Authorities to conditionally move from bridge near protest

MANDAN, N.D. (AP) — North Dakota authorities have said they’ll move away from a key bridge near the main Dakota Access pipeline protest camp by Sunday afternoon if demonstrators agree to certai
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Coast Guard hearings on sinking of trawler Alaska Juris to begin in Seattle

The Coast Guard begins two weeks of hearings Monday into what caused the flooding that sank a Washington-based factory ship off Alaska, forcing the evacuation of its crew of 46.
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Jobless After 50? Start A Resilience Circle

How to form a Resilience Circle if you're unemployed after 50 and two who bounced back from faking normal.
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Baby Boomers Get To Change Diapers Again; This Time It's Their Parents

Baby Boomers, the "empty nest" is under attack again. Surprisingly, your Millennial children are not the cause; the new culprits are your parents, who want to spend their elder years at home. Maybe it
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Scam Alert: How To Avoid Malware Attacks

Malware burrows into your computer and steals information. Here's how to avoid this cyberthievery.
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Looted by Nazis, then seized from my dining room

Two agents from U.S. Homeland Security’s ICE unit arrived at my door in September looking for a Polish lady — not a person, but a painting: Melchior Geldorp’s “Portrait of a Lady.” She had, they i
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National park tips: Death Valley's castle is closed, but the inn will soon be open longer

Someday, when they get it open again, you’ll want to take a tour of Scotty's Castle in Death Valley National Park. In the meantime, big things are planned at Furnace Creek.  First, about Scotty’s.
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Agencies were urged to address Paramount metal emissions years before air toxics scare

The recent discovery of high levels of a cancer-causing pollutant in Paramount has alarmed residents and led authorities to crack down on dangerous emissions from two metal-processing plants. But
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The supposed 'rebirth' of Watts makes Jordan Downs residents uneasy

At a ceremonial groundbreaking three months ago in Watts, elected officials, housing authority bureaucrats and residents all took turns swinging sledgehammers at a 1950s cinder-block structure to
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Fidel Castro's ashes interred in a private ceremony

Fidel Castro's ashes were being interred in a private ceremony Sunday morning after Cuban officials made a last-minute cancellation of plans to broadcast the events live on national and internatio
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OPEC's power slips amid a spurt in U.S. oil production

The U.S. is producing more oil than it has in decades and record levels of natural gas.        
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