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Nigerians react to increasing cases of kidnapping


The primary responsibility of the government as enshrined in the constitution is to protect lives and property. I am aware that the police and the Department of State Services have recently been equipped in fighting kidnapping. That is why kidnap suspects are easily tracked down through technology. As far as that is concerned, government is […]

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Two men arrested as part of the investigation into the London terrorist attack are still being detained by police. Eleven people have been arrested in total under operations involving p
Drago Šketa, who will take over as state prosecutor general in May, will focus on white-collar crime and he believes future prevention should include stricter punishments. White-collar crime must not
Slovenske železnice, the state-owned rail operator, is in the midst of a modernisation drive that will finally involve wireless internet on trains operating major routes and electronic tickets. "
Peter the Great Street, Paris (France) Rue Pierre le Grand, Paris. / Photo: Legion Media Tsar Peter the Great, who founded St. Petersburg and pivoted Russia toward Europe, spent more than a month in
Special equipment, including two fire tanks and three fire vehicles, are used at the depot now
Russia's hybrid military forces attacked Ukrainian army positions in Donbas 78 times in the past 24 hours with two Ukrainian soldiers reported as killed in action (KIA) and two as wounded in actio
State-owned German development bank KfW mistakenly transferred billions of euros to four other banks due to a “configuration mistake” made by an “experienced programmer,” according to m
There was fear over possible toxic fumes from the massive cloud of dense black smoke which hung over Durban
The “whites and Christian only” residence occupied by UP students is under investigation following complaints that it was discriminating against other races.
I usually count in Armenian in my head - Uvezian once said.
Kolektor Etra, the Ljubljana-based producer of power transformers and power generator transformers, generated over EUR 86.5m in revenue last year, which is up 21% from the year before. Net profit jum
The only countries with cheaper one- to five-year fixation mortgages at the end of last year were Germany, France, Austria, Finland and Luxembourg.
President Donald Trump suffered a stunning political setback when Republican leaders pulled legislation to overhaul the healthcare system.
A last-minute payment by Tasima has averted the collapse of the Electronic National Traffic Information System, for now.
Dnevnik finds it unacceptable that the coalition bargained with the Democrats (SDS) to get the Fiscal Council elected in exchange for the appointment of an ideologically balanced Constitutional Court.
The girl used a friend’s cellphone and recorded an explicit video of herself which she wanted to send to a friend. Now, thousands of people who shared the footagemay be criminally charged.
Azerbaijan violated the ceasefire regime over 40 time from different caliber weapons.
“Armenpress” was informed from the press service of the Armenian President’s Office.
Hamas has vowed retaliation following the death of a prominent member, who was shot near his home in the Gaza Strip on Friday. He had been serving a life sentence in Israel before being
The National Police will launch a pilot project on March 25 when mounted police will start patrolling the Rusanivka embankment in the capital.
Before the Central Bank commits to releasing some of Guyana’s foreign currency reserve into the market, it is asking commercial banks to help “weed out” illegitimate requests even as it considers clo
Attorney-General Basil Williams SC yesterday denied that he indirectly threatened the life of a judge as has been claimed by PPP/C MP Anil Nandlall and he signaled his intention to file legal action
A man is now dead, while his 16-year-old son is being treated at the Georgetown Public Hospital for severe burn injuries after a kerosene lamp exploded in their home at Warren Plantation, located on t
Buoyed by “large increases” in gold production, Guyana’s economy has continued to expand, although growth has been slower than expected and uneven, according to the preliminary findings of a recent I
he Government of Guyana is presently servicing the loan owed by Atlantic Holdings Incorporated (AHI) to Republic Bank Limited (RBL) of Trinidad for the construction of the Marriott Hotel.
Acting Chancellor Yonette Cummings-Edwards has ruled that the court does have jurisdiction to hear the case brought by the Cheddi Jagan Research Committee Inc (CJRCI), which is challenging the revocat
Driver Manx Powers, who was on trial for causing the death of former world champion boxer Andrew ‘Six Head’ Lewis, had the charge dismissed yesterday, when a court found that the police failed to pro
A mother of five was yesterday sentenced to nine-and-a-half-year sentence after pleading guilty to unlawfully killing her common-law husband. Pauline Williams will, however, have some six-and-a-half
The Assistant Superinten-dent of Police (ASP) who was implicated in the smuggling of an AK-47 rifle out of the Tactical Services Unit (TSU) compound, at Eve Leary, about one month ago, has since been
The family of four-year-old Ramkarran Mohan, who was struck down by a car at Tuschen over a week ago, is concerned that no charge has yet been laid against the driver.
Not wanting to lose its support base and seeking to get feedback from the public on myriad of issues, the Alliance for Change (AFC) yesterday began a ‘Meet the Public’ exercise, which saw an overwhel
Kevin Ritchie finds himself as hungry for hope as a drowning man is for air. But he finds a glimpse of it in that Spur video.

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