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New Impact Hypothesis Might Explain Our Moon's Uniqueness

Earth's Moon is unique among all the planetary satellites found in our Solar System. A new theory might explain why.
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The iLife A4s is one of the few robot vacuums that is both affordable and a top performer. It ranked second only to the Eufy Robovac 11 in our lab testing, and right now it's on sale.   
The 77inch  Signature OLED TV W was first shown off at the CES event in January, and is now on sale. LG says the 4K semi-flexible screen attaches to the wall with magnets.
Right-wing media find a new renewable energy bogeyman.
During solar minimum, certain types of activity, such as sunspots and solar flares will drop – but, it’s also expected to bring the development of long-lived phenomena including coronal holes.
Roughly 1 quadrillion gallons of water has melted in Greenland since 1995.        
The top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee says the panel is asking states to reveal whether their election systems were hacked in last year's elections.
Mariah Carey doesn’t want to be dragged into ex-fiancé James Packer’s drama. The billionaire is currently under investigation for corruption after reportedly giving an illegal gift to Israeli Prime M
After years of searching, Beyoncé and JAY-Z may have finally found a place in California to call home. The couple has been wanting to base their family on the West Coast for quite some time and new r
U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced Tuesday that he would delay the vote on the Republican Senate health care bill until after the July 4th recess, and protestors dressed like the w
Two Supreme Court cases this week leave the school choice debate open.
Snapchat’s latest update has parents and police concerned about the safety of young children. The location-following “Snap Map” uses GPS technology to show the exact whereabouts of Snapchat users, a
Wisconsin Democrat Randy Bryce began his first campaign ad going right for the jugular: he attacked the incumbent Wisconsin congressman, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), and portrayed himself
WikiLeaks released another batch of documents Wednesday that purportedly detail how the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency can track the location of a target using Wi-Fi enabled devices. The
Mobile chip company Qualcomm unveiled its fingerprint scanner today at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai and it is not yet known whether it will be included in future handsets.
"Wonder Woman" conquered fellow movie competitors throughout the early stages of its summer box office run, opening up to warm ticket sales in the domestic markets and praise from critics. However, t
Amazon’s Echo lineup of smart home speakers traditionally has looked the same as any traditional speaker, but its latest update significantly shakes up Amazon’s popular product lineup. The Echo Show
In the market for a new laptop? Let us be your guide to the best laptops around.
Researchers have developed a new way of measuring the pressure inside volcanoes, and found that it can be a reliable indicator of future eruptions.
A marked decrease in summer cloud cover during the last 20 years has significantly accelerated melt from the Greenland ice sheet, a team of researchers has concluded.
Researchers combined gecko-inspired adhesives and a custom robotic gripper to create a device for grabbing space debris. They tested their gripper in multiple zero gravity settings, including the Inte
Leaders of MIT's Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL), one of world's foremost centers for antipoverty research, have developed their own formal framework for thinking about this vexing quest
A research team is combating chronic kidney disease (CKD) with exercise. The team had patients engage in a specially designed exercise program and found that it improved their blood vessel health and
Researchers may have created an innovative, cost-competitive electrode material for cleaning pollutants in wastewater.
The soon-to-be-iceberg part of the ice shelf has tripled in speed to more than ten meters per day between June 24th and June 27th.        
BERLIN (Reuters) - A German regulator has suspended the launch of a law obliging German telecom companies to keep telephone and Internet data for up to 10 weeks to help fight crime, citing a court rul
Eying that 77-inch LG Signature Series W7 OLED from CES? Here’s how much it’s going to set you back.
After watching teams like the Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors stockpile superstars over the last few years, the Houston Rockets have decided to get in on the fun. The team i
Android O is expected to be officially unveiled and released during the third quarter of 2017. If Google’s Project Treble initiative toward speedier updates is still in motion, Samsung devices may
The parents of a Pennsylvania teen who had his murder captured in a "selfie" spoke out for the first time since their son’s death Wednesday. Ryan Mangan, 16, was shot and killed by another teen in 20
The study, conducted by researchers at Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary, involved asking volunteers to raise wolf puppies as they would dog puppies.
It’s been over a month since Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell was found dead in his Detroit hotel room hours after performing at a show. Now, in a new interview, his wife, Vicky Karayiannis, has op
Archaeologists have confirmed humans occupied year-round settlements in the Andean highlands as early as 7,000 years ago.
Wallets containing valuables such as credit cards, bus passes and identification cards get misplaced all the time. And it may be a hassle to get them replaced. A Sydney biohacker apparently found a s
Researchers from the University of Minnesota used computer-animated 3D faces to pinpoint the most successful smile. Their findings suggest Julia Roberts has the perfect smile.

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Jennings: I should always have been a right centre

He's been one of the most dominant left-edge centres of the past decade but Michael Jennings says he probably should have always played on the right.
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Roosters' reinvention a testament to Robinson

Michael Ennis sees some subtle differences in the way the Roosters are playing in 2017 and believes it could take them deep in September.
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Cordner's fitness race for Origin III

Sharks back-rower Wade Graham remains hopeful good friend and Blues teammate Boyd Cordner will be fit to lead NSW for the State of Origin decider on July 12.
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Greenwood looking long-term despite head knocks

Despite defying the wishes of his mum, Titans back-rower Joe Greenwood is taking a cautious approach to his health after multiple concussions in 2017.
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U.N. Libya convoy hit west of Tripoli: statement

Libyan gunmen blocked and damaged part of a United Nations convoy on a coastal road west of the capital Tripoli
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7 PKK terrorists surrender in SE Turkey

Seven terrorists have surrendered in Turkey’s southeastern Sirnak province
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R.I.P. Gchat: You let us pretend we were working — and that we were really connecting.

It was like passing notes in class but at the speed of light. Its replacement is mostly the same but excruciatingly new.
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'I got played': DeMario Jackson reacts to 'Bachelor in Paradise' controversy

Jackson told E! News about Olympios, "I love her and I'm here for her."
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NASA says solar minimum is on the way

During solar minimum, certain types of activity, such as sunspots and solar flares will drop – but, it’s also expected to bring the development of long-lived phenomena including coronal holes.
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As You Age, Here's How To Steer Your Health Care

Giving person-centered care based on individual patients' goals is not yet a reality in most health systems. But you can do things to steer your care now.
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Middle-Age Adults and Frail Seniors Would Pay More For Care Under The Draft Senate Health Plan

The draft Senate health plan would raise insurance costs for those age 50-64 and slash Medicaid benefits for the frail elderly and younger people with disabilities.
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Biotech Stocks Are Soaring, Todd Hagopian Leads The Way

Todd Hagopian’s Biotech Fund is up over 30% as many of his stock picks have taken off after President Trump and Senate Republicans turned their attention to healthcare.
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How your smartphone can help pay for itself

Wouldn’t it be nice if your phone could help pay for itself? Turns out, there is a way to earn a small return for simply possessing/using a smartphone.        
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Panda Express settles discrimination case

The chain will pay $600,000, according to the DOJ agreement.        
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Trump boasts about dumping many Obama-era regulations. Here's a look at some

With 14 congressional overturns, the Trump administration is pushing for less federal oversight.
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Bloomingdale’s to open pop-up shops for HBO’s 'The Defiant Ones'

Bloomingdale’s is feeling defiant this summer. The department store is teaming with HBO to open a series of pop-up shops tied to “The Defiant Ones,” a four-part documentary that starts on July 9.
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On eve of Hong Kong's 20th anniversary under Chinese rule, many residents wonder what's to celebrate

Reminders are everywhere, even underfoot. Hong Kong’s park stairs, glued with Chinese floral prints, help mark an anniversary many refuse to celebrate. Hong Kong will commemorate 20 years under Ch
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Here's a look at who the Clippers will get from the Chris Paul trade

Here’s a look at the key players the Clippers will acquire in the deal that sent Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets: Sam Dekker, 6-9, 230-pound small forward A former first-round pick from Wisconsi
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