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New 3D design for mobile microbatteries

In the race towards miniaturization, a research team has succeeded in improving the energy density of a rechargeable battery without increasing its size (limited to a few square millimeters in mobile sensors). This feat was achieved by developing a 3D structure made of microtubes, the first step towards producing a complete microbattery. The first experiments have demonstrated the excellent conductivity of the battery's solid electrolyte, report scientists.
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These are the best products to connect to your Amazon Echo.        
The Senate Intelligence Committee has a deal to get former FBI Director James Comey's memos of his conversations with President Donald Trump.
"Game of Thrones" actress Emilia Clarke claimed that sexism and racism are equivalent during an interview with Rolling Stone Wednesday. The British actress compared the two forms of discrimination wh
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North Korea threatened Wednesday to execute South Korea's former president Park Geun-Hye over an alleged plot to assassinate Kim Jong-Un, according to a statement pushed by officials and prosecutors
Through X-ray analysis, researchers at Stockholm University have found that water can exist as two different liquids at low temperature – a low density form, and one of higher density.
At $99 a year, or $10.99 a month, the cost of Amazon Prime, might not seem worth it for free two-day shipping on millions of items, so you need to make sure you're getting your money's worth. A Prime
A blockbuster trade rocked the NBA on Wednesday as the Los Angeles Clippers shipped disgruntled point guard Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets. The trade appears to benefit all parties as the 32-year-
Fortune breaks down the latest massive cyberattack that spread internationally.        
The study, conducted by researchers at Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary, involved asking volunteers to raise wolf puppies as they would dog puppies.
Chinese internet conglomerate LeEco spent much of the past few years focusing on aggressive growth, but the company is now coping with the aftermath of several failed moves. In a meeting with shareho
You didn't know fireworks could be this cute!        
Engineers have developed a strong, durable new material to help shape advanced MEMS sensors needed for the internet of things.
Fuel from waste? It is possible. But hitherto, converting organic waste to fuel has not been economically viable. Excessively high temperatures and too much energy are required. Using a novel catalyst
Asteroid 2015 BZ509 orbits the Sun in the opposite direction to the planets and takes 12 years to make one complete orbit around the Sun - roughly the same time as Jupiter travelling in the opposite
Rapper, actor and basketball businessman Ice Cube may have a lot more knowledge about the inner workings of NBA teams that many might think. Ice Cube, born O'Shea Jackson, founded the BIG3, a new ven
You want to see the Apple iPhone 8 in a detailed video. The rumors appear to be true in this close look.
How and where to spend a holiday is a frequent puzzle for many. Luckily, WalletHub published a study this week of the best and worst places to celebrate the Fourth of July, as the holiday dedicated t
The Petya ransomware attack that began spreading Tuesday has “significantly affected” the operations of FedEx subsidiary TNT Express, causing the company to halt trading of its stock. While domestic
The iLife A4s is one of the few robot vacuums that is both affordable and a top performer. It ranked second only to the Eufy Robovac 11 in our lab testing, and right now it's on sale.   
Beachgoers on Florida’s Okaloosa Island got some unexpected visitors Monday while swimming off the coast. Several sharks appeared in the shallow water that afternoon — and one tourist caught it all o
The 77inch  Signature OLED TV W was first shown off at the CES event in January, and is now on sale. LG says the 4K semi-flexible screen attaches to the wall with magnets.
As a cyberattack continued to spread among nations and corporations on Wednesday, the identity and motives of the attackers remain a mystery.
Cisco had a strong Day 1 at Cisco Live. Could they keep Day 2 as exciting?
A Barclays analyst said in a research note the iPhone 8 will come with a faster USB-C connector, MacRumors reported.
Right-wing media find a new renewable energy bogeyman.
Donald Trump Jr. tweeted Wednesday that there was a "first time for everything" when he said he agreed with CNN commentator and political activist Anthony Kapel "Van" Jones who said out of context th
There’s not a lot that can get me out of bed and into a workout mood on a rainy Saturday morning. But the promise of Beer Yoga provided enough motivation to make the trek from Queens to Brooklyn one
In a new study, researchers suggest evidence of extra dimensions could be hiding in gravitational waves.
During solar minimum, certain types of activity, such as sunspots and solar flares will drop – but, it’s also expected to bring the development of long-lived phenomena including coronal holes.
Most people learn from a young age not to look directly at the sun. But when there is a solar eclipse, such as the one that will take place on Aug. 21 across North America when the moon passes direct
The Marvel vs. DC rivalry may be an issue with the fans more so than the filmmakers. It sounds like Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is happy about all of the success of “Wonder Woman,” and he ev
Astronauts have some really fun chores like conducting space experiments and going on space walks to maintain the International Space Station. But think about how easy it would be to clean without gr
An Ohio woman who was set on fire after an argument with her ex-boyfriend in 2015 died Tuesday, according to her family. Judy Malinowski, a mother of two and former Miss New Albany, reportedly underw

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Tiny fireworks, HUGE impression

You didn't know fireworks could be this cute!        
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What to know About the latest cyberattack

Fortune breaks down the latest massive cyberattack that spread internationally.        
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The best Alexa-friendly smart home devices of 2017

These are the best products to connect to your Amazon Echo.        
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Turkish, US defense heads talk PKK/PYD issue in Belgium

Turkey’s defense minister on Wednesday raised concerns over the U.S. arming the terrorist PKK/PYD in Syria
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North Korea vows to pursue nuclear program despite western pressure

North Korean Ambassador to the United Nations Kim In Ryong said that North Korea is not going to succumb to pressure of the United States and its allies and will persist in building its nuclear progra
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NHL free agency primer: Top 25 UFAs

When the Washington Capitals locked up pending unrestricted free agent T.J. Oshie to an eight-year, $46 million US deal last week, you could almost hear the collective groans coming from those various
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With Ujiri staying put, new Raptors GM Webster can learn from one of the best [Photos] [Video]

The Raptors took care of some long- expected business on Wednesday, even as a loud distraction emanated from Gotham.
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Childhood friends bring new spirit to old Detroit brewery site

Eight childhood friends from Michigan move their distillery business into a historic brewery and ice cream factory in Detroit.        
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Study suggests smiling too widely is less visually appealing

Less is probably more when it comes to a convincing smile, a new study finds.
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Why You Should Help Your Millennial Employees Pay Off Their Student Loan Debt

For a business to reach its potential, it needs to attract the right talent. But getting the right people to your company isn’t as easy as throwing up a ping-pong table or offering a 401(k) match. Rea
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Cyber raids costing firms £310bn a year 

Ransom attacks by hackers on companies are set to double this year, an insurer has claimed – driving the £310 billion global bill from cybercrime even higher.
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Mining firm Pathfinder Minerals' hopes dented

Pathfinder Minerals has been locked in a battle over lucrative rights in Mozambique since 2011.
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Ocado sends its self-driving trucks on to the roads 

The firm has started sending out orders using its CargoPod, an autonomous truck designed by Oxford tech firm Oxbotica.
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Lloyds set to miss deadline for victims of crooked bankers

The scandal saw criminals at HBOS’s Reading branch destroy companies and strip their assets to pay for lives of luxury.
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Co-op fights to keep bank’s ethical crown

Campaigners have attacked the Co-op Bank for abandoning its roots over a rescue plan which will hand US vulture funds a 99 per cent stake.
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ALEX BRUMMER: Fund chiefs off the hook

Given the scale of the indictment and the huge paydays enjoyed by some top managers, the remedies offered by the FCA chief executive Andrew Bailey look a little thin, says Alex Brummer.
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Now healthy lunch chain Leon takes on greasy spoons

Leon will open two roadside branches in August at service stations near Cannock on the M6 toll road and near Worcester on the M5.
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Qataris pocketed £1bn from Barclays bail ou

The Arab nation ploughed £3.7 billion into the bank which was teetering on the brink of collapse during the financial crisis.
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