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Need Cheap Flights For Thanksgiving And Christmas 2016? Here’s When You Should Book

The holidays may be a joyous time, but they can also be really expensive, especially for families who may be traveling during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. If you plan accordingly, however, traveling during the holidays doesn’t necessarily have to be so costly.
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A petition to elect Hillary Clinton as president and keep Donald Trump from being sworn in as commander in chief is winning over the internet. Trump won 306 electoral votes to Clinton's 232, but she
With December getting underway this week, we've officially begun the Christmas countdown. While the holiday season can be a magical time, it can also prove prohibitively expensive.  But shopping does
Holiday engagement season is upon us, with the month of December a popular time of the year to pop the big question. For those who are considering proposing during the final weeks of 2016, it's a goo
Jefferson Graham compares two of the new drones priced around $500 with high-quality cameras.        
If solicited by Trump administration, it won't sell any goods, services, information, or consulting of any kind to help create a national Muslim registry
Emma Swan has been fighting against her fate all throughout Season 6 of “Once Upon a Time” and could very well meet her fate in episode 10. After several episodes of watching a vision of herself gett
The company has a separate organisation called 'Project Titan' that is developing automotive projects
User's disclosure patterns reflected increased openness after the introduction of enhanced privacy controls
Turning your paper records into digital documents could protect your business all year around.
Day four: the first big-name media player to support 360-degree video and photos without extra plugins.
Bioluminescent organisms have evolved dozens of times over the course of life's history. Recent studies are narrowing in on the complicated biochemistry needed to illuminate the dark. The post The My
Tricking people into downloading malicious mobile apps is a con as old as time itself (or at least as old as smartphones). Don't fall for it. The post Never Ever (Ever) Download Android Apps Outside
Here are five things in technology that happened this past week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them?
Ununtrium, ununpentium, ununseptium, and ununoctium — these were the temporary names given to four new super-heavy elements by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) back in De
This user-programmable bot for children makes playtime educational. The post Review: Ozobot Evo appeared first on WIRED.
Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani urged President Barack Obama not to sign an extension of U.S. sanctions against Tehran, calling the bill a violation of the Iran nuclear deal. He also warned the U.S.
Cuba’s late President Fidel Castro will be laid to rest next to Cuban independence hero José Martí’s tomb. The 90-year-old revolutionary’s invitation-only funeral is scheduled for 7 a.m. EST Sunday w
Apple is very keen that newcomers to the car market should get fair treatment.
Apple is headed for a "decade-long malaise." That according to a recent memo from a Wall Street analyst.
Consumers are starting to expect banks to provide biometric measures.
10 UX design experts share their opinion on what’s going to be the biggest UX trend in 2017.
Many think our increasing reliance on technology is making us dumber – but could it be making us smarter?
As many as 11,592 cases of cyber crime were reported across India in 2015
The Green Party refused to back down in its efforts to initiate a state-wide recount in Pennsylvania. The campaign announced late Saturday it is switching its strategy in the swing state, seeking the
As per reports, the river was contaminated about 7,000 years ago by Neolithic humans who may have been producing copper metals from ores.
A researcher claimed that the black-flanked rock wallaby was thought to be extinct for decades until a group of rock climbers in Western Australia spotted a pair of the marsupials with their young in
Who has the most Instagram followers? It seems to be a new person each year, and 2016 is no different. Here are the 10 most followed people on Instagram.
North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and his wife Ri Sol-ju made a rare joint public appearance at an air combat training competition, state media reported Sunday. This is Ri’s first public appearance in over s
Taxi aggregator wants to collect information for 5 mins after ride; experts worried
For the person you're straight-up trying to kill, you can just gift Samsung Galaxy Note 7
SIMI VALLEY, Calif. (Reuters) - Raytheon Co is making progress on a long-delayed program for new ground control stations for next-generation GPS satellites, although it is lagging a remedial schedule
Virgin Galactic — the aerospace firm founded by the British billionaire Richard Branson — successfully carried out the first free flight test run of its latest SpaceShipTwo plane VSS Unity. The plane
The hackers gained entry through a completely different app that I hadn't used in years, reports Tech in Asia
Australian authorities also insisted UNESCO to put efforts in protecting the natural wonder and creating stiff measures so the Great Barrier does not get harmed.

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Golf: Stone cruises to comfortable Alfred Dunhill Championship win

MALELANE, South Africa (Reuters) - Brandon Stone claimed a second European Tour victory as he ran away from the field for a seven-stroke triumph at the Alfred Dunhill Championship at the Leopard Creek
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Is UKIP now a threat to Labour seats in the North?

Is UKIP now a threat to Labour seats in the North of England? Ellie Price investigates.
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Test and treat project going well

Three months after SA adopted WHO's universal Test and Treat guidelines for people living with HIV, an expert says the project is going well.
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Courts need a lift-off to restore justice

The wheels of justice at the Durban Magistrate’s Court building could soon grind to a halt because only one lift is working consistently at the busy courthouse.
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R40m damages claim for medical student

Former UKZN medical student Deavashini Naidoo's parents say her vegetative state is the result of King Dinuzulu Hospital's neglect.
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Mom dies falling out of bed after emergency birth

Relatives of a Durban mother of five claim "blatant negligence" resulted in her death after being treated at two public hospitals.
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Claims of bullying 'cover-up' at top school

"Curry-muncher" cracks and continuous bullying pushed a top Grade 5 pupil at Highbury Preparatory School to attempt suicide, his father says.
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Reinventing a state for public good

Is there collusion between political elites and captains of industry amid state capture, asks Muxe Nkondo
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KZN builders fight back against mob-style forums

Major construction companies in KwaZulu-Natal are pushing to have the ringleaders of a Mafia-style business forum jailed for repeatedly shutting down big construction projects.
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Jobless After 50? Start A Resilience Circle

How to form a Resilience Circle if you're unemployed after 50 and two who bounced back from faking normal.
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Baby Boomers Get To Change Diapers Again; This Time It's Their Parents

Baby Boomers, the "empty nest" is under attack again. Surprisingly, your Millennial children are not the cause; the new culprits are your parents, who want to spend their elder years at home. Maybe it
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Scam Alert: How To Avoid Malware Attacks

Malware burrows into your computer and steals information. Here's how to avoid this cyberthievery.
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Looted by Nazis, then seized from my dining room

Two agents from U.S. Homeland Security’s ICE unit arrived at my door in September looking for a Polish lady — not a person, but a painting: Melchior Geldorp’s “Portrait of a Lady.” She had, they i
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National park tips: Death Valley's castle is closed, but the inn will soon be open longer

Someday, when they get it open again, you’ll want to take a tour of Scotty's Castle in Death Valley National Park. In the meantime, big things are planned at Furnace Creek.  First, about Scotty’s.
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Agencies were urged to address Paramount metal emissions years before air toxics scare

The recent discovery of high levels of a cancer-causing pollutant in Paramount has alarmed residents and led authorities to crack down on dangerous emissions from two metal-processing plants. But
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The supposed 'rebirth' of Watts makes Jordan Downs residents uneasy

At a ceremonial groundbreaking three months ago in Watts, elected officials, housing authority bureaucrats and residents all took turns swinging sledgehammers at a 1950s cinder-block structure to
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Fidel Castro's ashes interred in a private ceremony

Fidel Castro's ashes were being interred in a private ceremony Sunday morning after Cuban officials made a last-minute cancellation of plans to broadcast the events live on national and internatio
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OPEC's power slips amid a spurt in U.S. oil production

The U.S. is producing more oil than it has in decades and record levels of natural gas.        
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