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Mysterious genetic disease causes sufferers to swell to double their size at random

Hereditary angioedema (or HAE) is a condition that deprives the blood of protein. For some reason, this leads sufferers to have spontaneous attacks of swelling that could stop them from breathing.
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A New Mexico mom is encouraging other women to embrace their postpartum bodies and feel gratitude for all the little imperfections. Amelia Olson-Hendrickson posed in a crop top for a mirror selfie she
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It wasn’t Emma Stone’s gold Givenchy dress or even her matching gold Oscar that was our favorite accessory Sunday night. The standout accessory of the night was Stone&
Research from the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care calls for action by primary care physicians in preventing smoking in children and teens.
Generic pharmaceutical companies may be able to get their products on the market sooner using what some call "patent death squads" at the USPTO. And that's actually not as good as it sounds.
The World Health Organization releases its first list of priority pathogens — superbugs that have developed resistance to existing antibiotics. It's
JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - The number of rhinos poached for their horns in South Africa fell 10 percent in 2016 to 1,054, the second straight year of decline according to government data released on Mon
From the steady stream of diet advertisements on TV, to the calorie counts on menus at restaurants, our weight-obsessed world is a challenging climate for those who are in recovery from an eating dis
A recently published UBC study reveals some insights into what works and what doesn't in treating mental illness in Metro Vancouver youth.
Most marijuana makes you want to eat, but this particular compound could be an appetite suppressant.
An Australian review uncovered 156 medical practices that are ineffective, harmful, or both. Acupuncture is a particularly egregious example, accounting for 10 of the 156 examples of bad medicine. Why
The GOP and President Trump promised to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something “better”. On Friday, a draft of their effort was obtained by Politico. The scariest part of the plan? The GOP is
The observed increase of body size in ungulates during the 20 million years before the Pleistocene is driven by the process of species selection, according to researchers. Bigger ungulate species beca
Past research has revealed that our brains synchronize when listening to the same idea or story. Now, biomedical engineers have developed a tool to better understand this phenomenon.
They are known to be high in prebiotics, dietary fibers that act as food for good stomach bacteria. University of Colorado Boulder researchers have found they help the brain overcome worry and fear.
Trump Care will likely bring a major attempt to reform U.S. healthcare with market forces, especially consumerism. The track record for this is poor, but entrepreneurs who focus on the right markets w
Xander Cabales, from Hawaii, had taken Motrin - a common US drug for children, similar to ibuprofen, in June 2014. But over a period of just five days, his condition deteriorated rapidly.
ABIDJAN (Reuters) - Good rains in the last week in most of Ivory Coast's main cocoa growing regions are a positive sign for the development of the mid-crop but hot weather could hurt it, farmers said
The concept is called “job lock,” the need to maintain employment, not for income, but for health insurance.
(Reuters) - La Jolla Pharmaceutical Co said on Monday its lead experimental drug to treat low blood pressure met the main goal of a late-stage study on patients with distributive shock who had not ade
LILONGWE (Reuters) - Malawi's maize production may rise a third in 2017 to 3.2 million tonnes despite damage inflicted by the fall armyworm, an alien South American pest that has invaded corn fields f
As healthcare is changing dramatically, there is a movement from healthcare leaders to create an elevated model where patients are at the center. In this discussion, I interviewed 4 leaders of healthc
Despite growing evidence of serious health problems from fracking, there is ongoing conflict between those who will gain by leasing their land and those downstream, who have nothing to gain and consid
Even a mildly insulting comment impaired the performance of doctors and nurses, a new study finds.
Innovations like screen readers and talking calculators can help people who cannot see.
Professor Gerry McCann, a cardiologist from the University of Leicester, was behind research that found exercise testing for aortic stenosis has only a 60 per cent accuracy rate.
CAPE TOWN (Reuters) - Cold weather, rains and resilient genetically-modified crops (GMO) have limited the damage caused by an armyworm outbreak in South Africa, the head of Grain SA Jannie de Villiers
Footballers may have to sign disclaimers to prevent them suing over brain injuries in the future, a former head of the SFA predicts.
Public Health England (PHE) is campaigning for a 'tobacco-free NHS' with more support on quitting offered to patients, visitors and staff. File photo.
Ministers will meet with large technology companies, young people and mental health experts.
The material, mistakenly stored in a warehouse over five years, included cancer test results.
A report by Macmillan Cancer Support estimates that 30,000 people with cancer in their 40s and 50s have sought financial help from their elderly parents when going through treatment,
Emma Power, 30, gave birth to Connor and Kyle, now ten, while on the pill. She changed birth control to an implant in her arm, which releases hormones. Her and her husband have now been sterilised.
SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea is extending a scheme to subsidize up to half the cost of importing eggs by sea for another two months until the end of April, as it grapples with a shortfall in local su

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Iranians cheer Farhadi’s Oscar as rebuke of Trump policies

The Oscar for Asghar Farhadi’s “The Salesman” energized many of the filmmaker’s fellow Iranians, who saw the win for best foreign film Monday as a pointed rebuke to the Trump administration and its ef
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What's 'normal'? UBC study on what works (and doesn't) for young-adult mental health treatment

A recently published UBC study reveals some insights into what works and what doesn't in treating mental illness in Metro Vancouver youth.
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To Frack Or Not To Frack? Will Maryland Legislators Place Constituents' Health At Risk?

Despite growing evidence of serious health problems from fracking, there is ongoing conflict between those who will gain by leasing their land and those downstream, who have nothing to gain and consid
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A cornerstone of global oil supply -- Canada at a cross roads

Canadian heavy crude is a cornerstone of global oil supply now and into next the decade. But growth is likely to be increasingly affected by investor sentiment soured by environmental concerns and com
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The Surprising Reason Why Many Energy Efficiency Programs May Not Work, And How To Fix Them

For all the appeal of energy efficiency, more and more economists are finding that programs based on giving consumers economic incentives to curb energy usage don’t actually work that well. What may p
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Del-Rosario: Subsidized tuition for Senior High

GRADE 10 completers from both public and private Junior High Schools (JHS) who want to enroll in a (1) private high school, (2) private university or college, (3) state or local university or college,
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Espina: Travel Catalogue International

CONGRATULATIONS to the travel and tourism stakeholders of Cebu, the Cebu Alliance of Tour Operations Specialists (Catos) led by president Alice Queblatin and active officers Marget Villarica, Alan Car
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Quibranza: Appreciating the Chazelle, Hurwitz combo

DAMIEN Chazelle is a 32-year-old French-American director and screenwriter. He made his directorial debut with the musical Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench (2009). However, it was his second feature f
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Tales in Cards

TELLING tales of defeat and victory, tarot cards have evolved since and their enchanting images have been interpreted by both mystics and psychoanalysts hoping to provide a more realistic insight into
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Apple shares up after Buffett boosts stake to $17 billion

Warren Buffett has been on a Apple stock buying spree.         
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General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt: We're seeing 'end of the global elite'

"We will adjust to potential changes in tax policy or protectionist tendencies," he said.        
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Warren Buffet increases Apple stake in 2017 to $17 billion

Legendary investor Warren Buffett told CNBC on Monday that his Berkshire Hathaway group nearly doubled its stake in Apple to 133 million shares worth around $17 billion. Apple is Berkshire Hathaway's
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FPIs renew interest in Indian bonds

Dealers say foreign investors are now taking keen interest in lower-rated corporate bonds, too
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SMALL CAP: AFH Financial pushes ahead with acquisitions

AFH is an acquisitive independent financial adviser (IFA), which since November has completed six transactions, the last of which was Bay Financial Management for £1.4million.
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Bank of England make it EASIER to borrow more on mortgage

The rule change applies immediately and effectively loosens the cap placed on the amount of high loan-to-income mortgage lending banks and building societies are allowed to do.
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India can grow at higher rate; job creation plans underway: FM

India has potential to grow faster and plans are underway to reduce poverty and create jobs in rural areas, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said today, even as he ruled out the country becoming totall
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Durable goods orders jump 1.8% due to demand for military, commercial aircraft

U.S. businesses in January boosted their orders for long-lasting manufactured goods by the largest amount in three months, but a key category that tracks business investment plans slipped.  Orders
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$100-million spec home ups the ante in Beverly Hills

If a street in the Trousdale Estates area of Beverly Hills can support a $70-million home sale, why not $100 million? That’s what spec developer Nile Niami intends to find out with his latest off-
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