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More than a fire row

Problems for technology giant Samsung may go beyond a smart-phone that catches fire, as the BBC's Stephen Evans explains.
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Tiny tubes and filaments in a Canadian rock may be the oldest known fossils on Earth
The virtual reality headset, Rift, and motion controller Touch will together retail for $598, which Oculus hopes will make the technology more affordable for normal users.
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Facebook Inc's virtual reality unit Oculus has cut $200 from the all-in price of its flagship hardware set, in a bid to expand the system's base of video game players, the co
Review board approves project highlighting achievements of five women from NASA.        
The biggest Samsung Galaxy S8 leak surfaced Tuesday as tech informant, Evan Blass shared an image, which is believed to be a press render of the device directly from Samsung. The telltale sign is th
A new technique enables 'singing' posters and 'smart' clothing to send audio or data directly to your car's radio or your smartphone by piggybacking on ambient FM radio signals.
Researchers have discovered that a specific enzyme in the brain could reduce the formation of debilitating brain lesions in the two diseases.
Researchers tracked elephants at Chobe National Park, Botswana, and found that elephants would often stay awake for 46 hours at time while travelling distances of 30kms to avoid poachers.
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A decade ago, Lightspeed Venture Partners was an obscure firm investing in highly technical startups that were mostly unknown outside of Silicon Valley.
This post is meant to show users the editing that goes behind an image they might see in a magazine. These images should not make you feel beautiful because not everything you see is real.
Most vertebrates, including humans, have two types of visual cells located in the retina, namely cones and rods. 
McDonald's has always boasted about the billions of customers it has served. But now it has a big problem: the 500 million potential visitors it has lost in the past five years. It hopes mobile orderi
Tags produced "incredible" insights into the movements and lifestyles of many different species.
From an evolutionary perspective, why do we have multiple different blood types and what advantages or disadvantages does that entail? This question was originally answered on Quora by Suzanne Sadedin
According to Efe, the priority of the scientists during this mission will be to detect asteroids close to Earth to calculate the probability of their colliding with the planet.
Chimpanzees learn certain grooming behaviors from their mothers and continue to show these behaviors long after their mothers have died, researchers from Harvard University have found.
Lego has revealed they've chosen the Women of NASA fan design to move forward into production, featuring five women who played critical roles in the space program.
(Reuters) - French drone maker Parrot aims to return to profitability by 2018 by expanding its commercial drone business, its finance chief said on Wednesday.
Experts from the University of North Carolina claim that predatory fish are key to Caribbean ecosystems, and that each reef shark brings in $1 million (£810,000) in tourism revenue in its lifetime.
(Reuters) - A federal appeals court has thrown out a jury verdict that had originally required Apple Inc to pay $533 million to Smartflash LLC, a technology developer and licenser that claimed Apple's
A team of international scientists has found the oldest record of life on Earth in Northern Quebec, dating back at least 3.8 billion years.
The Nintendo Switch ushers in a new era of gaming, offering consumers something truly new and unique.
(Reuters) - Facebook Inc's virtual reality unit Oculus said on Wednesday it has cut the all-in price for its Rift and Touch products by $200.
Twitter just realised an array of tools to limit abuse on the platform - the trouble is they can also be used to block your brand.
If confirmed, the cells could have been living more than 3.7 billion years ago. Making scientists believe life could have started earlier than previously thought.       &
Facebook’s Oculus VR is dropping the price of its Rift virtual-reality headset by $100, in a bid to spur sales after a rocky first year for the device.
A rocket carrying a classified U.S. satellite has been launched from California
Mount Enta blew lava up into the sky in Sicily, Italy Monday, according to reports. The 10,926-foot volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in the world, despite being dormant for the last two ye
Nikki Bella doesn’t take things lightly when someone messes with her boyfriend John Cena and the wrestler was more than happy to tweet out a warning after Maryse Mizanin slapped him. On Wednesday, Be
Rapper Kodak Black has been arrested once again, this time for violating the terms of his house arrest.
Millennial Esports is opening a 15,000 square foot esports stadium in Las Vegas this Friday. The arena will include everything necessary for a full gaming experience. Internet speeds up to 1GBps, thr
In a twist of ironic fate, brick-and-mortar bookstores could be resuscitated by Amazon’s newest venture — opening a string of physical Amazon locations across the U.S.
Review board approves project highlighting achievements of five women from NASA.        
The virtual reality company announced dramatic price decreases on Wednesday, including a 25% cut in the retail price of its flagship Rift bundle.

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Tiny tubes in Canadian rock may be oldest known fossils

Tiny tubes and filaments in a Canadian rock may be the oldest known fossils on Earth
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Lego announces new set honoring the women of NASA

Expect these women of NASA to land in a store near you.        
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Taco Bell had to recreate one of its commercials

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Steepest hike in history: LPG prices raised by Rs 86 a cylinder

The price of non-subsidised cooking gas (LPG) was hiked by a steep Rs 86 per cylinder on Wednesday, reflecting international trends.
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Expect Q4 GDP to moderate to 6.4%: Moody's

Speaking to CNBC-TV18, William Foster of Moody's said that NPA is a prolonged weakness that is still not addressed and there is no clear method in place to resolve the issue.
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Q&A: Social Security withdraws must start at 70-ish and they can be taxed - to a point

Q: I retired in February and, though it might be obvious, stopped contributing to my 401(k). When will I need to start mandatory annual withdrawals? I am 75.        
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Next test for Trump FCC could be Tribune-Sinclair

Two large local TV broadcasters, Sinclair and Tribune Media, are reportedly talking a tie-up.        
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Oculus cuts price on Rift goggles and Touch controllers

The $200 combo price drop isn't due to slow sales but 'to get VR to more people,' says exec Iribe.        
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