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Malanje: Over 350 explosives destroyed

Malanje - A least 355 explosive devices were destroyed on Tuesday, in the commune of Cambaxe, Malanje district, by the National Demining Institute (INAD). ,

Indeed, they were destroyed 64 mortars of 60 mm, five 81 mm, 31, 82 mm, a 120 mm, 21 ratchets RPG-7, 22 grenades castor, four dilagram, six fuse of 82 mm mortar, three anti-tank landmines and five anti-personnel.

The INAD also destroyed two projectiles D 30 and two 105 mm, and collected several ammunition in an area of 200 square meters in the town of Camissoque, Cambaxe commune.

On the occasion, the deputy governor for political and social sector, Manuel Campos, thanked the alert given by the population about the existence of minefields, which allowed the intervention of the INAD.


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YASNOHORODKA, Ukraine – Early in the morning on March 29, two employees of the Ostrich Valley farm, some 30 kilometers west of Kyiv, harness up a pair of draft horses to a wagon and fill the tank it c
The Dordogne on the Dnipro, Paris in Podil, and the Louvre in Lviv – French Spring, the annual French culture festival every year brings a little bit of France to Kyiv and other big cities aroun
In Ukraine, one of the oldest and most respected legal ratings is “50 Leading Law Firms of Ukraine,” which celebrated its 20th anniversary in November. It’s researched and published by Yuridicheskaya
Washington’s Sen. Maria Cantwell has joined Sen. Patty Murray and most Democrats to oppose the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Vice President Mike Pence took the rare step of breaking a tie in the U.S. Senate on Thursday, casting the deciding vote to roll back protections for reproductive health funds.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday lashed out at Republican conservatives who helped torpedo healthcare legislation he backed, escalating a feud within his party that jeopa
Sens. Joe Manchin and Heidi Heitkamp announced today they will vote to confirm Trump's Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.
North Carolina lawmakers approved a measure to repeal the state’s “bathroom bill,” which critics have called the most anti-LGBT bill in the country.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Senators Joe Manchin and Heidi Heitkamp on Thursday became the first Democrats to support the confirmation of President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, giving
Tbilisi, March 30, IRNA - Georgian Minister of Corrections and Legal Assistance Kakha Kakhishvili said his country is willing to broaden cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran on inmates’ affa
Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr says there appears to be little appetite in the U.S. for a new border adjustment tax on Canadian goods.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - For the second time on Thursday, Vice President Mike Pence took the rare step of breaking a tie in the U.S. Senate, as he cast the deciding vote in rolling back protections for
ABC News' Mary Bruce shines light on her day-to-day routine working as a political correspondent in Washington, D.C.
Spicer invited congressional intelligence committee members to the White House.
ABC News' Political Director Rick Klein talks with Cecilia Vega and Mary Bruce about reports saying Rep. Devin Nunes received reports on incidental surveillance.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A divided U.S. Senate on Thursday killed a regulation that had exempted city-run retirement savings plans for low-income workers from strict pension protection laws.
Pending City Council approval, the money would be allocated to nonprofits that provide legal representation to people with cases in immigration court.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Two White House officials played a role in providing House of Representatives Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes with documents showing President Donald Trump and his a
President Zuma has summoned the ANC's top six officials to a meeting as speculation mounts that Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan faces the chop.
An election expert at Decision Desk HQ spent a year putting together what the group says is the most detailed map available of the 2016 election: A national precinct-level map that is so granular a g
Territories and provinces in Canada are expected to sign a free trade deal in April that will change the way goods and services are exchanged across
Underestimating the power of North Korea's nuclear weapons would be a grave mistake for the U.S., former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director James Woolsey wrote in an op-ed in the Hill on Wedn
Comes at the close of Women's History Month.
Neanderthal bones can tell us how these human ancestors evolved and what they looked like, but they can’t tell us how their brains worked. A different kind of bone can.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee could help decide the fate of his moves to undo climate-related U.S. regulations, but legal experts said Neil Gorsuch's judicial record make
Starting on March 30, the Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority (BULATSA), together with the air navigation services providers of Romania, ROMATSA and Hungary, HungaroControl, expand the Free Route
(Reuters) - The chairman of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee said on Thursday he wants to pass a major piece of bank reform legislation by early next year at the latest.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Several environmental groups filed lawsuits against the Trump administration on Thursday to challenge its decision to approve construction of TransCanada Corp's controversial Ke
First minister's letter asks for Scotland to be given choice to seek a different path over Brexit.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Senator Marco Rubio said during a Senate intelligence hearing on Thursday that unsuccessful cyber attacks from Russia targeted former members of his presidential campaign s
Senate intel committee is investigating Russia's influence on the 2016 election.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House has invited the top Republican and Democratic members of the Senate and House of Representatives intelligence panels to review new material relevant to their inv
Two White House official were involved in giving House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes access to intelligence reports that seemed to show that President Donald Trump and his associates we
The Ukrainian positions in the Donbas conflict zones were attacked by the Russia-backed separatists 37 times on March 30, resulting in three soldiers being wounded and one sustaining a battle injury,

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