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Ky. gov says lawmakers in harassment settlement should quit

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — Kentucky’s Republican governor has called on the state’s former GOP House speaker to give up his seat in the legislature after privately settling a sexual harassment claim brought by a member of his staff. Former House Speaker Jeff Hoover resigned his leadership position earlier this month after acknowledging the settlement publicly. […]
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The International Monetary Fund Monday raised its growth projection for the deficit-hit Saudi economy on the back of higher oil prices but retained its estimates for the region.
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union assured President Mahmoud Abbas it supported his ambition to have East Jerusalem as capital of a Palestinian state, in the bloc's latest rejection of U.S. Presi
The nationwide poll “Youth of Ukraine 2017” conducted by the New Europe Center and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) in cooperation with the sociological company GfK Ukraine is one of the most co
Trump said earlier this month that he canceled a planned trip to London because he didn't want to cut the ribbon at the high-tech new building.         &
The once-Communist state is again a battleground for the soul of Europe as populists try to dismantle the post-Cold War liberal order, fueled by disenchanted voters reaching for new ways of governance
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Belgium reduced its national threat level on Monday, saying a militant attack had become less likely almost two years after bombings killed 32 people in Brussels.
Reduced American influence is leaving countries feeling freer to pursue their own agendas.
The man accused of carrying out the Finsbury Park terror attack was a "ticking time-bomb" who became obsessed with Muslims after watching a drama based on the Rochdale grooming scandal, a court heard.
Pope Francis apologises for "hurting" sex abuse victims whom he accused of slandering a Chilean bishop.
The community hubs will offer training in digital skills, media literacy and online safety to groups with limited access to technology, including old people, the young and refugees
The U.S. government shutdown is set to sow more disruption and political peril today after the Senate inched closer but ultimately fell short of an a
Noble Group's shares soared as much as 37 per cent, prompting a query from Singapore Exchange, where its stock is listed
U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says Turkey gave the U.S. military advance notice of its airstrikes against Kurdish targets in northern Syria.
The European Union's rules on asylum which state that requests be handled by the country where asylum is first claimed are splitting Europe, the prime minister of Bulgaria, which holds the EU's rotati
Liberia's new leader says becoming president is a "feeling like no other".
An "always happy" mother-of-two was strangled by her ex-husband with her own scarf and "trussed up in a suitcase", a court has heard.
Migrant workers agree to be paid in bricks after the courts intervened over their unpaid earnings.
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson called on Turkish and Syrian-Kurdish forces in northwestern Syria to exercise restraint in the aftermath of a Turkish military
At the core of Democrats' demands is the fate of young people, known as Dreamers, who were brought to the country illegally as children
Former international football star George Weah has been sworn into office as Liberia’s new president.

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Philippine volcano rains ash, violent eruption feared

A giant mushroom-shaped cloud shot up from the Philippines' most active volcano on Monday, turning day into night as it rained ash on communities where tens...
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Dead person's brain was left in a different corpse

The error, which was spotted by an undertaker, was one of 278 serious incidents in morgues that came to light between 2014 and 2016, a freedom of information request has uncovered.
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Fisherman finds pieces of plastic in fish's stomach

This dejecting footage shows a dolphinfish with a stomach full of plastic objects after a fishermen slit it open. The fish was caught by a fisherman off the coast of Costa Rica.
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Israeli scholars decipher Dead Sea Scroll

The scroll refers to a 364-day calendar and a festival that marks the changing of the seasons celebrated by an ancient Jewish sect, according to academics from the University of Haifa.
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Caledonian crows extract prey ten times faster using hooks

Researchers led by the University of St Andrews recorded how long wild-caught crows took to extract food from a range of naturalistic tasks, using either hooked or non-hooked tool designs.
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Once started solar geoengineering is too dangerous to stop

Scientists at Rutgers University in New Jersey have found that suddenly halting so-called 'solar geoengineering' would have a severe impact on the planet.
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Hilarious footage shows cosmonaut riding a vacuum cleaner

Anton Shkaplerov was the commander of the Soyuz MS-07 spaceflight last month which took him and two other astronauts, Scott Tingle from the US and Japan's Norishige Kanai, to the ISS.
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7 Of The Most Badass Signs and Banners From London's Women's March

Check out the brilliantly inventive and downright feisty placards from London's Women's March
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Sobeys inks deal with Ocado to launch online grocery store by 2020

Nova Scotia-based grocery chain Sobeys will partner with British firm Ocado to launch an online grocery store.
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