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Kim Kardashian Paris Robbed Update: Khloé Confirms Sister’s Instagram Blackout

“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star Kim Kardashian will not return to social media any time soon. Her sister, Khloé Kardashian, talked about Kim’s mental state after she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris last week. And she hasn’t been handing it well.
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Following an emergency decision to move to Amazon Web Services, Iceland’s Wow Air has wholeheartedly bought into the cloud
In the aftermath of last year’s presidential election ? which turned out differently than most media outlets predicted ? the questions on a lot of minds seemed to be “How?” and &ldq
Arts education is currently in crisis, with over 4 million students around the country receiving no creative schooling whatsoever. Given President Donald Trump’s proposed budget cuts, including
According to a new study, early humans were in what is now California about 130,000 years ago, but some scientists say the evidence does not back up the claim.
The widow of 33-year-old Joseph Thomas contends Uber is to blame.        
Federal officials say humpback whales have been dying in unusually large numbers along the Atlantic Coast
Fed up with her 10-year-old daughter’s heavy homework load, a mom decided to do something about it. On Tuesday, mom and blogger Bunmi Laditan posted a screenshot of an email she sent to her daug
Prey is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One next Wednesday, so Bethesda has condensed the game’s critical details into a single blog post. Its contents reveal how much space and what kind of rig you’ll
A study by Ipsos for the ING bank website eZonomics found one in three people in Europe, the US and Australia were happy to rely on electronic payments alone.
Investigations into the death of Aaron Hernandez continue to probe the circumstances surrounding the suicide of the former New England Patriots tight end, who was serving a life sentence for murder.
Apple products rarely go on sale, but there are still a few ways to get a good deal.        
If the latest betting odds are any indication, it would be surprising to see a few wrestlers lose at WWE Payback 2017 Sunday night. Eight matches are on the card, and most of the champions are prohib
Amazon's founder and CEO has big plans for the online retailer.        
In the evolving case of Simon the rabbit — potentially the world’s largest bunny who was said to have died on a flight from the U.K. to the U.S. earlier this week — a spokesperson for United Airlines
Researchers from the Max Planck Institute in Germany found Neanderthal DNA between layers of rock in four caves in Europe and Denisovan DNA in another in Russia.
Blogger and father of three Bert Fulks has a discreet way to get kids out of tough situations        
If and possibly when the first humans makes it to Mars, they are going to need some sort of shelter. Even if they can live in the craft they arrive in, some added protection couldn’t hurt. A new stu
Elderly patients with early-stage esophageal cancer that received treatment had an increased 5-year overall survival when compared to patients who received observation with no treatment.
Although people living in consumer-based cultures such as the US often believe that they will be happier if they acquire more money, the findings of a newly published paper suggest that there may be d
Researchers have developed a breakthrough alternative to fire-prone lithium-ion batteries.
Will the Amazon Echo Look be a successful product? This question was originally answered on Quora by Jonathan Brill, Brian Roemmele and Andrew Hamada.
Populations of animals restricted to single spots are especially vulnerable to volcanic eruptions, in one historic case even leading into the extinction of an entire species.
It may look like a creature not of this world, but the Hercules beetle pupa in a video shared by a Japanese insect enthusiast is growing its exoskeleton inside of an 'alien-like' cocoon.
Even the U.S. Postal Service is getting in on the nationwide solar eclipse craze.        
Akintunde Ahmad has established some great friendships on campus as a student at Yale University, and he wanted to bring together some of his closest peers to capture the beauty of their bond. So he
The sun erupts in many different ways, but scientists have discovered all those eruptions follow a similar pattern involving magnetic fields and bursts of energy.
Although Spencer is convinced that Jenna is the person who shot her, a “Pretty Little Liars” Season 7, episode 13 sneak peek suggests that she may have been shot by someone else. In a new sneak peek
The most serious, life-threatening complication of dengue infection is dengue shock syndrome (DSS), seen primarily in children. Daily platelet counts in children in the early stages of dengue can pred
The collection of microbial species found in the human body varies from person to person, and new research suggests that a significant part of this variation can be explained by variability in shared
Physical activity can reduce the weight-gaining effects of the genetic variant that carries the greatest risk of obesity, report.
A new study unveils the secrets of horse breeding by Iron Age Scythian nomads. The genomes reconstructed from 14 archaeological horses also provide important insights into the process of animal domest
Substances produced by a harmful bacterium in the lungs of cystic fibrosis patients may enhance the growth of other bacteria that, in turn, inhibit the harmful bacterium's biofilm, according to new re
A team of astronomers has made the first measurements of small-scale ripples in primeval hydrogen gas using rare double quasars.
Researchers have developed a new method to retrieve hominin DNA from cave sediments -- even in the absence of skeletal remains.

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Warrant issued for Meridian officer involved in baseball fight

An arrest warrant has been issued for a police officer involved in a fight at a child's baseball game.              
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'One Week and a Day' works through grief, one toke at a time

With a title that sounds standard but turns out to be specific, "One Week and a Day" keeps an impeccable balance between absurdity and sadness, comedy and heartbreak. Increasingly outrageous but a
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Lust and gore abound in trashy horror film 'The Black Room'

Veteran exploitation filmmaker Rolfe Kanefsky has directed a handful of horror pictures over the years, but has spent more time helming soft-core erotica, which probably explains why his supernatu
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Steamy drama 'Below Her Mouth' doesn't even buy you dinner first

The sexy lost weekend subgenre — in which sexual connections provide an entry into emotional and intellectual intimacies — has gained traction in recent years featuring same-sex male couples, for
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Big Brother turns into a bit of a bore in 'The Circle,' and there's not an app for that

“Don’t be evil” was Google’s old, readily teaseable motto. Now, knowing what most of us do about the corporations that run/monitor our mobile-mad lives — Uber was able to track people even after t
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No picketing for Pixar? Why a writers' strike won't hobble animation studios

Don’t expect Buzz Lightyear, Elsa or Toothless the dragon to go on strike next week. As Hollywood makes contingency plans for the possibility of another writers’ walkout, the major animation studi
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Idaho man gets 28 years in beating death of gay man

An Idaho man who killed a gay man by kicking him up to 30 times with steel-toed boots was sentenced on Wednesday by a federal judge to 28 years in prison, prosecutors said on Thursday. In February, Ke
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Alex Jones aims his fire at ‘globalist Democrats’ Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner

Conspiracy theorist and provocateur Alex Jones released a video on Thursday in which he decried President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner as being respo
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Ana Navarro eviscerates Jesse Watters for Ivanka sex joke: People need to ‘start paying the consequences’

CNN contributors Ana Navarro and Margaret Hoover on Thursday reacted to Fox News host Jesse Watters’ inappropriate sexual comments about Ivanka Trump and agreed that it was a reflection of the n
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RBI prescribes rules for chief risk officers in banks

The CRO will not have any reporting relationship with business verticals
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5 Retirement Moves For Recently Divorced Couples

This financial adviser says taking these steps can help you protect your assets after a divorce and shore up your finances.
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Southwest Airlines to stop overbooking flights

Southwest Airlines plans to stop overbooking flights — an industry practice implicated in an ugly incident on a United Airlines flight that has damaged United's reputation with the flying public.
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Live NFL draft updates: Browns are on the clock

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Sam Farmer's Mock Draft: Myles Garrett goes #1

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Babies and children listed in Homeland Security's immigrant database of alleged criminals

A public database that the Trump administration said would help crime victims track the custody of suspected criminal immigrants mistakenly listed babies and other children. The database included
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Tyler Asemota of Sherman Oaks Notre Dame is ready to turn up the speed

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United Airlines settles with Dr. David Dao, the passenger dragged from a plane

United Airlines has settled with Dr. David Dao over the injuries he received when he was dragged off one of the airline’s planes earlier this month, Dao's attorneys announced Thursday. Under the t
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Steven Shainberg directs Noomi Rapace in the delightfully bonkers sci-fi/horror flick 'Rupture'

It might come as a surprise that director Steven Shainberg of “Secretary” and “Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus” fame has tackled a genre film — the wild and kooky sci-fi/horror flick “Ru
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