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Is it sweaty? Can you see? A real mascot answers our burning questions

Kevin Vanderkolk, aka Bango the Buck, tells us what it's really like inside the suit.        
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The 21 year old Geordie Shore star has faced backlash from fans due to her flesh-baring antics since she entered the house. Chloe was introduced as a surprise new housemate on Friday night, al
Melanie Sykes flew to Morocco to get fit [No 1 Boot Camp] Melanie Sykes stayed at a fitness retreat in Marrakech last week to tone up after indulging during the Christmas break. TV presenter Mel,
One man has complained about this tanning mitt [Marr Edwards/Tanning mitt] Unless you've purchased a handy back applicator, a roommate, partner or even a next door neighbour is needed to give
In the aftermath of Ronnie and Roxy's death, Jack has been struggling to come to terms with his loss and he will be seen getting upset with Phil when the Mitchell patriarch refuses to say a few word
From hats to pins to hoodies, clothing is expected to speak as loudly as participants’ words this weekend.
Kendall Jenner before teh cosmetic surgery rumours began [Getty] The Keeping Up With The Kardashian star took to her blog after she stepped out with sister Kylie and a plumper pout. Kendall
The soap has teased the highly anticipated plot, keeping fans guessing over the "huge" story. According to reports, “disaster” will strike for the residents which will no doubt see viewers on the e
VANCOUVER - The British Columbia government is expected to release the latest statistics today around illicit drug overdose deaths. The number of fatalities in the province last year reached 755 up u
Michael Buble has pulled out of hosting The Brits [Getty] The singer, who revealed the heartbreaking news that Noah was diagnosed with liver cancer in November, previously stated that he was
The former Strictly pro received the least amount of public votes in the latest eviction, with viewers choosing to save Jedward and James C instead. As he exited the compound 38 year old James
BANK of the Philippine Islands (BPI) has partnered with Singapore Airlines and SilkAir to give BPI Cardholders an extraordinary opportunity to visit Singapore and other exciting destinations, while en
Women from across Metro Detroit and Michigan are headed to Washington D.C. to march in solidarity for the Women’s March        
Duo Taola has started the year on a high note releasing a new track dubbed Freedom, which was released last week.
Sixteen-year-old Miss Mahalapye beauty pageant winner, Sharon Bogman says she intends to be a role model to the women and children of her village.
Theatrical dance ensemble, Mophato Dance Theatre has resumed its weekly dance classes that are hosted at Stanbic Bank Piazza last Saturday.
An audio expert, a radio impressionist and logic cast doubt on the Warren mayor’s story of dirty tricks        
His swing jazz band will play during Donald and Melania Trump's inaugural dance.        
KIA has come a long way from those early days of biscuit tins on wheels which once dominated our taxi ranks. Today Kia is a brand worthy of consideration for anyone looking for a stylish, well made, w
Dear Carolyn:After another weekend hosting my parents, I’m at a loss for how to end a recurring fight with my mother.        
Dear Amy: My boyfriend and I ... recently decided to get married, but ..        
PHOENIX (AP) — People flock to the Arizona desert town of Sedona for its tranquility and relaxation. But tranquility turned to terror after a rabid bobcat attacked residents and pets. Authorities kil
Ivanka Trump and her publisher are pushing back the release of her book “Women Who Work” from early March to early May.        
WASHINGTON - Insurance premiums would soar for millions of Americans and 18 million more would be uninsured in just one year if Republicans scuttle much of President Barack Obama's health care overhau
SALEM, Ore. (AP) — One moment, Jayson Thomas was on the Oregon beach with his 3-year-old son. The next, they were gone, swept away by a “sneaker wave” as his wife looked on. The man and h
Moore told The Associated Press on Tuesday that he felt that the criticism leveled at singer Jennifer Holliday, which led to her to back out of the event, was unfair.      &nb
And the bride wore pants! A dress may be the go-to wedding wardrobe, but it isn’t the only option. Below, 17 beautiful ladies who rocked a pair of trousers on the big day.  type=type=Relat
Only recently, Pierce raped his girlfriend Rhona after he wouldn't take no for an answer and forced himself on her.  And as a result of this, Rhona has been left feeling unsettled by
A Southern California man created a dating site aimed at Donald Trump supporters. Video provided by Newsy        
Here comes Haider Ackermann, a designer given to romantic flights of fancy who makes his debut as the creative boss of the superluxe house Berluti.
Celebrities are put on a strict diet throughout their sugar detox on the ITV reality show, but Gemma and Alison couldn’t resist bending the rules and helping themselves to more food despite their da
The housemates had to gather in Hell and reveal the person who they wanted to leave the competition. However, in a cruel twist, the stars had to tell their chosen person to their face by
REGINA - A union for health-care workers in Saskatchewan says an additional $350 million in federal funding to improve home care and mental- health services is desperately needed. But the Service Emp
Jemma Lucy showed off her figure on Snapchat[Wenn] The Celebrity 100% Hotter star frequently sparks Photoshop rumours over her curves. However, in an attempt to put the speculation to bed once

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Robots will take over in the bedroom within 25 years

Speaking at an international robotics conference, those working in the field predicted that the use of artificial intelligence (AI) devices in the bedroom will be the norm within 25 years.
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Cancer could become untreatable because of superbugs

Professor Dame Sally Davies, the Government's chief medical officer, warned that the increasing prevalence of superbugs could soon make routine operations risky.
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Moth with 'unique genitalia' is named after Donald Trump

Called 'Neopalpa donaldtrumpi', it was discovered hidden in the collections if the Bohart Museum of Entomology at the University of California. It is native to southern California and Baja Mexico.
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Tech entrepreneur spends £3m to renovate castle HQ

Chris Morling, pictured, founder of, spent £3million renovating the company's 10,000 sq ft headquarters in Cirencester, Gloucestershire.
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Do YOU know the meaning of the 17 trickiest words? 

This Playbuzz quiz, created by user Liz Carlson, asks: 'Do You Actually Know The Definition Of The 17 Trickiest Words In The Dictionary?'
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Amazon patents a highway network with 'reversible lanes'

The patent awarded by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in Alexandria, Virginia, hints at Amazon’s ambitions to control fleets of vehicles and roads as well as its dream of ‘reve
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Apple will not replace iPhone 6 batteries

In November, Apple vowed to fix a global technical issue for the iPhone 6s by providing a replacement battery. But it has now denied rumours that it will be extending that exchange program to the iP
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Waves airline will allow people to order flights via app

Waves airline, expected to start commercial flights in July, will be launched on the Channel Islands - but its creator hopes that it will eventually be used throughout the UK.
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Fashioning Protest for the Women’s March on Washington

From hats to pins to hoodies, clothing is expected to speak as loudly as participants’ words this weekend.
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Is The Number Of Women Leaving The Labor Force Really A Problem?

Figures show a drop in the labor force participation by women. There are some potential explanations, but the wider question of participation by men and women of all ages could become a problem.
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Asian American band the Slants takes its trademark battle to the Supreme Court: Is it free speech or a racial slur?

A trademark dispute involving an Asian American band that calls itself the Slants has provoked a Supreme Court battle over the freedom of speech, political correctness and the government’s refusal
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With Michael Lynton's exit, what's next for Sony Pictures?

Japanese electronics giant Sony Corp. is known for running its prized Hollywood studio with a light touch, rarely interfering in the movie and TV business since buying Columbia Pictures in 1989. T
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An Indian charity battled caste-based discrimination for three decades. Then it became a target.

Dudhabhai Kalabhai knew the rules: He could stand outside the village temple and join his hands in a quick, whispered prayer. He was not to linger or attempt to climb the steps. As a Dalit, part o
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Trump's pick for Commerce secretary will face questions on trade and conflicts of interest

Like the man who picked him to be the next Commerce secretary, Wilbur L. Ross is a billionaire with extensive financial interests and an ardent critic of America’s trade policies — both of which w
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Trump's Health secretary pick fought to limit coverage in one of America's neediest states

From the packed hallways of Atlanta’s massive county hospital to the thousands of patients who line up around the state every year to get Obamacare, yawning gaps in Georgia’s overburdened healthca
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Inglewood real estate market expected to score as Chargers join Rams at new stadium

The Chargers’ decision to join the Rams at a splashy new stadium in Inglewood has at least one builder even more pumped up about the city’s prospects. The promise of pro football in Inglewood, sti
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Donald Trump's transition has hurt his popularity, not helped

Donald Trump’s transition to the presidency has seen his popularity decline, not expand, and he will enter the White House on Friday far weaker in that regard than any president in decades. Trump
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Who could be against a Children's Bill of Rights? You probably won't be surprised.

It was a little like being in an alternate reality Tuesday morning, as dozens of parents and children gathered on the state Capitol steps to protest a bill aimed at improving the lives of Californ
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