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iPhone 8 ‘Super Resolution’ Multi-Sensor Camera Detailed In New Patents

Apple is quite busy nowadays as it is working on its next-generation iPhones for its famous smartphone line’s 10th year anniversary next year. Though the Cupertino giant is known to be very secretive, tech sites still manage to find out the latest four-one-one about its operations thanks to leaksters and the patents it has obtained.  The latest update about its work on the 2017 iPhone is found on the new patents it received just this Tuesday. Per these new patents, the next iPhone models could be sporting “super resolution” multi-sensor cameras. 
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The Washington Post report about Norman, Oklahoma teacher, James Coursey, is currently the paper's second mostly widely read story. The Post's Cleve Wootson reports that Coursey was caught up in a con
NASA said it will establish a virtual institute to advance the field of small spacecraft systems at its Ames Research Center in the heart of Silicon Valley early in 2017.
NASA astronaut Kate Rubins has shared a beautiful image of Andes mountains taken when the space station flew over Chile.
Tech expert Marc Saltzman shares the best gadgets and apps to make your home smarter.        
How do you go about finding a hypothetical planet at the fringes of our solar system? Are professional scientists looking? How are they going about it?
The Japanese mobile market has become immense in recent years and the government has had to get involved with various large free to play games as a result. It seems that Pokémon GO may be the next gam
As the two giants fight on, no boundary is set in stone, and no single strategy can reign supreme.
The Nintendo Switch is a promising system, but Nintendo is not answering many key questions about the console, some of which are hugely important for potential buyers to understand.
Rare video of one of Canada's largest marine mammals is helping both researchers and the public get a closer look at the Arctic species.
The fundamental parameters of the Universe might be universally constant. But they might also be 'constants' set by a simulation... or a simulator.
Service management should be accessible, easy to understand and suitable for several devices.
Once upon a time there was a nation that believed body weight was the most accurate and comprehensive way to assess ability. It had always been thus, and no one ever questioned the validity of the st
There are many mobile photo editing apps available across all of the app stores, making it tough to choose which ones to use. Here are 20 of the best photo editing apps that you should consider downlo
This year, Google Trend's costume generator, Frightgeist, might help you conjure up the perfect Halloween look.         
Travelling overseas with your smartphone can be incredibly expensive. If you want to get cheap data while you're on vacation, do this (if you can).
With fewer than 20 days left until Election Day, the presidential nominees, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump, have begun to focus intensely on the battleground states that will li
Will Pokemon GO get its own Halloween event? Probably not, but here's what it could look like if Niantic made it happen.
Volunteers are asked to compare old satellite images with new ones and identify signs of ongoing destruction.
Instagram looks to be continuing on its mission to add every possible feature to the once simple photo sharing app.
Frank has found a fresh start in Season 7 of “Shameless” with a new family at the Gallagher Home for the Homeless, but could his safe haven be in jeopardy already? A synopsis for episode 4 suggests th
Fans of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” already know that Rick is safe and won’t be killed by Negan and his barbed wire bat, Lucille, in the Season 7 premiere. But what about the other characters Negan sava
In an age where data has become the lifeblood for business, data protection is the single most important factor for organisations.
With Facebook's stock hitting record highs, Mark Zuckerberg is now richer than ever.
Canadian scientists use drones to capture rare whale footage in the Arctic.
A Russian Mi-8 helicopter crash-landed in northwestern Siberia, killing 19 people and injuring three others, according to reports Saturday. The chopper was flying oil and gas field workers when the a
Google's big update is here – and Android 7.1 launched on the Pixel, but what is Android Nougat and when can you get it?
The Bermuda Triangle in the North Atlantic Ocean has been blamed for hundreds of vanishing planes and ships, but now researchers have come up with a theory that could explain it all.
Scientists have discovered that man-made nanoparticles may be a powerful tool to fight breast cancer. Using a new technology to harness the particles, researchers were able to halt the spread of brea
Osmo Pizza Co. is a new iPad game that combines cooking and entrepreneur play with interactive ingredient and money tokens.
Our daily pick of the best free Windows software – an emergency cleanup tool for virus and malware infections.
K-pop group EXO’s main dancer Lay, will officially be releasing his first mini album on Oct. 28 at 1 a.m. KST (12 p.m. EDT Thursday), SM Entertainment confirmed Friday.
The Mosul offensive launched by U.S.-led coalition forces against the Islamic State group has taken its first American casualty. Chief Petty Officer Jason C. Finan died after improvised explosive dev
Instead ET reports LG will be "applying demands from its customers and markets rather than being buried in creating innovations."

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How a Great Oklahoma Teacher Made the National News for Teaching about Racism

The Washington Post report about Norman, Oklahoma teacher, James Coursey, is currently the paper's second mostly widely read story. The Post's Cleve Wootson reports that Coursey was caught up in a con
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"Green light for torture": Sentsov transferred to punishment cell

Ukrainian film director Oleh Sentsov, who was illegally sentenced in Russia for 20 years, has been transferred to a punishment cell, Sentsov's cousin, Natalia Kaplan, wrote on Facebook.
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Five takeaways from the Lakers' 98-94 loss to the Phoenix Suns

The preseason is over and the Lakers now have some hard decisions to make. They’ll practice Saturday and must trim their roster from 17 to 15 players by Monday. Here are five takeaways from Friday
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Donald Trump says he will sue women who have accused him of sexual assault

Campaign 2016 updates: Donald Trump travels to Gettysburg, Pa., in final push Oct. 22, 2016, 9:34 a.m. Donald Trump hits the campaign trail in Gettysburg, Pa.Hillary Clinton urges Ohioans to vote
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Fire crews continue search for Mount Washington homeowner's remains

Firefighters on Saturday continued to search the charred rubble of a hillside mansion in Mount Washington for the remains of its owner. Crews led by cadaver detection dogs sifted through mounds of
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7 successful Shark Tank products people actually want

Toss out your shark repellent        
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How to tell if your agent is trying to upsell you on life insurance

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Life insurers tighten e-policy underwriting

Insurers to carry out elaborate checks to eliminate potentially fraudulent persons at the entry level itself
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Vaezi: Iran-Malaysia joint economic commission to convene next spring

Tehran, Oct 22, IRNA – Minister of Communication and Information Technology Mahmoud Vaezi said on Saturday that the 8th joint economic commission of Iran and Malaysia will convene in Tehran next spri
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Essential Politics: Former state senator sentenced to prison, Sanchez says Iraq war vote led to death threats Oct. 22, 2016, 8 a.m. This is Essential Politics, our daily feed on California politic
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Headed to Tangier, Morocco? Consider the lovely Hotel La Maison Blanche.

MOROCCO In September  we ventured to Tarifa, Spain, and then to Tangier by way of a $35 ferry. We were picked up at the sparkling clean-water port by Aziz Begdouri, tour guide and owner of a resto
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