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‘Ink Master’ Judge Oliver Peck Opens Up About Season 8 Eliminations

“Ink Master” judge Oliver Peck doesn’t hold back when critiquing the contestants on the Spike reality series.
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Apple launched a beta version of the operating system for iPhones and iPads.        
Vama Industries, a small and medium enterprise in the IT integration space, has firmed up plans to move into software, data analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, especially to the strateg
The MultiModel system has been created by researchers from Mountain View, California-based Google Brain. The system  can be taught to do eight tasks at once.
Ukraine was the first to be hit by the GoldenEye virus as it shut down government computers including systems at Chernobyl, before spreading through Europe and across the Atlantic.
Google is keen to partner with small and medium businesses (SMBs) to enable digital technology,, according to Shalini Girish, Director, Marketing Solutions, Google.SMBs are unable to leverage digit..
Expect good demand for their GST-enabled applications from small and medium units
The Ministry of Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises (MSME) on Tuesday signed memoranda of understanding with SAP India, Intel and HMT with the aim to digitally empower small businesses.Launching the
The second-largest drugmaker in the United States is confirming it's been affected by a cyberattack
Uber has announced that its iOS and Android app will now allow users to request rides for someone else. The new feature is rolling out in the United States starting today and will be available to 30
Video assistant refereeing in soccer has to be used with caution. Researchers have shown that refs are more likely to give red when they see a foul committed in slow motion, even when a yellow card is
Images made with the continent-wide Very Long Baseline Array detect the orbital motion of two supermassive black holes as they circle each other at the center of a distant galaxy.
Moderate-intensity exercise can help even extremely obese older adults improve their ability to perform common daily activities and remain independent, according to researchers.
Banks, retailers, energy firms and Kiev airport say they have been targeted by malware attacks.
Google befell the ire of European Union officials this week and was fined a record $2.71 billion ( €2.42 billion) Tuesday. The fine was levied against Google for unfairly favoring some of its own sho
The EU slapped Google with a record 2.4-billion-euro anti-trust fine today, in a fresh assault on a US tech giant that risks the wrath of President Donald Trump. Hard-charging European Commission c..
Uncertain if Toshiba will sign pact with preferred bidder
Killer whales may have slaughtered at least four sharks in South Africa over the last couple of months, cutting out their livers as if they had the training of a surgeon. The Great White sharks have
Anticipation for the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is increasing as Aug. 26 gets closer and more wagers are placed on the bout. The betting odds have seen significant movement sin
Apple’s iPhone 8 nearly two months away from being revealed, but it looks like the tech giant may face a serious problem. A new report claims that OLED supplies are going to be an issue, and may resu
The Ukrainian government has reportedly been hit by a massive cyberattack that has affected a number of businesses and utilities throughout the country, and may be responsible for a number of outages
Arp 299 is about 140 million light years away from Earth and has been merging for millions of years. Josh King has the story (@abridgetoland).        
The mother of 2-year-old Bella Bond, better known as “Baby Doe,” was scheduled to be sentenced Tuesday, just a day after her former boyfriend was convicted in the death of her daughter. Rachelle Bond
When Michael Flynn served as a top adviser during Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, he negotiated deals with a Turkish lobbyist through Ukrainian-born businessman Dmitri "David" Zaikin, who
What the EU's record-setting fine really means for the future of Google
The Spidget Finner, a cloud-connected robot that is activated via smartphone, was created by a pair of scientists as part of the 'Boston Stupid Hackathon.'
The Curiosity images, which were spotted by Los Angeles-based group Martian Archaeology, appear to show thigh and hip bones protruding from the red planet's surface.
The ancient mammal weighed 400-500 kilograms and had baffled biologists since the first fossil was discovered by Charles Darwin in Uruguay in 1834.
More than eight million Britons work from home at least one day in a week.
More than eight million Britons work from home at least one day in a week.
Every time we eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we're feeding ourselves and the trillions of bacteria, viruses, and fungi that live on or inside of us. They form our gut microbiome, which performs a v
This week marks a special time for Fifth Harmony member Lauren Jaurgeui. The “Down” singer will celebrate a milestone year when she rings in her 21st birthday Tuesday. Although she may be young, the
Ever made a playlist that makes you feel like an action hero? That's basically Edgar Wright's new movie.
Buy an iPhone 7 from Carphone Warehouse now and get a tenner to spend at Currys/PC World, M&S, Costa and more.

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The recent strike at the biggest carmaker in Slovakia may serve as a lesson for some, trade unionists in other firms agree.
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NASA has captured what it looks like when two galaxies collide

Arp 299 is about 140 million light years away from Earth and has been merging for millions of years. Josh King has the story (@abridgetoland).        
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iOS 11: How to download and use it before it's released to the public

Apple launched a beta version of the operating system for iPhones and iPads.        
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John McEnroe Refuses to Apologize to Serena Williams Over Sexist Remarks

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Is Gigi Hadid Bringing Back the Tube Top?

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Why big cities like Los Angeles cannot grow without expanding public transit

To the editor: Joel Kotkin does some funny stuff in his piece, which seems to be designed to denigrate public mass transit. (“Want to be green? Forget mass transit. Work at home,” Opinion, June 23
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In Mar Vista, it’s good to be master of the house

Completed this year, this contemporary two-story in Mar Vista pampers the head of the household with a sizable master suite complete with an artistic wall fireplace, private balcony and four-secti
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Cutting Medicaid means it's back to the ER for poor Americans who get sick

To the editor: It’s difficult to believe that congressional Republicans hope to pass a healthcare bill that deprives people of basic coverage. The mean-spirited plan they’re supporting is advantag
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Lesson for California: Before expanding solar energy, figure out a way to store it.

To the editor: Your article correctly reports that California generates and pays for more electricity than it currently needs. But the “why” is dim by more than a few watts. (“California invested
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Alec Baldwin to continue lampooning Donald Trump on 'Saturday Night Live'

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9 great fried chicken recipes for your next picnic or summer get-together

When it comes to comfort food, perhaps nothing beats fried chicken. Fried chicken isn’t fancy food — eating with your fingers is all but necessary. Still, good fried chicken requires technique, ti
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Fifth GOP senator opposes debate on the healthcare bill

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Today in Entertainment: Alec Baldwin to continue lampooning Donald Trump on 'SNL'; Get a behind-the-scenes look at 'Body Worlds: Pulse'

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Leslie Jones slams L.A.'s Ritz-Carlton: 'They don't like black people'

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