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INA's Dilli seminar on Oct 14, 15

The prestigious Dilli seminar, being conducted by the Indian Naval Academy (INA), Ezhimala, in Kannur will be held on October 14 and 15. The theme for third edition of the seminar is 'Regional Instabilities in Indian Ocean Rim States - Legacy of ...
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Regional drugs supplier MEDS has entered into strategic partnerships with international pharmaceutical companies to cut down the cost of medicines.
Regional financier PTA Bank was surprised when the Kenyan government approached it for a $250 million (Sh25 billion) loan last year.
The ?abusive' marriage between Kenya Airways and Netherlands' Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) might be headed for an uneventful divorce.
APA Insurance was also acknowledged as the overall winner in five categories, best in Claim Settlement (Life), Fraud detection & Protection, Major Loss award, Training award and Best in customer satis
Environment and Natural Resources Cabinet Secretary Judi Wakhungu has appointed more than 50 Kenyan conservationists as honorary wardens.
Almost five years after its inception, the Lake Region Economic Bloc (LREB), is yet to realise its full objectives as many of its flagships projects remain stuck.
Investors in the tourism industry have called on politicians to preach peace, conduct peaceful elections and accept the outcome.
After six years of works and whispers of grand openings that never came to be, Isiolo International Airport is finally ready for business.
On the bustling Boulevard du Centenaire Street in downtown Dakar, Senegal, virtually everybody has a story to tell about how the area is rapidly transforming into ?Chinatown?.
Biashara Street, which for long has been a forte for Kenyan-Indian enterprise, is now changing face. The street once dominated by Indians running their dukawalla has new tenants - the Chinese.
Village Market will ban the use and distribution of plastic bags by tenants one month ahead of the nationwide Government deadline.
Audi said the upgrade would ?improve emissions behaviour in real driving conditions further beyond existing legal requirements?.
For Frank Smith and other civil rights workers, Rust College was a safe haven as they braved the dangers of registering blacks to vote in Mississippi.             
The Syrian army announced the cessation of hostilities in several areas of a rebel stronghold near the capital Damascus.
Two Palestinians died in clashes with Israeli forces as the army moved in to seal off an attacker's home after violence over security measures at an ultra-sensitive holy site. The UN Security Council
It's not just the economy— population loss can take a toll on the schoolhouse too.              
Once again, I was reminded that it only takes one bad apple behind the wheel to change your plans and your life.              
Construction Ministries is a Jackson nonprofit that offers at-risk youth an opportunity to better their futures and community.              
Becoming a good leader begins with internalized retrospection about what a leader is and how you rate.              
Campus briefs from Mississippi State, William Carey, MC School of Law, University of Southern Mississippi, Alcorn State University and MUW              
Police on motorcycles fired tear gas to break up an opposition march on the Venezuelan Supreme Court to press demands that President Nicolas Maduro leave office, as months of sometimes deadly anti-gov
A woman who worked at the Carrier Corporation for the past 25 years unloaded on President Donald Trump in an interview with the New Yorker, just days after she agreed to take a buyout from the company
Many residents are on the road to recovery, with others still waiting on financial assistance              
Singer Lana Del Rey felt "stuck in the same spot" with her last two albums, so made an effort to gain "momentum" with her new record.
Super League Gaming, an amateur e-sports league, recently expanded into Las Vegas.
While a few buildings in Petal are still in various stages of disrepair, the majority the ones affected by the tornado have been restored or removed.             &
A leopard strayed into a village in Tanzania's Handeni district and inflicted injuries on 3 people, police said.
A little-known Northern Virginia developer has what he calls a $10 billion idea for revitalizing Baltimore by making a nonprofit he would establish the master planner for dozens of construction pr
Mississippi NAACP leader tabbed to head the nation's oldest civil rights group.              
The Congolese opposition has unveiled a rolling programme of strikes and civil disobedience aimed at forcing President Joseph Kabila from power. The announcement was made yesterday after two days of
A group of Trump supporters gathered outside of CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta in an attempt to protest against “fake news” on Saturday — but the sparsely attended rally only dr
Iran will continue full support to Iraqi government and nation to establish security and stability, Iranian Defence Minister Hossein Dehqan said.
The airlines will pay fines to resolve government claims that they violated rules aimed at protecting consumers        

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Civil rights veterans highlight role of Rust College during movement

For Frank Smith and other civil rights workers, Rust College was a safe haven as they braved the dangers of registering blacks to vote in Mississippi.             
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