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How did that get there? Curiosity rover discovers a strange 'Egg Rock' METAL meteorite on Mars

Using its ChemCam Remote Micro-Imager, a long-distance, laser-guided camera aboard the rover, Curiosity captured several detailed close-ups of the strange object.
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New research proves a disappeared star collapsed and became a black hole, but avoided the explosive violence of a supernova.
Technology trends that will be strategic for most organizations in 2017.
Samsung has been hit with multiple lawsuits in three US states that claim other smartphone models are plagued with similar battery issues that caused the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco last year.
The new observations come as part of ESA’s Near-Earth Object Lunar Impacts and Optical Transients project, which launched this past March. It will monitor the dark side of the moon.
Monstrous cyclones are churning over Jupiter's poles, until now largely unexplored
Registration for the fourth edition of KPIT national innovation and design contest is on. The IT consulting company is inviting science and engineering students from colleges across the country to K.
Mountain-dwelling East African honey bees have distinct genetic variations compared to their savannah relatives that likely help them to survive at high altitudes, report researchers.
An international team of scientists has found evidence suggesting the dehydration of minerals deep below the ocean floor influenced the severity of the Sumatra earthquake, which took place on Dec. 26,
A research team has developed the first switch that turns on and off a quantum behavior called the Berry phase. The discovery promises to provide new insight into the fundamentals of quantum theory an
NASA's Juno mission is rewriting what scientists thought they knew about Jupiter specifically, and gas giants in general, according to a pair of Science papers released today. The Juno spacecraft has
New research suggests branch hopping might have offered dinosaurs an opportunity to begin experimenting with the advantages of flight.
Scientists say the Solar System's biggest planet is showing itself to be far more complex than anyone thought.
Rachel Lindsay’s making history as “The Bachelorette” in Season 13, as both the first black star of the ABC reality show and the oldest woman to assume the starring role. The decision to cast her was
Researchers from the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas, have analysed data collected by the Juno probe, which has now made its first close pass to Jupiter.
The call for scientists to keep their information on rare animals secret comes from biologists Professor David Lindenmayer and Dr Ben Scheele, both from the Australian National University.
It took NASA’s Juno spacecraft about five years to reach Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. And after it made its first pass around the gas giant Aug. 27, 2016, another nine months had
The Galaxy S8 in China has gotten several features that users in other markets won’t receive, Samsung announced on its Newsroom Website Thursday. While there are often several models of Samsung flag
The Galaxy S8 in China has gotten several features that users in other markets won’t receive, Samsung announced on its Newsroom Website Thursday. While there are often several models of Samsung flag
Despite repeated incidents aboard planes in recent months garnering some bad press for airlines, air travel has never been more popular. Airports have become busier, more people are opting to travel
Shares of Appian Corp., a maker of software for developing enterprise applications, jumped 35% to $16.22 after its initial public offering Thursday.
A suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England left 22 people dead and more than 50 others injured Monday. Now, fans of Justin Bieber are reportedly begging the singer-songwrite
Past Pokémon games have featured everything from combat to Tetris-like puzzle gameplay, but the latest title focuses on one of the less obvious characters in the Pokémon cannon: Magikarp. The Pokémo
After having previously been linked to French Montana and LJay Currie, rapper Iggy Azalea is reportedly now dating New York Giants wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr.
New research suggests the brain's endogenous opioid system controls how people learn fear from other's pain.
A new wave of apps appearing in the Google Play Store purport to protect devices against the WannaCry ransomware attack that infected hundreds of thousands of computers around the world earlier this
Ke Jie is the world's best Go player, but even he couldn't beat Google's AlphaGo.        
In the second match of a three-game series on Thursday, the computer program beat the 19-year-old Chinese prodigy Ke Jie in the strategy board game Go.
Splatoon 2 is headed to Nintendo Switch this summer, so some brand new gear has been tweeted courtesy of Japan. The so-called Sigureni clothing is perfect for everyday comfort or those who love the
Bitcoin prices are skyrocketing. Business Insider reported Thursday bitcoin hit a record high, exceeding $2,700 per coin, up from $1,400 on May 1. The world’s second most influential cryptocurrency
The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has directed operators not to provide discriminatory tariffs to subscribers in the same class.It said telcos should report all plans to the Authori...
Donald Trump's budget provides 'indefinite' funding for the Air Force's fleet of A-10 'Warthog' fighter jets after officers argued they are invaluable in providing support in fighting ISIS.
Although there has been nonstop drama on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Season 6, Kirk Frost took a moment to wish his wife Rasheeda a happy birthday. On Thursday, Kirk shared a photo of his wife on I
Cambridge Technology Enterprises (CTE) has registered a net profit of ? 4.4 crore in the fourth quarter ended March 31, 2017, as against ?2.1 crore in the same quarter last year. Its revenue went up.

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Title says it all in provocative 'American Media & the Second Assassination of President John F. Kennedy'

Amounting to two-plus hours of conspiracy theorist porn, “The American Media & the Second Assassination of President John F. Kennedy,” directed and narrated by John Barbour, proves to be as long-w
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Sean Hannity goes on vacation as advertisers drop out of his show

Fox News may be seeing a repeat of advertiser backlash that eventually drove out its former top anchor, Bill O’Reilly. At least seven advertisers —, Leesa Sleep, Casper, USAA, Peloton, th
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Stirring doc 'Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower' captures emergence of a young leader

Hong Kong high school student Joshua Wong certainly doesn’t look like the type of person who could pull hundreds of thousands of teenagers away from their electronics and get them to rally behind
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A long 'Long Strange Trip' about the Grateful Dead is ultimately worth the journey

There was a moment in rock history when the future Velvet Underground and the future Grateful Dead, bands that could hardly be more stylistically different, had at least one thing in common: They
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Watch our interview with Aisha Hinds and Jurnee Smollett-Bell of 'Underground'

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Bernhard Langer eagles final hole for 65, lead at Senior PGA

Bernhard Langer taps in for eagle on the closing hole for a 7-under 65 to take the lead in the first round of the Senior PGA Championship
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LeBron: Jordan chase is about motivation, not greatness

LeBron James says his chase of Michael Jordan's list of accomplishments is simply personal motivation
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No indictment for escort, staffer in Louisville sex scandal

Grand jury declines to indict escort or former Louisville men's basketball staffer in sex scandal that engulfed program
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Bucs RB Doug Martin says he is 'stronger person' after drug rehab

TAMPA, Fla. -- Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Doug Martin broke his silence Thursday, speaking publicly for the first time since leaving the team in Week 16 to enter a drug tre
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T-Mobile is changing how you use your phone number

T-Mobile’s Digits service launches on May 31 and it totally changes how you use your phone number.        
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Tell Alexa or Google Home to clean the floors, and this robot vacuum will obey

With Alexa or Google Home, this robot vacuum will follow voice commands        
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Olympic village landlord Get Living scraps deposit

London renters living in the former Olympic village will get their deposits back, while the move by Get Living may be setting a precedent that other landlords will follow.
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The fastest-growing U.S. cities are in the South; Four of the top five are in Texas

Ten of the 15 fastest-growing cities with populations of 50,000 or more were spread across the South in 2016, with four of the top five found in Texas, according to new population estimates releas
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If you plan on having a baby under Trumpcare, you better start saving now

Seventeenth century playwright William Congreve famously wrote that hell has no fury like a woman scorned. House Republicans may feel some of that heat once their constituents find out the healthc
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Montana weighs in on congressional race roiled by assault charge

The polls opened Thursday in Montana for a special congressional election layered in new uncertainty when the Republican front-runner was charged with assault for allegedly attacking a reporter co
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Obama, in Berlin with Merkel, says world 'can't hide behind a wall'

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This is Jupiter? Giant planet surprises scientists in Juno’s first flybys

Scientists with the NASA Juno mission have released the findings from the spacecraft’s first two orbits around Jupiter — and the results are unlike anything they expected. Deep beneath its striped
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Sony taps Gina Prince-Bythewood to direct 'Spider-Man' spinoff 'Silver & Black’

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