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High-protein diets may not help fend off diabetes: Study

HealthDay News While many believe a high-protein diet can help with weight loss, a new study finds it might prevent an important health benefit that comes with slimming down.
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When insomnia persists, it can wreak physical, emotional and social havoc.
The death of a woman following childbirth was a result of "failures, inadequate diagnosis and treatment", a coroner rules.
MUMBAI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A popular Indian classical singer stars in a new music video appealing for the protection of common land in Chennai city, amid an increasingly bitter fight over t
It's a common complaint among doctors: "Who is making these healthcare policies? It couldn't be real doctors, could it?" As a doctor "in the trenches" I wonder who these people are who influence our l
Globally, nearly 10 per cent of expectant mothers drink alcohol - but this figure varies widely, a study found. Ireland have the highest rates, with 60.4 per cent found to booze while pregnant.
Take your medical news and recommendations with a dose of healthy skepticism, especially regarding nutrition.
Registered nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert says avoid these six weight loss plans. She says juicing destroys antioxidants and is difficult to sustain long-term.
Globally, nearly 10 per cent of expectant mothers drink alcohol - but this figure varies widely, a study found. Ireland have the highest rates, with 60.4 per cent found to booze while pregnant.
Nearly one in five Americans now lives in a state where terminally ill patients may legally choose to end their lives with prescriptions from a doctor.
ZAGREB (Reuters) - Croatia banned outdoor poultry on Monday and started culling ducks and hens on a farm near the capital Zagreb where H5N8 bird flu was detected over the weekend.
University of Sheffield researchers found that mealworm beetles live for longer if they avoid mating. And they believe it could explain why nuns tend to live longer.
NI GPs will likely vote to leave the NHS if a snap election is called, says the head of the NI General Practitioners' Committee.
KEERNI, India (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The past three decades have not been kind to the residents of Keerni.
CAPE TOWN (Reuters) - A South African tour guide working at a crocodile farm in the Western Cape province near Cape Town has been mauled to death by the beasts, police said on Monday.
The woman had a caesarean section at Luton and Dunstable University Hospital. She had been transferred there from another hospital because of pregnancy complications.
“Kids are intrinsically kind”, says Dr. Michael Tomasello, a professor of developmental psychology at Duke University. They are also, as parents or teachers can attest, prone to bouts of e
A study by Vermont University in the US, found that consumption of hot red chili peppers was associated with reduced mortality, with the chillies warding of heart conditions and strokes.
Tam Fry, of the National Obesity Forum charity, believes putting money into a bank account in exchange for a child eating vegetables could be solution to the UK's obesity crisis.
HealthDay News Keeping fingers and toes warm and dry when you work or play outside is a must in icy weather in order to avoid frostbite, doctors group warns.
HealthDay News As children's soccer has become more popular in the United States, soccer-related injuries have also become more common but are avoidable, doctors say.
The two highest-paid NHS officials earn almost £240,000. Professor Sir Mike Richards (pictured), chief inspector of hospitals at the Care Quality Commission, is one of them.
Health watchdog NICE has rejected the life-extending drug Kadcyla on cost grounds.
A CRE infection can kill you no matter how rich or famous you are, what medications or supplements you take, what apps you have on your phone, how many nuclear weapons you have...
The two most healing words in the English language are: ‘I’m sorry’. They have the power to remove anger and hurt, to strengthen relationships and increase self-esteem.
CHICAGO (Reuters) - A winter storm battered a large swath of the central United States on Sunday with ice and freezing rain, creating dangerous driving conditions that caused at least five traffic-rel
We were embracing the cosiness Danes call hygge. But with a new year comes a new Scandinavian buzzword: this time it’s the Swedish lagom.
Annie Deadman, a 56-year-old mother-of-two based in South-West London, has devised the Blast! programme, which promises results in just seven days.
From obesity to raised dietary fat and high blood pressure, being the eldest child is not always an advantage, a new study based on the health records of almost 400,000 Norwegians has found.
SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australia said on Monday it was "deeply disappointed" Japan had continued whaling in the Southern Ocean after anti-whaling activists published a photograph of a dead whale and two d
Ben Franklin from London was diagnosed with Hepatitis C nine months ago but is still waiting for a new drug which could cure his condition.
A network of trauma centres has opened across the UK to allow the NHS to treat veterans.
Referral management centres may be slowing cancer diagnoses and delaying other NHS treatment, doctors warn.
A patient has been caught in an undercover BBC film illegally selling prescription drugs which cost the NHS £10,000 a year.
LONDON (Reuters) - British climate scientists asked Britain's prime minister on Monday to press U.S. President-elect Donald Trump to acknowledge climate change risks and support international action t

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European stocks extend losses, Essilor and Luxottica surge on merger news. For more see the European equities LiveMarkets blog

LONDON, Jan 16 (Reuters) - Live coverage of European markets now available on cpurl://apps.cp./cms/?pageId=livemarkets
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