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Heart donor appeal for six-week-old Charlie Douthwaite

The family of a six-week-old baby born with "half a heart" make an urgent appeal for donors.
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The US is the only developed country without universal health insurance.
According to a new study, drinking coffee is associated with lower cancer rates.
It has proved a success on pigs, and Boston Children's Hospital researchers are hopeful it could be used for humans with heart failure in the not-distant future.
A study by Goethe University Frankfurt found the brains of clever people really are wired differently. Challenging tasks may help in development of brain networks – so different parts can interact
Six in 10 of us have taken a day off work in past year due to our mental health, a recent study suggests. Best-selling London author Chloe Brotheridge provides her advice for calming down.
The hospital trust is adding a plea on patient appointment letters for donations towards equipment.
Franck, 33, suffered tremendous injuries from an accident at work, shearing off 95 per cent of his skin. His twin brother was able to provide the skin for a record-breaking transplant in Paris
Learning requires the chemical adaptation of individual synapses. Researchers have now revealed the impact of an RNA-binding protein that is intimately involved in this process on learning and memory
The smallest microplastics in oceans, which go largely undetected, can be identified more effectively with an innovative and cheap new method, report researchers. The new method can detect microplasti
Shrinking glacier cover could lead to increased volcanic activity in Iceland, warn scientists in a new report.
Original concerns that cloning caused early-onset osteoarthritis (OA) in Dolly the sheep are unfounded, report experts.
A large new study finds that up to four cups per day, coffee is linked to some pretty nice health benefits.
Danielle Matier, 31, from Derby, has battled against her ever growing boobs since the tender age of 11 and has watched in horror as they grew from a cup size B to KK.
A signaling pathway that is essential for angiogenesis, the growth of new blood vessels from pre-existing vessels, has been discovered by researchers. The findings may improve current strategies to im
The flow of China's carbon emissions has reversed, according to new research. The study estimates the carbon implications of recent changes in the country's economic development patterns and role in i
Samples of sediment taken from the ocean floor of the North Atlantic Ocean have given researchers an unprecedented insight into the reasons why Europe's climate has changed over the past 3,000 years.
Paula Teixeira, three, from Zamora, Spain, has Ondine Syndrome, which causes her to stop breathing the moment she falls asleep, putting her at risk of death. She requires a ventilator at night.
Teams from U.S. universities and hospitals are helping to build Liberia's health care system back up following the devastation inflicted by the Ebola outbreak
Researchers at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warn that, due to the way flour is manufactured in the US, there is always a risk of E. coli lying dormant in packets.
Conor Lewis, now 18 from Nottinghamshire, was diagnosed with ‘medically unexplained’ functional neurological disorder. His physio team unexpectedly captured him walking after years of therapy.

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