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Hand, wrist injuries in high school sports often severe

(Reuters Health) - High school athletes have high rates of hand and wrist injuries, especially in certain sports, according to a new U.S. study.
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(Reuters Health) - - Babies who are born too soon or arrive weighing too little are about three times more likely to develop attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) than full-term, healthy-siz
(Reuters) - Aerie Pharmaceuticals Inc said on Monday the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved its eyedrop, Rhopressa, as a treatment for glaucoma, two months ahead of the expected date.
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union environment and energy ministers on Monday agreed renewable energy targets for 2030 ahead of negotiations next year with the European Parliament, which has called f
All attention needed to support Mr. Shields’ spirit as it began its journey. A detached witness would distract from that. If I was in the room I had to participate.
Times reporters reflect on the conversations that stuck with them long after their assignments ended.
New research is helping explain why most mosquitoes in one species choose flowers over blood meals. The discovery could one day lead to efforts to decrease mosquito-borne illness.
Researchers have designed new anti-viral nanoparticles that bind to a range of viruses. Unlike other broad-spectrum antivirals, the new nanoparticles destroy viruses.
A new analysis of the oldest known fossil microorganisms provides strong evidence to support an increasingly widespread understanding that life in the universe is common.
U.S. consumers who buy, keep and carry handguns for self-defense assume legal, moral and safety risks that come along with owning and potentially using a handgun to defend themselves or others.
The B.C. government has announced that it will prepare a concept plan that is the first step toward building a new hospital in Surrey. The plan, which was promised during the 2017 provincial election
Hundreds of marine turtles die every year after becoming entangled in rubbish in the oceans and on beaches, including plastic 'six pack' holders and discarded fishing gear.
White former Connecticut university student accused of smearing body fluids on black roommate's belongings pleads not guilty to criminal mischief and breach of peace
Canada 2018 looking to be a $5B Cannabis green rush and entrepreneurs are panning for gold
We tend to overstate our negative feelings and symptoms in surveys, shows a new study. This bias wears off over time, but the results point to the possibility that measurements of health and well-bein
As levels of atmospheric nitric oxide decline rapidly due to air quality regulations, North American cities may soon experience higher levels of airborne organic hydroperoxides, with unknown implicati
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Monday issued a notice that it wants public input for a possible replacement of Obama-era regulations on carbon dioxide emissions fro
Recreational marijuana was made legal on January 1, 2017. But tests show scores of crops since then have been contaminated since they were not scrutinized like other herbs and fruits.
Every generation tends to despair at the next one's perceived shortcomings, and Chinese society is no different. The 'Little Emperor' generation -- those born during China's strict one-child policy, h
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Monday issued a notice that it wants public input for a possible replacement of Obama-era regulations on carbon dioxide emissions fro
(Reuters Health) - - Two potential remedies for bacterial infections, probiotics and xylitol, didn’t ease sore throat symptoms in an experiment designed to see whether these options might be used to

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