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GM to add 650 jobs at Spring Hill factory to meet SUV demand

(Reuters) - General Motors said it would add a third shift and 650 jobs at its factory in Spring Hill, Tennessee to meet higher demand for its recently launched Cadillac XT5 and GMC Acadia crossover SUVs.
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Add Mark Cuban to the list of tech visionaries exhorting the need to address the advance of robotics and artificial intelligence.        
Skittles are the candy that let you taste the rainbow, but sometimes you don't want the full rainbow. Angeli Kakade (@angelikakade) has the story.        
Uber's latest conflagration may be bad optics but it remains to be seen if it will damage the ride-hailing company's business and market value.        
Brooks HaysFeb. 20 (UPI) -- Between 78 and 81 percent of forest elephants in one of Central Africa's largest preserves have been lost to poachers, according to a new study.
It's possible to get your coffee at the perfect temperature with a mug sold at Starbucks called Ember. Problem is, the $150 mug is sold out! Sean Dowling (@seandowlingtv) has more.    &
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg appears to be taking cues from Forrest Gump with his new US tour, which started in Gump's hometown and will introduce him to regular people across the US.
Have you reached your breaking point? Here are some tips to cope.        
What is the most bizarre medical condition you encountered in your career? This question was originally answered on Quora by Gary Larson.
The park called 'Prakriti' is located near Shastri Park Metro Station, in New Delhi. 
New video game available next week for the PlayStation 4.        
Brooks HaysFeb. 20 (UPI) -- Using chemical signatures as a stand-in for DNA, researchers constructed an evolutionary tree of stars.
'Horizon Zero Dawn' borrows too much from the open-world genre, but makes up for it with robot dinosaurs.
The firm is offering the smart specs for sale via, and quotes 2-4 weeks for delivery - but only for buyers in the US.
While Samsung debuted the now defunct Galaxy Note 7 with an iris scanner, Apple is skipping the eye-scanning technology for a more advanced biometrics security feature with its next-generation iPhone
Front-runner candidate Lenín Moreno could be forced to a wait three days to discover whether he will have to face a second round runoff in his efforts to succeed Rafael Correa as Ecuador’s president.
Apple is planning to hold a media event this March. Little is known about this event as of late but if a new report is to be believed, this could put the spotlight on the new iPads, a new iPhone colo
The upcoming multipart 'Final Fantasy VII Remake' got some new screenshots recently and the game is looking good but it's still not clear how the new action approach will work with the classic strateg
Four people were found dead late Sunday afternoon from apparent gunshot wounds in Preston, Idaho, according to local media reports. However, the victims’ identities and other information regarding th
If it hasn't happened to you yet, it will: the terror of using a bathroom lit by sensor-activated lighting system. Or, once you've sat stationary for a minute, non-lit. What seems like a great idea at
MUMBAI (Reuters) - Uber users in India, who until now had Chinese Internet giant Alibaba-backed PayTM as the only payment wallet option available to book a ride, will now be able to pay through Relian
A super-slippery coating for bottles could make getting liquids out much easier, US scientists say.
Japan hopes this new supercomputer, Tsubame3.0, will outprocess the world's fastest supercomputer, Sunway TaihuLight.
Brooks HaysFeb. 20 (UPI) -- Scientists are calling for the Tully Monster mystery to be reopened. Papers claiming the species was a vertebrate are flawed, scientists now say.
AMD’s Ryzen architecture is widely expected to return the company to much more equal footing versus Intel in all areas of computing, from the data center, to the desktop and mobile, so it’s no wonder
WhatsApp is adding a 'status' feature that lets users tell their contacts what they are up to
Flipkart has partnered with Microsoft to use the Windows Azure technology platform to scale up its e-commerce business. Flipkart will use Microsoft’s public cloud computing service. Public cloud is..
The device is the third visor system from Toronto-based eSight. A HD camera and two OLED displays allow video to be filmed and processed in real-time, enhancing both contrast and quality.
In another interview with Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma about 'Zelda: Breath of the Wild', we get to hear more about how the approach to the story is being handled in regards to the shift to an ope
WNS has been on an acquisition spree, with a total of seven companies bought since its NYSE listing in 2006, and the latest being US-based Denali Sourcing Services in January this year. With undrawn
Scientists in Boston have found a way to get every last drop of ketchup out of the bottle.
The administration of President Donald Trump has planned to widen the appearance of America’s trade deficit, measured as total exports minus total imports, by changing the method used to calculate it
LONDON (Reuters) - Snap Inc, owner of popular messaging app Snapchat, kicked off its first investor roadshow on Monday, looking to persuade London money managers to back its initial public offering in
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union data protection watchdogs said on Monday they were still concerned with the privacy settings of Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system after the U.S. company annou
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Bailout negotiators get go-ahead to return to Greece

BRUSSELS (AP) — Greece and its European creditors agreed Monday to resume talks on what economic reforms the country must make next in order to get the money it needs to avoid bankruptcy and a potent
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How insurance reimbursement affects Nevada health care

What’s next? There’s been a change in White House administration and those health care business owners who rely on insurance reimbursement wait with bated breath for a sign of what’s to come.
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'Jane Roe' proved every life matters

Gardner: Norma McCorvey, the 'Jane Roe' in Roe v. Wade, became a Christian and ardent abortion opponent.              
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Ultimately, it is the rule of law

Mosby: Trump and his supporters can disagree with judicial decisions but cannot question their authority to render them.              
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CPAC rescinds Yiannopoulos invitation amid social media uproar

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Debate on new blockchain concept organized in Bucharest this week

Personalities from academia, economy, culture and civil society will discuss in Bucharest about the new "blockchain" concept with one of the most renowned thinkers of the new digital era, Alexander T
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More than 100 injured in Pretoria train crash

More than 100 Metrorail passengers have been injured when two trains collided at the Rosslyn station in Pretoria at peak hour, emergency services said.
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Our country’s laws under scrutiny

The High Level Panel on Assessment of Key Legislation and Acceleration of Fundamental Change Panel is making headway, writes Kgalema Mothlanthe.
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Elderly couple robbed outside KZN Home Affairs office

An elderly couple were left traumatised after being robbed by three men outside Home Affairs in Pinetown.
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The Great Tool To Find A More Satisfying Career Path

Doing The Life Stories Exercise will help you see what you love to do and what you do well.
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One officer dead, another injured in shootout after report of traffic collision in Whittier

One officer was killed, and another injured in a shootout with a suspected gang member Monday morning in Whittier, authorities said. Another person was also injured in the incident, authorities sa
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Whether on the mound or for refugees in need, relief is a calling for the A's' Sean Doolittle

Sean Doolittle wasn’t trying to make a political statement in November 2015, when the Oakland Athletics reliever and his now-fiancee, Eireann Dolan, sponsored a Thanksgiving dinner for 17 Syrian r
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Everything is awesome for 'Lego Batman' at the box office; at Universal's 'Great Wall,' it's not so great

A talking building-block toy proved tougher than Matt Damon’s “The Great Wall” at the box office over the four-day Presidents Day weekend, as “The Lego Batman Movie”  from Warner Bros. finished fi
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Pop Tarts Taste Test

Kelloggs Pop Tart pop up restaurant taste tests        
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Toys as fun to watch on social media as they are to play        
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Some taxpayers face a greater chance of attracting IRS scrutiny

Changes promised by the Trump administration don't mean Americans should take their tax-reporting obligations any less seriously than before.        
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Q&A: What's best way to convert big IRA fund into a Roth?

While converting to a Roth IRA is often times a good idea, there are a few things that have to be addressed to see if it is right for you.        
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No surprise here: Los Angeles is the world's most traffic-clogged city, study finds

When it comes to getting stuck in traffic on the way to and from work, Los Angeles leads the world. Drivers in the region spent 104 hours each driving in congestion during peak travel periods last
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