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Global carbon pollution rises after 3 straight flat years

A team of scientists say global carbon pollution went up 2 percent in 2017 after three straight years when it didn't go up at all
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YouTube said it had toughened its guidelines for acceptable content, kicked off 50 channels and removed "thousands" of videos under the guidelines.        
HONG KONG (Reuters) - Chinese artificial intelligence start-up SenseTime Group is planning an initial public offering (IPO) and aims to open a research and development (R&D) center in the United State
The filtering of YouTube videos has been a hassle for long. While YouTube keeps on strengthening its policies to protect children, there are always some videos that get around these protections, like
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) aims next month to repeal net neutrality rules that were introduced by the Obama administration. The existing rules disallow broadband providers from discr
Even as the world is using more and more LED lights in a bid to reduce energy consumption, this switch to energy efficiency is turning out to have an unintended negative consequence: the increase in
BANGKOK (Reuters) - Bangkok's famous street-food vendors have joined the digital revolution, embracing payment via Quick Response (QR) barcodes that can be read using smartphones.
Sarah Hyland and her boyfriend, Wells Adams, were recently spotted kissing each other on the streets of Los Angeles. According to TMZ, the couple spent much of their day together on Wednesday. The
Every TV show ends each season with a huge cliffhanger so that fans would be desperate to know what will happen next. However, this Season of “Gotham” would be ending with a pretty “insane” c
Jessica Parker Kennedy will appear in next week’s four-way crossover event between “Arrow,” “The Flash,” “Supergirl,” and “Legends of Tomorrow.” According to TV Guide, Kennedy will
Kate Middleton had an action-packed day. On Wednesday, Middleton and Prince William visited the Land Rover factory in Birmingham, England. During their visit, the royals met the company leaders, staf
Two more women came forward Wednesday with allegations of sexual misconduct against junior senator from Minnesota Al Franken at political events years ago. The women spoke to the Huffington Post on c
Meghan Markle's pets have to undergo several processes to move with her into the U.K. with Prince Harry.
Hours after Rep. Joe Bardon (R-Texas) apologized for a lewd photo of him being circulated on the internet, a report by the Washington Post said the congressman had threatened a woman, to whom he had
Apple's main iPhone supplier has stopped illegal overtime by school age interns in a factory in China
Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis on Wednesday dropped all administrative charges against the last officer, Sgt. Alicia White, who was accused in the arrest and death of Freddie Gray on April
On Monday, when the men failed to return from their weekend trip, authorities began a land and air search.
Police in suburban Washington, D.C., said Wednesday that they have arrested a member of the El Salvadorian street gang, MS-13 in the brutal killing of a man earlier this year, who was stabbed 100 tim
Last week’s “Are You the One?” ended on a cliffhanger for the Season 6 cast. Episode 10, released Wednesday night by MTV, revealed which of the two couples was voted into the truth booth. Fin
A woman who claimed she was shamed for breastfeeding her son at Disneyland has clapped back at her haters in a cheerful picture.  The woman, identified as Brittni Medina, was with her 10-month-old s
The Apollo 17 mission crew comprised Commander Eugene Cernan, Command Module Pilot Ronald Evans, and Lunar Module Pilot Harrison Schmitt.

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What White House staff should be thankful for, according to Stephen Colbert

The White House has reason to celebrate, according to "The Late Show."
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Cuba open to U.S. business but not everyday Americans

Americans who want to meet Cubans will now have to travel in groups accompanied by the trip’s sponsoring organization        
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Employees want meaningful work

A job’s meaningfulness is consistently ranked as one of the most important factors driving job satisfaction        
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Airline travelers find fewer cheap seats

‘Flash’ sales often end as soon as they’re posted        
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Investors Have Gotten Too Complacent on China Debt

China is right that industrial capacity cuts are helping steel and coal firms to reduce debt and banking-sector risks. Investors are wrong to conclude the battle is won.
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In battle of top girls' basketball teams, Windward defeats Harvard-Westlake in overtime

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Crespi's Brandon Williams shows he's back on his 18th birthday

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Forget the Ball vs. Fox hype because Lakers can't keep pace with Kings

Put aside the sensational, the perceived ill will and what everyone else wants this to be. At the heart of the rivalry between De’Aaron Fox and Lonzo Ball are two players, born two months apart,
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69 years pass since great composer's death

Regarded as perhaps the greatest Azerbaijani composer of all time, Uzeyir Hajibeyov was known during his lifetime as a famous composer, outstanding musicologist, scientist, publicist, teacher and publ
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