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'Forbidden Planet' robot sets price record for movie prop sold at auction

(Reuters) - "Robby the Robot," the seven-foot tall creature featured in the 1956 science fiction film "Forbidden Planet," sold at auction for $5.375 million, a record for a movie prop, a New York auction house said on Tuesday.
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What happens after a sexual assault? After the shock? After the initial reporting to the police and evidence is retrieved? That’s the premise of “The Light of the Moon” — a film in which Steph
"It's the same commitment either way," the singer said of his silver band.
EastEnders: Fans were confused after remembering a Vincent Hubbard and Donna Yates storyline [BBC] The characters shared a scene together for the first time in months on Wednesday night's instalme
"Black Panther" director Ryan Coogler takes readers inside the movie's iconic fight scene.
Monique Lameroux-Morando and Jocelyne Lameroux-Davidson talk to ABC News' Amy Robach about the secret to their success on the ice.
A new Peter Rabbit coin is available to buy [Royal Mint] Four new designs are being added to the Beatrix Potter coin collection for 2018, much to the delight of coin enthusiasts. The Royal Mint r
The US pop star and her sisters bowled into Nick Grimshaw’s early-morning radio show after having not slept following the Brit Awards.
If you want to get Tracy Letts in your movie — and that might be a good idea since he has two up for best picture at the Oscars — you'd better proofread the script before you send it. Letts, who h
The cast of the show have backed Poehler’s condemnation of the National Rifle Association.
“It’s total rubbish. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon”
Every April, in a city packed with film festivals up and down the food chain, one of Chicago’s most valuable pocket-sized offerings puts a handful of nonfiction films before the public and lets the
"Kendra on Top" star Kendra Wilkinson said she's working to overcome "issues" in her marriage to Hank Baskett.
Kat Von D has married Prayers vocalist Leafar Seyer, the tattoo artist announced on Instagram.
He will receive the 2,630th star on the Hollywood Boulevard next month.
Kylie Jenner gave an update on Twitter after welcoming daughter Stormi with Travis Scott on Feb. 1.
The Szechuan sauce that became a pop-culture sensation is returning to McDonald's on Monday – this time in larger supplies        
She will be the first woman in the show’s history to brave the love lift.
In most contexts, Chicago drummer Dana Hall emerges as a center of gravity and energy. The question on Wednesday night was how all that sound and intensity would play in a trio setting — and in an i

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The Energy 202: Trump's offshore drilling proposal has a cost besides potential oil spills

Leases are perhaps cheaper than they should be.
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The Health 202: Gun violence research by the government hasn't been funded in two decades. But that may soon change.

There is some momentum to abolish the "Dickey amendment."
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'ATTACKS WOULD END!': Trump doubles down on arming some teachers, defends NRA

The strategy of arming teachers has many critics, including some law enforcement officers and the National Education Association, the country’s largest teachers lobby.
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Talk of guns and Marco Rubio's 'guts' at CNN town hall

The senator earned praise for venturing into an emotionally-charged setting where he and his Second Amendment views were not popular.
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The NRA's opposition to 'crazy' gun owners is full of holes

What about mass shootings where there was no known mental illness?
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CPAC wants to showcase a global 'conservative' movement. It's mainly proving its limits.

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen and others are considered to represent a European far-right that has mostly run out of steam.
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Billy Graham to lie in honor at the U.S. Capitol

The honor for the late evangelical leader will mark just the 33rd time in American history that the U.S. Capitol has hosted such a ceremony.
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The Latest: SpaceX launches satellite from California

A SpaceX rocket carrying a Spanish satellite has blasted off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California
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Ed Sheeran explains why he's wearing an engagement ring: 'It's the same commitment'

"It's the same commitment either way," the singer said of his silver band.
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