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For medical diagnoses, doctors still trounce computers

Dennis Thompson, HealthDay News Real doctors are still better at figuring out what's ailing someone than sophisticated symptom-checking websites and smartphone apps, according to a new study.
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HAMBURG (Reuters) - German authorities said on Friday they will relax some restrictions introduced to combat the spread of bird flu as the risk from the disease is falling.
(Reuters) - Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc said on Friday its drug to treat moderate to severe facial acne failed to meet the primary goal in a mid-stage study.
BEIJING (Reuters) - China confirmed an outbreak of H7N9 bird flu at a poultry farm in Hunan province in the southern part of the country, according to a Ministry of Agriculture statement on Friday.
Tuberculosis is the world's most serious antimicrobial resistance threat, with resistant strains called “Ebola with wings” because they are so deadly. Spread by air, walls won't be a barrier. Budget c
Many female travelers know that taking a trip can majorly mess with your period. Travel ? especially long-haul or international journeys ? can cause periods to come late, early or skip a cycle a
SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China's air quality was markedly worse in the first two months of the year than the same period of 2016 following a series of smog outbreaks in northern China, official data publi
White working class mortality rates have been increasing in last few decades.
Republicans behind a health care bill found a new way to ignore regular people.
British scientists say they now isolate different strains and so diagnose sufferers within days.
How one man revamped the menus and made food appetising again at Kingston Hospital.
(Reuters) - California's air quality board voted unanimously on Thursday to approve methane regulations touted as the strictest adopted yet in the United States for controlling emissions of the second
Lab-made blood could solve the shortage of some blood types.
The very first thing you should do is make sure you're not putting yourself in danger, says Emma Hammett, a former A&E nurse and founder of First Aid for Life. Then call 999 when it is safe.
House Republican leaders have proposed last-minute changes to the health care bill, in hopes of winning over wavering lawmakers and securing needed votes
People close to President Trump say he is grappling with bouts of self-doubt as his hopes for a quick health-care victory unravel.
A new pancreatic cancer project is to find ways to speed up scientific discovery to improve the survival rates of patients.
President Donald Trump is demanding a make-or-break vote on GOP health care legislation, as White House officials tell Republican lawmakers that negotiations are over and the vote will come Friday
The new judge on the Great British Bake Off is demanding legally enforceable minimum nutrition standards for hospital food.
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President Donald Trump wants the House to vote on the health care bill, and Republicans say a vote will occur Friday
CARAPONGO, Peru (Reuters) - Between rows of plastic tents on the outskirts of Lima, Martha Llanos takes her ration of rice and chicken alongside thousands of others who have been forced from their hom
Brain scans of spiritual retreat participants revealed changes in the systems of the brain which are part of our reward and emotional systems, researchers at Thomas Jefferson University found.
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Study found women who had cancer in adolescence may have issues with pregnancy.
Dr. Rowland, who had a special interest in A.L.S., or Lou Gehrig’s disease, refused to be interrogated by investigators in the McCarthy era.
New York Presbyterian Hospital has released a 40-track playlist with songs that teach you how to match a 100 chest compression rate. The Bee Gees' Stayin' Alive took the top spot on the list
New guidelines from the American Heart Association has found that doing tai-chi, taking brisks walks, and even housework, can start the road to recovery if you've suffered a heart attack.
If you’re one of the millions of people who stands to lose their healthcare when Congress destroys the Affordable Care Act, you’re probably wondering what you can do to stay healthy!
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After seven years of fervent promises to repeal and replace "Obamacare," President Donald Trump and GOP congressional leaders buckled at a moment of truth Thursday, putting off a planned sho
Congress' nonpartisan budget analysts say changes Republican leaders have proposed in their health care bill to win House votes have cut the measure's deficit reduction by more than half
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More than 20,000 people living in U.S. nursing homes experienced serious injuries to the face last year, mainly from falling and hitting hard surfaces or while getting in and out of bed, a recent stud
Foam soaps are increasingly replacing traditional liquid soaps in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, the food industry and other public spaces, but the trend may carry a risk, a small study suggests.

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