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Drake And Rihanna's Open Relationship: Do Polygamous Arrangements Actually Work?

Relationships can be a lot of "work, work, work, work, work." Sometimes it is easier to do things a little differently.  After multiple reports claimed that pop stars Drake and Rihanna had split after a much publicized and long-rumored summer romance, now it seems that the couple might not have broken up after all.
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New leaks show the dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy S8, and the phone is going to be a stunner
Airbus, based in Toulouse, France, is creating a fleet of flying taxis named CityAirbus. People would book the vehicle using an app, similar to car-sharing schemes.
The unprecedented warming in the last decades in arctic and alpine regions has a surprising effect on permafrost, apart destabilizing the ground thawing permafrost releases also elements, some toxic,
Jason Nazar        
Cloverleaf's smart digital signage promises to excite more customers into impulse buys while grocery shopping.
Keeping the user experience simple is the easiest way to get customers where you want them to go.
China’s state-run media shot back Monday at President-elect Donald Trump, saying the government will “take off the gloves” if Trump continues his rhetoric about the “One China” policy on Taiwan and t
BAE Systems is developing the Laser Developed Atmospheric Lens (LDAL), which uses a directed energy laser alongside a lens system, at its base in Lincolnshire.
Jerry Brannigan, a freelance writer, presented his theory on the 'Da Vinci code of paintings' at a conference held by the University of Glasgow's Centre for Robert Burns Studies in Ayr.
Every year, the United States celebrates the life of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. on the third Monday of January due to its proximity to the activist's birthday. This year, MLK Day fal
Suppliers that make must-have products like better camera lenses and improved memory chips could gain even in a smartphone slowdown.
When will Samsung reveal the Galaxy S8? The big question now is not about what will be inside the South Korean smartphone, but when it will be revealed. Samsung has two choices in regards the launch d
A fresh tornado warning issued in Southeast Texas has again disrupted life, similar to how extreme weather events in North Texas affected citizens Sunday night after tornado, thunderstorm and flash f
Dave Lee experiences what it is like to ride in Faraday Future's prototype electric car and quizzes the firm about its finances,
Airbus Group plans to test a prototype for a self-piloted flying car as a way of avoiding gridlock on city roads by the end of the year, the aerospace group’s chief executive said on Monday. Air
Cheers to chemistry majors! The post Tour a Brewery That Pumps Out 5,000 Cans an Hour appeared first on WIRED.
We're baaaaack! Well, Christina and I didn't really go anywhere—since The Limit Does Not Exist kept coming in fresh every week over the holidays—but this week is our first Cate and Christina episode o
Adding to Samsung's mountain of corporate headaches, South Korean prosecutors want to arrest its billionaire vice chairman Jay Y. Lee, who is also heir to the company throne.
The number of users that encountered malware, capable of stealing money or valuable financial information, reached 3,19,000 in the fourth quarter of 2016 globally -- 22.49 per cent more than in the sa
While 5G adoption is currently in the works, a number of issues need to be resolved before it can become a reality.
China's internet regulator orders mobile app stores to register themselves with it immediately.
BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese search engine Baidu Inc on Monday launched an augmented reality (AR) lab in Beijing as part of a $200 million effort to revitalize the company's shrinking profits with cutt
Samsung is going to reveal all soon.
An April launch is looking ever more likely and the S8 could have an 8MP front-facing camera with an autofocus.
Snapchat messaging app creators Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy are expected to retain more than 70% of voting power in the company; pre-IPO investors get less-powerful voting shares
Retailers are seriously lacking confidence when it comes to delivering a seamless, connected experience across channels.
Developers should not only focus on the User Interface but also on the User Experience when designing their app.
Caving in to pressure from the German government ahead of this year's elections, Facebook is launching new tools to help weed out fake news stories. But it isn't going far enough.
The first month of 2017 is being used as a time to cleanse by many who want a break from the indulgence that was synonymous with the holiday season. While an increasing number of people are turning t
Researchers at OpenAI in San Francisco have developed a way to use Grand Theft Auto V’s detailed road layouts as a training ground, using software called Universe.
The program provides six months of mentoring from technical and business experts, access to Oracle's customers, and partners and investors.
NBC TV series “Emerald City” aired an episode with a shocking end. Tip (Jordan Loughran) accidentally pushed her best friend Jack (Gerran Howell) and killed him. Meanwhile, Dorothy (Adria Arjona) dis

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Ayrault talks European unity as antidote to Trump

European unity is the best reply to remarks by US President-elect Donald Trump that cast doubt on the continent's future, especially after Brexit, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said Monday
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'The super-rich and the rest of us': 2 richest Canadians have wealth equal to 11 million poorest

The two richest Canadians have the same amount of wealth as the poorest 30 per cent of the country combined, according to a new report from a group o
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OPEC cuts, while the U.S. turns on the oil taps

OPEC members began cutting production this month. In the United States, production jumped 175,000 barrels a day in just one week.
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Average house price in Canada rises at slowest annual pace in 2 years in December, up 3.5%

The average price of a Canadian home continues to move higher, but there are signs of a slowdown, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association.
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ABC’s ‘The Middle’ carries the working-class banner

In its own unassuming way, ‘The Middle’ has been every bit as revelatory as ‘Modern Family’        
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John Lewis’ books sell out on Amazon

Support for Lewis among Democrats sent sales of his most popular books soaring late Saturday and early Sunday        
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Today's Pick (Tamil): Zuari Global

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Returning Federer passes Australian Open test

Swiss 17-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer won his first match at the Australian Open Monday after coming off a injury-blighted 2016.
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Robben signs one-year Bayern extension

Dutch winger Arjen Robben has signed a one-year contract extension that will keep him at Bayern Munich until the end of next season.
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CBI Gov hails JCPOA economic benefits

Tehran, Jan 16, IRNA – Iran should rely on its stability and security to attract foreign investment and build on the economic opportunities reaped after implementation of the nuclear deal, says the g
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The Jobs With The Biggest Cash Bonuses [Infographic]

For many employees, target-based cash incentives rank high on theirlist of most desired workplace perks and benefits. According to research published by LinkedIn, 75 percent of U.S. companies are plan
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Take in Diego Rivera's 'Flower Girl' painting at the Norton Simon, then step outside and reflect with real lilies

Your California Bucket List: Essential adventures and experiences in the Golden State Jan. 16, 2017, 6 a.m. (Al Seib, Brian van der Brug, Rick Loomis, Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times) Here's
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Dos países, una economía

Desde su puestito en el que vende delicias regionales,chapulines secos con chile, jugosos gusanos blancos de la planta de maguey y chocolates hechos a mano, Eufenia Hernández, de 63 años de edad,
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Save money on your hotel or home rental and live a little

We’ve already looked ahead to 2017. The Travel section’s alphabetical list of places to go included Bordeaux and Yosemite. Events that got us excited: Canada’s 150th birthday party and the celebra
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These unlikely stores are battling McDonald's for your business

Convenience Stores are selling higher quality pizza and salads. Angeli Kakade (@angelikakade) has the story.        
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Martin Luther King Jr. quotes: Here are the 10 most tweeted

"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear."        
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The 8 most popular slow cooker recipes on Pinterest

These are the slow cooker recipes everyone on Pinterest is obsessed with        
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European stocks extend losses, Essilor and Luxottica surge on merger news. For more see the European equities LiveMarkets blog

LONDON, Jan 16 (Reuters) - Live coverage of European markets now available on cpurl://apps.cp./cms/?pageId=livemarkets
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