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Democratic leaders may be forced to disclose outside political consulting contracts

Many with certain investment policies or endowments could lose between £20 to £25, but some could lose 'a lot more than this', Royal London Insurance group claims.
We tend to rely on word-of-mouth to find reliable professionals, but what if your friends and associates don’t come up with the goods?
Luanda - The Angolan State must avoid the temptation to privitise public companies with bad management records in order not to jeopardize the stock market in future. , This was said Thursday in Luan
Department of Justice officials announced Monday that they were swooping in to protect Americans from economic predators by fighting for our right to watch “Game of Thrones.” The prosecutors
For decades, environmental activists in California have battled to keep the oil and gas industries from turning the state’s coastline into a West Coast version of the Gulf of Mexico oil fields.
Luanda - The amount of transactions made at Angola Securities Exchanges (BODIVA) from January to October yielded Akz 320 billion, which is deemed a positive indicator. , This was said by the head
Lakshmi Vilas Bank's issue will open on December 12 and end on December 26
President Trump, unlike his predecessors, has in recent months focused his attention on criticizing athletes. The criticism, some say, is unwarranted.
President Trump, unlike his predecessors, has in recent months focused his attention on criticizing athletes. The criticism, some say, is unwarranted.
When you go shopping this holiday season, you’ll no doubt come across smiling cashiers and perky sales clerks. But behind the holiday cheer, many retail workers have very un-merry tales to tell
Scam Artists will be working overtime this holiday shopping season. Here's how you can avoid them.
Onion prices are on the rise, again. Almost every year, the onion prices have soared up to Rs 100 per kilo - beating its season price of being as low as Rs 20 per kilo.
Exuberant Zimbabweans greeted the swearing-in Friday of Emmerson Mnangagwa, the country's second leader since independence from white minority rule in 1980. Mnangagwa, fired this month as vice pre
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had on February 1 announced introduction of electoral bonds.
Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly greeted customers as they entered a store in Minnesota on Thanksgiving night. Joly shook hands with shoppers and repeatedly shouted 'welcome to Best Buy!' (Nov. 24)
Tehran, Nov 24, IRNA – Iran's first vice president highlighted the role of Iran in shaping the global energy market.
Luanda - The privatisation of public companies through the Angola Securities Exchanges (BODIVA) will comply with the companies? certification, organised accounting, good governance criteria and conce
Argentina's inflation rate will likely end the year above 21%, Treasury Minister Nicolas Dujovne told reporters on Thursday. The government previously estimated that consumer p
Alto Catumbela - A project for the reforestation of the eucalypt fields to revive the country’s cellulose and paper industry was launched Wednesday in Alto Catumbela town, central Benguela provinc

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Junior Blazers stun Robins for first ever NCAA juniors' hoops title

MANILA, Philippines – St.
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Export-import operations in Azerbaijan need more supervision – FIMSA (UPDATE)

The measures implemented by the Financial Market Supervisory Authority of Azerbaijan (FIMSA) regarding application of the order of regulation of operations on the import and export of goods, are insuf
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Azerbaijan to have new regulatory framework for financial markets

In 2018, it is expected to adopt a law on regulating and supervising financial markets in Azerbaijan
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Air forces of Azerbaijan, Turkey hold staff talks in Baku

Officials of Air Force of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Air Force of the Republic of Turkey held staff talks in Baku on Nov. 24.
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Azerbaijan preparing law on securitization

A law on securitization will be adopted in Azerbaijan in 2018, Nurlan Babayev, head of the legal support department of the country’s Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FIMSA).
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Number of Internet connections on Azerbaijani state provider’s network up

The number Internet connections in the network of state provider AztelekomNet increased by 25 percent.
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SOCAR to buy laboratory equipment via tender

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Over 200 German companies operate in Azerbaijan

Currently, more than 200 companies with German capital operate in Azerbaijan, Samir Valiyev, head of the Azerbaijani Economy Ministry’s office, said.
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Azerbaijan eyes to start holding e-auctions on bank assets’ sale

It is planned to start holding e-auctions on the sale of bank assets in Azerbaijan next year
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