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Curse of Nelson's diamonds

For years we have only been able to imagine what this treasure looks like because shortly after World War II it was stolen from the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich by a cat burglar.
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Scientists have traced the three highest-energy particles in the universe to a single cosmic origin.
Amazon's new line of parenting products can save you money over name-brand alternatives        
Nary a sample-sized product in sight        
The episode of “Monday Night Raw” following WrestleMania is usually WWE’s biggest TV show of the year, but that might not be the case in 2018. The 25th-anniversary show of “Monday Night Raw
New research shows more than 10 percent of funds raised through initial coin offerings (ICOs) have been lost or stolen by hackers, raising questions about the credibility of the cryptocurrency-based
An overwhelming majority of Americans support the legalization of cannabis, and despite a federal government that continues to be woefully out of step on this issue, states are picking up the slac
French President Emmanuel Macron has hosted 140 world business leaders in a bid to convince them to invest and hire in France
(Reuters) - Intel Corp has asked computer makers to stop rolling out a set of faulty patches it issued to fix security flaws in its chips and instead start testing an updated version.
Many tech companies are developing 5G modem chips in an attempt to compete with Qualcomm when 5G becomes the standard in the industry. Among these companies is South Korean tech giant Samsung Electro
The automated freight train can travel 100km without driver intervention.
Apple chief executive Tim Cook is visiting Canada for the first time since taking the reins at the tech giant, stopping in for an unannounced appeara
Even without the supermoon, it's the first "blue moon" total lunar eclipse in the U.S. since March 1866, less than a year after the Civil War ended        
Video footage of a high school student being slammed to the ground on campus by a police officer during an arrest Friday has angered a California community, with some planning to protest the school.
Although Kylie Jenner has yet to confirm that she is pregnant with her first child, the “Life of Kylie” star has had no problem fueling pregnancy rumors by continuously hiding what could be a gr
The cryptocurrency market is experiencing a notable price dip across the board. According to OnChainFX, bitcoin sold for around $10,709 on Monday morning while ether tokens went for a little more t
Google CEO Sundar Pichai is the latest high profile figure to warn about the dangers of artificial intelligence. In an interview with Recode and MSNBC set to air Jan. 26, Pichai likened AI to fire: d
The new education secretary says schools need to prepare for a fast-changing jobs market.
The 2017-18 NBA regular season is more than halfway complete and the trade deadline is less than three weeks away. It's about this time of the NBA calendar when teams start truly evaluating their ro
The world's biggest financial market is embracing the iPhone era as investors find new ways to work when they're not on the trading floor
A half-mile-wide asteroid is scheduled to make a close pass by Earth on February 4.

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Speech analysis can predict psychosis in at-risk youths: Study

Analysis of speech may help predict which at-risk youths will develop psychosis within two years, researchers suggest in a new study.
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Pakistani principal shot dead by student over blasphemy dispute

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - A Pakistani student shot and killed his school principal on Monday, in a dispute over the student skipping classes to attend rallies supporting the country's strict blasphemy 
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U.S. aid chief makes unannounced visit to Syrian city of Raqqa

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. government's aid chief, Mark Green, made an unannounced visit to Raqqa in Syria on Monday, the most senior U.S. civilian official to visit the war-struck city months af
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Treaty opposing violence against women will lead to 'moral decay', Bulgarian church says

SOFIA (Reuters) - The Bulgarian Orthodox Church on Monday urged lawmakers not to ratify a treaty designed to combat violence against women and domestic violence, saying it was opening the door to "mor
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'Put Trump in his place': nationalism awakens in Mexican presidential race

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Donald Trump's habit of slapping down Mexico is feeding nationalist sentiment in the country's presidential election campaign, prompting contenders to defy him and strengthenin
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U.S. requires tougher cargo screening from Middle East airports

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said on Monday it will require six Middle Eastern carriers to undergo enhanced cargo screening as part of an effort to rais
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Parents, we need to look up from our phones. Here's why (and how).

It's not just kids and tech we have to worry about. We need to look at our own habits.
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Mark Wahlberg's double nomination and other Razzie Awards snubs, surprises and strangeness

"The Mummy” and “The Emoji Movie” made the list of shame, but what about the other biggest bombs of 2017?
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For the perfect sweet-and-sour sauce, make your own

WEEKNIGHT VEGETARIAN | To get the balance right, there’s nothing to do but taste.
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