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Backlash after Amazon introduced 'sneaky' £3.99 fee

Under the new arrangement, customers pay £3.99 plus a £2 tip for the driver on orders under £40. Amazon customers pay an annual fee of £79 to become a member of its Prime service.
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There is a lot science has learnt from nature, and studying the finer details of animals to model machinery after them even has a name — biomimicry. The latest example is that of one of the more un
There is little doubt that every business experiences its fair share of HR struggles. From the frustration of losing talent to another company to the difficulty in addressing the valuable question of
Vacant buildings are more than just an economic threat. They're also a public safety concern. And it turns out they have their own sort of gravitational pull.
Author Margaret Atwood delved into a Twitter feud with Twitter users following an op-ed in the Globe and Mail titled, "Am I a bad feminist?" Margaret Atwood author of more than 40 books of poetry,
Experts from the European Space Agency (ESA), based in Paris, are among those tracking Tiangong-1, whose average orbit has dipped by 8km (5 miles) since December 2017.
The £119.99 ($129) Echo Spot, created by Seattle-based company Amazon, doubles up as a 'smart alarm', and the camera will probably be facing directly at the user's bed.
Paired with carbon capture technology, this could lead to an incredibly green production mechanism for everyday plastics, meanwhile sequestering harmful greenhouse gases.
According to Kiran Kumar, his journey included working on latest projects, bringing in new capabilities to the country in space segment and infrastructure, and addressing issues related to observatio
(Reuters) - Alphabet Inc's Google said on Tuesday it would add five regions and build three new submarine cables as it expands its infrastructure for cloud customers.
After introducing a bunch of new technologies and upcoming products at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 last week, crosstown rivals Samsung and LG are now poised to launch their art
A 28-year-old freediver narrowly escaped a great white shark attack over the weekend off Australia east coast. The 9.8-foot shark ripped the man's fin from his foot when he was swimming 16-foot below
Almost 200 people report seeing fraudulent charges following a purchase via the OnePlus site.
Patrons at the Detroit Metro Airport witnessed an emotional scene Monday as a man said goodbye to his wife and two children near the entrance of the airport security gate. The moment was witnessed j
SinVR app says it has fixed an issue which left 20,000 names and email addresses exposed.
Only a small percentage of corporate devices have been patched, report claims.
For all their advances, robots still struggle with the human world. They get stuck. They get assaulted. But not to worry: Help is just a call center away.
New software from Google, based in Mountain View, California, has unleashed a frenzy of activity online as users post images of their painting lookalike.
Qualcomm suggests running standard Windows programs won't have a major impact on battery
DOHA (Reuters) - Qatar's central bank will consider the topic of virtual currencies and there may be an opportunity in the future to introduce them in Qatar, central bank governor Sheikh Abdullah bin
A further concern is that the bad guys may be close to weaponizing an exploit for the bugs.

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BBC star Emily Maitlis' harasser sentenced

Edward Vines inflicted "psychological torture" on Emily Maitlis despite court orders against him.
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True Lies actress stands by claims she was abused at 12

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The tragedy that inspired Zombie - The Cranberries' biggest hit

How an IRA bombing led to The Cranberries' biggest hit and got them banned by the BBC.
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Oscar-tipped actor gives salary from Woody Allen film to charity

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