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Are natural alternatives to estrogen replacement therapy safe?

Although individuals often consume natural products because of their potential health benefits, a new review indicates that it is not clear whether the benefits of plant-derived compounds that mimic estrogen outweigh the possible health risks.
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Persistent illnesses are essentially training the body, ultimately building up long-term immunity, according to a study by Washington University School of Medicine.
Senate Republicans are already working to repeal the Affordable Care Act ? a move that could be devastating for those with mental illness. Eliminating the ACA would strip health insurance from a
In an encouraging and honest post on Instagram, a mom of two has shared how she’s learned to love her body again and what she wants other moms to know about the many different changes that come
Shannon Mackey has been using virtual reality physiotherapy sessions to help learn to walk again after suffering a stroke.
This new study from Indiana University caught my eye, because it's not only a warning to people in demanding career positions, but I've seen first-hand the debilitating effects such environments can h
When my brother and I were growing up my mom fed us 3 meals a day. Each of those meals always included bread (she made homemade biscuits every day) and delicious desserts. Mom loved to bake and she wa
Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards is not about to be left out of all the “Pussy Hat” knitting fun.  In an Instagram post on Saturday, Richards took a photo of her hot pink
I'm on the go from the moment I wake up to the moment I close my eyes at night. As soon as my alarm rings at 5:30 in the morning, I'm a blur of activity as I find the perfect outfit, heels, accessorie
SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Brazilian healthcare regulator Anvisa on Monday said it had issued the country's first license for sale of a cannabis-based drug in the country after years of legal wrangling wit
The CDC reported one woman died after contracting a rare bacterial infection.
Where are the miracle treatments we were promised? A Nobel Prize-winning scientist explains.
One year after the W.H.O. declared a public health emergency, experts reflect on the response to the virus and find many aspects wanting.
(Reuters Health) - Parents may have a lot to do with how children react to scary things, but a new study suggests kids’ response to fear may also be heavily influenced by their friends.
LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Donald Trump's administration, heavy with fossil fuel industry backers, could cause major damage to efforts to deal with climate change through measures such as c
More than 1,300 service members in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars received genital organ injuries, a new report found. The 'unprecedented' number showed 94 percent were age 35 or younger.
(Reuters Health) - Despite significant improvements in the last 25 years, U.S. construction workers are still at high risk for on-the-job injuries to muscles, tendons, joints and nerves, a new study r
Scientists at Altravita IVF clinic in Moscow played A State of Trance by DJ Armin van Buuren on a loop for 24 hours a day next to 758 eggs in a petri dish.
When we eat, we do not just take in nutrients – we also consume a significant quantity of bacteria. The body is faced with the challenge of simultaneously distributing the ingested glucose and fightin
Investigators report preclinical research showing that microinfarcts induce prolonged dysfunction in brain areas estimated to be 12-times larger than the visible injury site. Data from c-Fos assays an
In the Antarctic Ocean, large populations of the diatom Fragillariopsis cylindrus dominate the phytoplankton communities. To learn more about how F. cylindrus adapted to its extremely cold environment
EXCLUSIVE: Rob Hobson, Head of Nutrition at the supplement company Healthspan, reveals the best strategy to boost your mood on Blue Monday.
Having a cuppa reduces chemicals in the blood that can trigger heart disease and are linked to early mortality, a study by scientists from Stanford University discovered.
As we approach Inauguration day, I want to offer a deeper, broader context for the divisions we are facing as a nation. The Two Tribes In the beginning, when the first humans came across each other,
However, just 12 per cent believe flu-like symptoms - which can often be passed on - are enough to warrant an absence, a survey conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan has found.
Technology could be used to improve treatment for heart failure patients.
A well-known U.S. vaccine sceptic has talked to incoming President Donald Trump about leading a panel on the safety of vaccines. The implications cou
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's Prince Charles, a vocal environmental campaigner, has co-authored a basic guide to the problems posed by climate change.
Children exposed to addictive drugs in the womb may be more likely to perform poorly in school, Australian researchers report.
So-called 'fat shaming' may lead to feelings of stigma that result in comfort eating, researchers from Liverpool University and Florida State University say.
Rylee Bernosky, 5, from Florida, went to the hospital complaining of a headache. Doctors found a rare brain tumor. She is now looking a 6-8 months of chemotherapy and radiation.
Registered nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert says avoid these six weight loss plans. She says juicing destroys antioxidants and is difficult to sustain long-term.
Emotional vulnerability is an exercise in openness. This act, which is distinct from vulnerability as a result of circumstances out of one's control, can be truly empowering. It means showing the worl
When insomnia persists, it can wreak physical, emotional and social havoc.
The goal of eliminating malaria in countries like India could be more achievable if mosquito-control efforts take into account the relationship between mosquitoes and cattle, according to an internati

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Odebrecht balks at Dominican Republic's deadline in US$92M scandal

Santo Domingo.- the Justice Ministry's deadline
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Odebrecht-Dominican Republic US$92M bribe saga continues(Update)

Santo Domingo.- (Update) at around 9am Monday Angel Rondon´s attorney Robert Valdez arrived at the Justice Ministry to hand over
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'Teflon' Dominican presidency teeters on the edge

Santo Domingo.- Although president Danilo
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March aims to indict corrupt officials, Odebrecht execs

Santo Domingo.- The organizers of the March
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Interrogations 'hurl bricks' at past corrupt officials

Santo Domingo.- The former CEO of the State-owned
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Defense to retire nearly 200 officers: Some not honorably

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic's Defense Ministry
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Ex CEO of electric utility to collaborate with Odebrecht probe

Santo Domingo.- Former State-owned Electric
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Dominican Gov. on Odebrecht: Let the chips fall where they may

Santo Domingo.- President Danilo Medina's
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Green Bay's win over Dallas is the most viewed NFL divisional playoff game ever

Green Bay's 34-31 win over Dallas was seen by an average of 48.5 million on Fox, the most-viewed NFL divisional playoff game ever. The game Sunday had a 26.1 rating and 46 share, the network said
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US Envoy, husband bid adieu to Foreign Minister

Santo Domingo.- US ambassador James W. Brewster and his
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Forests must be managed ethically, Environment warns

Santo Domingo.- Environment minister Francisco
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Haiti's Moise, Dominican Republic's Medina to meet Monday

Santo Domingo.- Haiti president-elect Jovenel
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Searches carried out at airport group ADP in probe over CDC contracts

PARIS, Jan 16 (Reuters) - Authorities have searched the offices of Paris airport operator ADP and the house of ADP's head Augustin de Romanet as part of an inquiry into contracts between French state
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Brazil low-income homebuilder MRV says Q4 net revenue drops 1.6 pct

SAO PAULO, Jan 16 (Reuters) - Brazilian low-income homebuilder MRV Engenharia e Participacoes SA posted a 1.6 percent dip in fourth-quarter net revenue from a year earlier, according to a securities f
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BRIEF-Yanlord Land Group announces launch and offer of U.S. dollar-denominated senior notes

* Announces launch and offer of U.S. dollar-denominated senior notes by issuer at principal amount of $450 million Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
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Obamacare repeal threatens public health funding to states

Money for local programs to combat diseases including diabetes and hypertension at risk.        
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Adoree' Jackson declares for NFL draft, skipping his senior season at USC

Before Monday, deadline day to declare for the NFL draft, USC cornerback Adoree' Jackson had revealed little about his decision. His Twitter account had become fodder for amateur sleuths. Jackson
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Trump national security appointee quits after allegations of repeated plagiarism

Trump meets with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s son Jan. 16, 2017, 12:20 p.m. This is our look at President-elect Donald Trump's transition and the outgoing Obama administration: After quarreli
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