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'Naked singularity' detection now easier? Indian scientists find new ways!

Wikipedia defines naked singularity as "a gravitational singularity without an event horizon."
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Following an emergency decision to move to Amazon Web Services, Iceland’s Wow Air has wholeheartedly bought into the cloud
The South Asia Satellite, proposed by Prime Minister Modi, will be launched into orbit on May 5, 2017, on board the Indian Space Research Organisation's rocket GSLV-09 from the Second Launch Pad
A sensor issue forced SpaceX to scrub its Sunday Kennedy Space Center launch of a U.S. spy payload, but the mission was rescheduled for Monday. Sunday’s launch was called off with just a minute remai
(Reuters) - Twitter Inc is partnering with Bloomberg Media for a round-the-clock streaming television news service on the social networking platform, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.
The geographic trends in investment in the future of the auto industry are solidifying. And while they may give Flyover Country much to celebrate in the short term, they don't look so good for a long
On April 26th, 2017, over 700 million miles away, a small spacecraft made history by plunging between Saturn and its rings. The craft’s name is Cassini and its time is coming to an end.
The 'American Gods' series premiere sets the stage for an excellent showdown between powerful and mysterious entities.
AI is most likely to see its value as a predictive technology. Best-case scenarios see AI working in partnership with humans.
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SpaceX scrubbed a planned Sunday morning launch of a payload for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office. The spy satellite, known as NROL-76, was to have been launched from Kennedy Space Center in Fl
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When it comes to staving off that work drought that befalls so many of us in the professional freelance economy, here are a few things to help you get a little more prepared.
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Online firms should pay to help police the material posted to their networks, MPs say.
Twitter is joining forces with Bloomberg to create a service that will stream news produced solely for the social-media company 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
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Glenn, a high-functioning seventeen-year-old with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), comes home from school and tells his mother at dinner, “Allen was mean today.” His mother debates what to do. Should
More people prefer reading books on their phones to reading print books.
The last few years has seen many airlines start (or expand) charging extravagant fees. What’s at the root of all these add-ons? The answer is both obvious, and not-so-obvious.
If you think smartphones are no good at nighttime shots, think again.
Believe it or not, businesses are four times more likely to be broken into than homes. Fortunately, it doesn't cost much to introduce sophisticated security systems to protect your people, products an
A custom-hacked S8 has a transparent back panel
Over the years, the online giant has picked off different retail businesses, from books to electronics. Now apparel sellers are starting to succumb.
Amazon recently received an intriguing patent for an “on demand” apparel manufacturing system, which can quickly fill online orders for suits, dresses and shirts.
LONDON(Reuters) - Social media were heavily criticized by a committee of British lawmakers on Monday for failing to do enough to remove illegal and extremist material posted on their sites, and for no
At the Met Gala, cameras don't get to go past the red carpet. But this year, Shutterstock has exclusive access to cover the gala. How did the stock content provider nab this sweet deal?
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8 people wounded in shooting at San Diego apartment complex; gunman killed by police

Eight people were wounded, several critically, after an armed man opened fire Sunday at a swimming pool at a San Diego apartment complex. Police rushed to the apartment complex and fatally shot th
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Woman attacked by shark at popular surf spot is 'fighting for her life,' mother says

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At least 13 killed by storms and flooding in South and Midwest

At least 13 people were killed in weekend storms that brought tornadoes and flooding to the South and Midwest and also dumped a rare late-season blizzard in western Kansas. The victims included fo
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Lawmakers seal deal on $1-trillion government funding bill

Congressional Republicans and Democrats forged a hard-won agreement Sunday night on a $1-trillion-plus spending bill that would fund the day-to-day operations of virtually every federal agency thr
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Tax reforms will make housing cheaper: HDFC's Deepak Parekh

Parekh said this has been one of the main promises made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi
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Despite breakout game, Dodgers' Cody Bellinger is likely to return to minors soon

Cody Bellinger’s fingerprints were all over Saturday night’s historic comeback, in which the Dodgers clubbed three straight home runs in a span of four pitches to open the ninth inning of a dramat
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Clippers' Paul Pierce bids farewell to NBA with 'no regrets'

Paul Pierce’s heart was absolutely broken. His eyes were red. His voice was shaky. Depression was in every word he said and in every movement he made. This, he said, is how you’re supposed to feel
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