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Aid slow to reach towns in Haiti that were slammed by hurricane

Matthew left destruction of homes and crops, threat of spike in disease.
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Actor Michael Mantenuto, best known for his role as Jack O’Callahan in Disney’s Miracle, has died.        
Johnny Depp showed up at Disneyland and surprised the riders on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.        
Harry Derbidge opened up about his eating disorder in an emotional post [Getty] And now, Amy Childs' cousin has shared a dramatic before and after snap showing his transformation over the past f
Between single piercings, double piercings, gauges and cartilage piercings, there are a multitude of ways to deck out your ears. But just when you thought that ear candy had reached peak trendiness, t
What Queen Elizabeth wants, Queen Elizabeth gets.
Starz series based on Neil Gaiman's fantasy novel meanders but intigues        
Tess Holliday has a message for other moms out there and it’s all about self-love.  The plus-size model, who gave birth to her son, Bowie, last June, shared a selfie on Instagram Wednesday
Watch a clip from EW Reunites: Romy and Michele's High School Reunion!        
Michael Ruhlman long had a literary crush on Ann Hood. And now, at last, they are husband and wife.
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development backed Volodymyr Lavrenchuk on April 27, the head of Raiffeisen’s (RBIV.VI) Ukrainian unit, to take over the country’s central bank and
Harry Styles opened up about his thoughts on equality [BBC] And now the 23 year old has shared some of his core values in an interview with French TV show, Quotidan.  The performer was ask
The survey found that teens’ social media breaks are typically a week or longer, and boys are more likely to take longer breaks.        
There could be a secret behind Khloê Kardashian's thick locks [Khloe Kardashian/Instagram] Everyone struggles with bad hair days, whether it’s the weather or simply picking the wrong hai
PLUS: The reality star talks 'twinning' personality with son Saint and how daughter North reminds her of husband Kanye        
The sister act's sophomore album 'Something To Tell You' arrives July 7.        
Netflix takes a unique look at the mysterious death of JonBenet Ramsay in 'Casting JonBenet,' available for streaming April 28.        
Millie Mackintosh and Hugo Taylor put on a united front in London last night[Wayne Buckland] But the Made in Chelsea couple put on a united front when they stepped out in London on Wednesday 26
Kim, Rick and Ian had a massive £43,000 in the prize fund after their trio of individual chases. The team amassed 16 steps in the final chase, hoping it would be enough to topple Shaun Wallace. Bu
Appearing on a couples special, Ruth told host Keith Lemon that she has "no complaints" in the bedroom.  The 57 year old also talked about likening her husband to a "steam train" in the bedroo
The 42-year-old Oregon man said it's the first time someone has reached the summit by kite, and he thinks his adventure from treeline to the crater's rim sets a record for fastest non-motorized ascen
Taking part in Master and Miss - a spin-off from Phillip Schofield's ITV show, Mr & Mrs, Gino D'Acampo asked Ruth: "Which Loose Woman would Eamonn most like to join you two in a t
Some buyers seek out homes that are seemingly frozen in time—maintained in their original style, sometimes for decades
Stephanie Davis may have some bad news for her fans[Stephanie Davis Instagram] The mum of one’s eagerly-anticipated autobiography has been "scrapped" by publishers – after she edited out dramati
NEW YORK (AP) — In a park amid Manhattan skyscrapers, a gem has emerged: a posh public bathroom that cost nearly $300,000, complete with freshly delivered flowers, imported tiles, classical music and
Some buyers seek out homes that are seemingly frozen in time—maintained in their original style, sometimes for decades
As Anthony Joshua and Wladamir Klitschko prepare to fight at a sold-out Wembley Stadium, a fan-friendly business model has cultivated a rabid fan base in the U.K.
We tend to hope for the best and avoid communicating concern about proms and drinking to our kids. Don’t hold back, say the experts. Your worries are completely valid.      &n
Leslie Feist leaves the quirky indie pop of '1234' behind for a stripped-down new album.        
When it comes to vitamins, can too much hurt you?
Appearing on Celebrity Juice, Ruth told host Keith Lemon that she has "no complaints" in the bedroom.  The 57 year old also talked about likening her husband to a "steam train" in the bedroom.
Laura Kenny is pregnant with her first child [Boots] The Olympian stepped out earlier today and flaunted her blossoming baby bump in her casual outfit. Wearing a large red t-shirt under a black
Do you need several cups of coffee just to make it through the day?
This £1.2 million wedding dress is by Reem Acra and Tiffany  [Getty] You have the massive job of finding the right cut, with the right neckline and the right colour.  But one of the big
The Simpsons weigh in on Trump's first 100 days. Elizabeth Keatinge (@elizkeatinge) has more.        

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Warrant issued for Meridian officer involved in baseball fight

An arrest warrant has been issued for a police officer involved in a fight at a child's baseball game.              
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'One Week and a Day' works through grief, one toke at a time

With a title that sounds standard but turns out to be specific, "One Week and a Day" keeps an impeccable balance between absurdity and sadness, comedy and heartbreak. Increasingly outrageous but a
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Lust and gore abound in trashy horror film 'The Black Room'

Veteran exploitation filmmaker Rolfe Kanefsky has directed a handful of horror pictures over the years, but has spent more time helming soft-core erotica, which probably explains why his supernatu
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Steamy drama 'Below Her Mouth' doesn't even buy you dinner first

The sexy lost weekend subgenre — in which sexual connections provide an entry into emotional and intellectual intimacies — has gained traction in recent years featuring same-sex male couples, for
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Big Brother turns into a bit of a bore in 'The Circle,' and there's not an app for that

“Don’t be evil” was Google’s old, readily teaseable motto. Now, knowing what most of us do about the corporations that run/monitor our mobile-mad lives — Uber was able to track people even after t
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No picketing for Pixar? Why a writers' strike won't hobble animation studios

Don’t expect Buzz Lightyear, Elsa or Toothless the dragon to go on strike next week. As Hollywood makes contingency plans for the possibility of another writers’ walkout, the major animation studi
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Idaho man gets 28 years in beating death of gay man

An Idaho man who killed a gay man by kicking him up to 30 times with steel-toed boots was sentenced on Wednesday by a federal judge to 28 years in prison, prosecutors said on Thursday. In February, Ke
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Alex Jones aims his fire at ‘globalist Democrats’ Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner

Conspiracy theorist and provocateur Alex Jones released a video on Thursday in which he decried President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner as being respo
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Ana Navarro eviscerates Jesse Watters for Ivanka sex joke: People need to ‘start paying the consequences’

CNN contributors Ana Navarro and Margaret Hoover on Thursday reacted to Fox News host Jesse Watters’ inappropriate sexual comments about Ivanka Trump and agreed that it was a reflection of the n
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RBI prescribes rules for chief risk officers in banks

The CRO will not have any reporting relationship with business verticals
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5 Retirement Moves For Recently Divorced Couples

This financial adviser says taking these steps can help you protect your assets after a divorce and shore up your finances.
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Southwest Airlines to stop overbooking flights

Southwest Airlines plans to stop overbooking flights — an industry practice implicated in an ugly incident on a United Airlines flight that has damaged United's reputation with the flying public.
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Live NFL draft updates: Browns are on the clock

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Sam Farmer's Mock Draft: Myles Garrett goes #1

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Babies and children listed in Homeland Security's immigrant database of alleged criminals

A public database that the Trump administration said would help crime victims track the custody of suspected criminal immigrants mistakenly listed babies and other children. The database included
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Tyler Asemota of Sherman Oaks Notre Dame is ready to turn up the speed

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United Airlines settles with Dr. David Dao, the passenger dragged from a plane

United Airlines has settled with Dr. David Dao over the injuries he received when he was dragged off one of the airline’s planes earlier this month, Dao's attorneys announced Thursday. Under the t
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Steven Shainberg directs Noomi Rapace in the delightfully bonkers sci-fi/horror flick 'Rupture'

It might come as a surprise that director Steven Shainberg of “Secretary” and “Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus” fame has tackled a genre film — the wild and kooky sci-fi/horror flick “Ru
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