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5 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should be a Speaker

As an international speaker, strategic consultant, and an Amazon #1 bestselling author, I have spoken to thousands of entrepreneurs from 30 countries. The single biggest challenge I see with entrepreneurs is that they struggle to find a robust pipeline of prospects, clients, and referrals. According to an Inc. magazine article 96% of businesses fail within 10 years. If you have no clients you have no business. One of the best kept secrets that I am about to share with you is what I call Next Level Networking. If "networking" is defined as you attending a networking event to potentially find new clients, it can often be difficult, time-consuming, expensive, and fruitless. Perhaps you attend the wrong event and meet no prospects and you spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars with zero return on investment. That isn't sustainable or an effective use of your time. Next Level Networking is positioning yourself as a speaker. Here are 5 reasons why every entrepreneur should be a speaker: 1. Lead Generation Imagine you attend a networking event with 300 people and you hope to find new clients. It is difficult to navigate any room with 300 or even 30 people if you don't know who to talk to or what to say. It can be awkward, frustrating, and time-consuming. However, if you are invited as a speaker, instead of you reaching out to 300 people those 300 people see you speaking. One of the most challenging things about networking is being able to stand out. As a speaker, you are literally standing on a stage in the most visible role. As a result, your prospective clients approach you. 2. Save Money Conference organizers will offer you free admission. I've spoken at numerous events where they have also offered me a number of free tickets to my guests as well. Over the course of years, you will save thousands of dollars on conference fees. 3. VIP Status You will often have a "speaker" or "VIP" badge which allows you premium access at the event and especially at "speaker-only" rooms where you will be networking and mingling with other speakers and headliners at the conference. When you walk throughout the conference, having a speaker or VIP badge also conveys a certain prestige and status. 4. Travel the World for Free Though I am based in Beverly Hills, California, I have traveled around the world as a keynote speaker. In just the last year, I have visited San Juan, Puerto Rico, Atlanta, Georgia, Jerusalem, Israel and Ramallah, Palestine. In the coming months, I will be visiting Anchorage, Alaska, Toronto, Canada, Kingston, Jamaica, and Zurich, Switzerland. These are all free trips because the event organizers are paying for my travel expenses. 5. Extra Revenue Stream Professional speaking can be a very lucrative full-time or part-time career. Speakers can be paid thousands or tens of thousands of dollars per speech depending on their experience and knowledge of a particular topic. If you want to be the successful 4% of entrepreneurs that build a sustainable business, learn Next Level Networking and become a speaker. A non-profit named Toastmasters can teach you how to be a great speaker but finding coaches or specific programs that teach you how to be a paid speaker can accelerate the process. You are cheating the world from your wisdom if you do not share it on stage as a speaker. You will grow your business, travel the world for free, and inspire the masses with your unique message - a true gift to the world. Bio Christopher Kai is an entrepreneur, international speaker, homeless youth pioneer, and an Amazon #1 bestselling author who has given over 1,000 presentations to a global audience from 30 countries. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies like American Express, New York Life and Microsoft and coached 16 startups in Israel/Palestine for a U.S. Consulate of Jerusalem program. His core message is that if you want to build a successful business or career you have to understand the art and science of successful relationship building. He has been featured on, ABC News, Buzz Feed,, Fast Company,, and Huffington Post and just published his third book, "Big Game Hunting: Networking with Billionaires, Executives and Celebrities." Inc. Magazine has referred to him as "the billionaire networker." His newest Gifted Professional Speakers (GPS) online program has helped entrepreneurs become professional speakers. Email him at:

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