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Film review: Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes; Their husbands’ lovers

MANILA, Philippines -  The most revealing thing about Jun Robles Lana’s Ang Dalawang Mrs.
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Mother Lily: I owe Pitoy a lot

When Regal Matriarch Lily Monteverde and Remy Monteverde got married 58 years ago, they were so cash-strapped that they had to, well, penny-pinch.
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Samsung Galaxy A8+ review: A mid-tier flagship device with premium features

The 18.5:9 aspect ratio screen and dual selfie cameras of the Galaxy A8+ are impressive
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Google Daydream View: Immersive VR experience with Bluetooth controller

The VR headset with motion controller offers comfortable and immersive VR experience. But the Daydream VR headset is still compatible only with a handful of devices which limits the purpose
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AMD Ryzen 2nd gen benchmark leaks showing potential speeds of new processor

This benchmark, likely of a sample chip, hopefully shows AMD is on target for an April release for these next-gen CPUs.
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Fortnite vs PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: which is the game for you?

Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are the big names in battle royale gaming. But which one should you play?
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OnePlus confirms store compromise that could affect as many as 40,000 customers

Have you recently purchased a OnePlus smartphone? You should check your bank statement for inaccuracies.
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The best Linux distros for developers in 2018

The most useful distros which allow you to fine-tune your development environment.
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Looking for a January sales bargain? Try a magazine subscription

Get a magazine subscription for a low, low price.
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