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“How can I ask him to delete nude photos?” isn’t the only question here.
Reader complains of fellow patrons talking on phone when they looked to relax.
Try the folding test to see if it’s time to replace.
Reader wants to tell her children without causing a fallout with other family members.
With the on-demand option, you can wash dishes and fill buckets with non-filtered water        
Several groups and individuals are using shipping containers to launch new dining, entertainment and residence options        
CALGARY - The Alberta government is undertaking a five-year, $1.3 million project to continue assessing creosote levels in Calgary's West Hillhurst community. The goal of the project is to assess the
Dear Carolyn: I am casually sleeping with a guy, who took nude photos of me. My mind keeps going back to those pictures.        
Dear Amy: My mom died several years ago, and my father has remarried.        
Maria Sharapova returned to tennis on Wednesday after a 15-month suspension and beat Italian veteran Roberta Vinci 7-5, 6-3 at a clay court tournament in Stuttgart, Germany.
The NFL Draft is a brilliant example of off-season sports programming. But in an instant-update universe, is football’s selection show destination television?
"How to identify an original Ikea Frakta bag," the ad reads.        
His album "Ripcord" has gone platinum, which means that every solo album Urban has released — nine of them — has sold more than 1 million copies.        
Johnny Depp's former business team is calling the A-list movie star "a habitual liar."        
Caitlyn Jenner’s long-awaited memoir 'The Secrets of My Life' hit shelves Tuesday.        
Anglers will also have options for trout in lowland lakes and lingcod in Puget Sound and Strait of Juan de Fuca marine areas.
He's a hoodie-clad do-gooder with issues.        
Lorde opens up to Tavi Gevinson on the new intimate, teen-friendly show.        
YouTube's launching a music competition series featuring Demi Lovato, Jason Derulo and BSB.        
Jenner opens up about the infamous case, saying Kris believed in O.J.'s guilt, too.        
The best culinary paths to better health are not always paved with cash, new research shows, and cooking at home can provide the best bang-for-the-buck nutritionally as well as financially.
Organic milk production has surged so fast in the past two years that some of the surplus is being sold at a lower price without an organic label. A few dairies are just dumping what they can’t sell.
In Four Seasons Hotel Toronto, the unit played a role in the international divorce battle of Sarah Pursglove and Finnish entrepreneur Robert Oesterlund.
Football team owners met in 1936 without experts, fans or even players.
At her unassuming spot on Greenwood Avenue, Xiaoting “Ting” Guo shares the deliciousness of authenticity (hold the Mongolian beef).
Far from being stuffy, a longer, looser dress in breathable cotton or linen is effortlessly cool.
After several days of back-and-forth between Ann Coulter and UC Berkeley, the conservative speaker’s planned April 27 speech has been canceled.        
A sophomore at the College of Charleston was recently told to leave the school’s gym because of her tank top. On April 19, Sarah Villafañe posted a photo of herself on Facebook wear
The show, which is presented by Bradley Walsh, is a firm favourite with viewers who tune into the tea-time show on weekdays a 5pm. But fans were in uproar when it was announced that Rylan Clark's n
The reality TV star, who appeared in the first series when it began in 2010, decided to leave the show five years later in 2015. However, after a two year hiatus, the TOWIE star turned busines
The new bride was raped by her husband Pierce Harris - played by Jonathan Wrather - on their wedding night in harrowing scenes earlier this week. The violent attack happened after the shady lawyer
Professor Green sparked concerns with his health [Professor Green/Instagram] And after sharing a series of graphic images as he explained his trauma, the 33 year old has confirmed he's back on t
Bella Thorne went braless in the racy Snapchat [Snapchat] And now the 19 year old has taken to Snapchat to show off her incredible body as she got ready for a night out. The Shake It Up st
Kit and Ace is closing all of its U.S. stores — including its store on Woodward Avenue in downtown Detroit.        
The Top 10 Takeover dining series visits Peterboro in Detroit.        
Reporters Without Borders says president’s criticism has also emboldened foreign crackdowns
GUADALAJARA, Mexico (Reuters) - Born at the turn of the past century, Maria Felix is old enough to remember the Mexican Revolution but too old to get the bank card needed to collect her monthly 1,200.
Fancier than scrambled eggs, not quite as elegant as an omelet        
Fancier than scrambled eggs, not quite as elegant as an omelet        
Walking tours are an informative and delicious way to learn about Middle Eastern and North African cuisine        
What’s new in tomato breeding? Dwarf and blue varieties are hot this spring.
At her unassuming spot on Greenwood Avenue, Xiaoting “Ting” Guo shares the deliciousness of authenticity (hold the Mongolian beef).
With no president and few celebrities, the hype is gone this year. Many journalists are glad.
The balloon will float about 20 miles above Earth on a planned 100-day journey.
The District has issued two liens on the property because of $560,000 unpaid tax bill
Turman performed with The Temptations since the 1980s.        
If you loved Netflix's '13 Reasons Why,' these five YA books should be on your to-read list.        
"I'm Ellen and I'm gay." That's how host Ellen DeGeneres will begin a tribute to her landmark coming out episode that aired 20 years ago.        
Know a mom who’s always on the move? Luckily, there are plenty of Mother’s Day options to satisfy her wanderlust.  From practical options like luggage tags and travel journals to acce
Phoebe Kannisto and her six sons made their latest haircuts a true (and charitable) family affair after deciding to grow their hair out together and donate it. Kannisto’s oldest son, Andre, is 1
Lisa Riley has launched her first perfume [Wenn] And now the 40 year old has found a way to commemorate her amazing journey – by releasing her first ever fragrance, Change.  The actress wi
Binky Felstead celebrated her adorable baby shower on April 23[Wenn] And the Made In Chelsea favourite was glowing as she celebrated her baby shower, on April 23. Taking to Instagram,
Britney Spears has reportedly planned to marry Sam Asghari [Instagram] And now it has been reported that the 35 year old is ENGAGED and expected to marry before the end of the year. 
Chloe, 34, found herself caught in the middle of Megan and Pete's messy split as rumours circulated about Chloe and Pete being more than just friends. But the salon owner is more than insistent the
Amid the harrowing drama of Nathan Curtis' sinister plans for Bethany Platt, fans were given some light relief when they watched Rosie talking about overalls. Having decided to take a break in
After Depp said in an interview that ex-managers 'clearly let me down,' they fire back.        
Voting ends Friday; after that, your favorite TV show's fate is in the network's hands.        
From “Silence of the Lambs” to “Stop Making Sense,” he expertly handled many genres and forms.
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Idaho man gets 28 years in beating death of gay man

An Idaho man who killed a gay man by kicking him up to 30 times with steel-toed boots was sentenced on Wednesday by a federal judge to 28 years in prison, prosecutors said on Thursday. In February, Ke
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Alex Jones aims his fire at ‘globalist Democrats’ Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner

Conspiracy theorist and provocateur Alex Jones released a video on Thursday in which he decried President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner as being respo
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RBI prescribes rules for chief risk officers in banks

The CRO will not have any reporting relationship with business verticals
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5 Retirement Moves For Recently Divorced Couples

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Southwest Airlines to stop overbooking flights

Southwest Airlines plans to stop overbooking flights — an industry practice implicated in an ugly incident on a United Airlines flight that has damaged United's reputation with the flying public.
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Live NFL draft updates: Browns are on the clock

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Sam Farmer's Mock Draft: Myles Garrett goes #1

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Babies and children listed in Homeland Security's immigrant database of alleged criminals

A public database that the Trump administration said would help crime victims track the custody of suspected criminal immigrants mistakenly listed babies and other children. The database included
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Tyler Asemota of Sherman Oaks Notre Dame is ready to turn up the speed

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United Airlines settles with Dr. David Dao, the passenger dragged from a plane

United Airlines has settled with Dr. David Dao over the injuries he received when he was dragged off one of the airline’s planes earlier this month, Dao's attorneys announced Thursday. Under the t
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Steven Shainberg directs Noomi Rapace in the delightfully bonkers sci-fi/horror flick 'Rupture'

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