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HARARE (Reuters) - An illegal shipment of 200 kg (440 lb) of ivory destined for Malaysia has been seized at Zimbabwe's main airport, an official said on Wednesday.
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - A group of big technology, industry and power companies have called on the European Union to set a target for renewables of at least 35 percent when EU energy ministers meet next
CARPINTERIA, Calif. (Reuters) - Powerful gusts of wind and bone dry conditions will remain overriding concerns for Californian firefighters on Wednesday as they seek to tame a huge blaze that has dest
The new warning highlights the potential dangers of consuming flour raw.
Vigorous treadmill exercise was safe and slowed progression of Parkinson’s disease, a new study reports.
Vanellope Hope Wilkins, who had her first operation within an hour of birth, is believed to be first newborn in Britain to survive the corrective procedure.
“This is a true gift we’re giving to the community because I truly believe this technology is so important that holding it or restricting it is not the company that Inscripta wants to be,” says
A survey of 1,000 British adults revealed three quarters of dieters who had regular sleep patterns found it easier to shed pounds from their waistline.
Micah Gabriel Masson Lopez, from Quebec, suffers from an agonising condition, called food-protein induced enterocolitis syndrome, which means he is allergic to almost every other food.
Penny Sullivan, from Australia, was diagnosed with bipolar. Then her doctor prescribed 'as much sex as she could handle'. Semen contains mild anti-depressant compounds, says expert.
SHANGHAI/BEIJING (Reuters) - The southern Chinese province of Hunan has warned of natural gas shortages, an official said on Wednesday, as producers rush to divert fuel to heat northern homes with tem
Nancy Vickers, suffering with Parkinson's disease, was determined to get a medically assisted death. But she had to grapple with a bureaucratic provi
The blood cancer specialist used a spy pen to take pictures of his victims and was jailed for 22 years.
“They’re basically saying, ‘You’re not a big enough victim.’"
Patients who were treated by physicians over 60 had a higher mortality rate, found a study of 730,000 people by Harvard Medical School. This is compared to those cared for by medics under 40.
Researchers from Michigan State University found patients who use marijuana have fewer inflammatory white blood cells, which are involved in the immune system and can affect mental agility.
The London-based Committee of Toxicology reports that despite smokeless tobacco exposing users to up to 90 percent fewer chemicals than cigarettes, their safety information is unclear.
Teresita Briones, 79, from Iligan City, Philippines, began to suffer complications after she had a small blemish on her cheek removed. She begs on the street and locals have try to help her.
PARIS (Reuters) - French pharmaceuticals group Sanofi said on Wednesday it had suffered from low uptake for a new cholesterol drug and from concerns about a dengue vaccine, but expressed confidence it
Sex vlogger Hannah Witton asks why there isn't more safe sex on TV and whether it matters.
The working-class city of Everett, Washington, has tried an array of strategies as it confronts a surge in the number of people living on its streets with severe mental illness and drug addiction
Courtney and Eric Waldrop, 35, welcomed three boys and three girls yesterday to join their twins, five, and oldest son, eight. The family from Alabama is now a family of 11.
Those that live near to a gym and further away from a takeaway are more likely to be slim according to a study. The study which tracked 400,000 people found convenience is key to keeping in shape.
Queensland woman Chenai Boucher, 20, tipped the scales at 120kgs before a combination of powerlifting and CrossFit exercise led to a 50kg weight-loss.
Karen Moore, 40, from Hebden Bridge, lost her father, Edward Knowles, who suffered from dementia, after he was stranded in hospital for six months.
A group of 500 people were asked to pick the more attractive twin out of a smoker and a non-smoker by academics from Bristol University. Both sexes picked the non-smoker as more attractive.
TEL AVIV (Reuters) - Israel-based Teva Pharmaceutical Industries will unveil a restructuring plan on Thursday that will include layoffs, the Calcalist financial news website said on Wednesday.
PARIS (Reuters) - Sanofi said on Wednesday it expected to file nine regulatory submissions for new drugs over the next 18 months and that its pipeline of new products would support long-term growth.
What exactly is a "Man Cold" and a "Mom Cold" on the video that's gone viral? Which one does you or your significant other get? And what should you do if you get a cold?
A study suggests that offering shopping vouchers can increase breastfeeding among new mothers.
We took to the streets of London to find out if you think 'man flu' is a real illness.
Natalie Toper tells her story of why she wears a stoma and how it has affected her daily life.
England's chief nurse urges people to look out for family, friends and neighbours to help save lives.
CHICAGO/LONDON (Reuters) - When French drugmaker Sanofi published the results of clinical trials of children given its dengue vaccine two years ago, the overall findings were that it protected against
The bill introduced by a Tory senator and adopted by the Liberal government seeks a nationwide ban on food and drink marketing aimed at children
Johnna Sparrow years ago kept putting off going to her doctor for a mammogram. It wasn’t until the test came to her that she gave in to pressure from friends and coworkers to have it done. A lum
BOSTON/HOUSTON (Reuters) - Climate activists said on Tuesday they would take a tough shareholder resolution off the table at Exxon Mobil Corp after the company agreed to provide new details about how
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Minnesota became the latest U.S. state on Tuesday to restrict controversial weed killers made by Monsanto Co and BASF SE that were linked to widespread crop damage, while Arkansas
A protein transferred from male to female mosquitoes during sex influences female mating behavior -- a phenomenon that could be exploited to limit the spread of mosquito-borne illnesses like Zika and
Researchers have discovered how high glucose levels -- whether caused by diabetes or other factors -- keep heart cells from maturing normally. Their findings help explain why babies born to women with
A lawyer for the U.S. Department of Justice says it's not clear that new rules crafted by the Trump administration would cause any woman to lose her insurance coverage for birth control services
When it comes to being afflicted with cold or flu, men may be the weaker sex.
(Reuters Health) - Less than 4 percent of young adult men-who-have-sex-with-men in the U.S. – a population at significant risk of contracting the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) – reported ever
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. House Republicans proposed on Tuesday to delay or suspend several taxes under former President Barack Obama's healthcare law, including a tax on medical devices and the so-
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Iran's southeastern province of Kerman was hit by multiple strong quakes on Tuesday and Wednesday, injuring at least 18 people and damaging some 20 houses, state media reported.
A recent study found that birth control was linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. But a doctor from Brigham & Women's Hospital explains why the benefits can outweigh the risks.
Vanellope Hope Wilkins was due to be delivered on Christmas Eve before a rare condition meant she had to be born prematurely by c-section in November at Leicester's Glenfield Hospital.
By Katie Heaney A couple of weeks ago, the temperature in New York dropped something like 30 degrees in the span of a day
CARPINTERIA, Calif. (Reuters) - A massive California wildfire that has already destroyed nearly 700 homes in its path of destruction crept closer to the upscale hillside community of Montecito on Tues
Scientists are gaining a more refined — and surprising — understanding of the effects of loneliness and isolation on health.
Diet soda - in reasonable amounts - has been linked to elevated risks for dementia, heart disease, diabetes, disrupted gut flora and more, so drinking 12 cans of Diet Coke a day could really wreak h
Maxwell revealed that his only symptom was exhaustion, which he assumed was from traveling. But a biopsy in April 2016 confirmed his diagnosis. He only missed two days of filming.
The FDA has sent a warning letter to the makers of Coco Loko, a snort-able chocolate powder that the administration says encourages drug abuse and poses health risks.
As a developmental scientist, Kristen Dunfield of Concordia University spends most of her time researching children's trust, how trust develops and what happens when it's broken.
A study from Northwestern University revealed that 92 percent of physicians would prescribe marijuana to children with cancer, but those who were certified to do so were reluctant.
Researchers have found a key protein (Skn-1a) acts as a master regulator for the generation of chemosensory cells in mice. As these cells are known to detect bitter or toxic substances, the study prov
The NEIL3 enzyme has long been known to repair ‘day-to-day’ oxidative damage to DNA that is implicated in diseases of ageing, including dementia and cancer.
Researchers have found fresh evidence to explain the processes that occur in the body's cells leading to the onset of type2 diabetes.
(Reuters Health) - Postmenopausal women should not use hormone therapy to prevent chronic medical conditions, because the risk of significant side effects outweighs the unclear evidence of a benefit,
BRASÍLIA/SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Brazilian senators passed on Tuesday a bill proposing sharp increases in the use of biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel in the country in coming years, as a way to h
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