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Jake Omer, 29 from Billericay, Essex, who took part in the Bars Health NHS Trust trial, revealed the gene therapy changed his life and that he now has 'hope for the future'.
This year's report by the National Institute of Drug Abuse, released this morning, found that use of nearly all types of drugs had fallen among the 43,703 teens surveyed.
Not so long ago I had the opportunity to do a talk at a local high school. They asked me to talk about resilience, and although the main theme revolved around stressed teens, at some point during the
Almost a decade ago, Forbes wanted on how do-it-yourself-thinking – the beginning of what is now the ‘maker’ culture – was changing various industries. I was dispatched to look at a group of M
Italy's Senate has passed a law allowing Italians to write living wills and refuse artificial nutrition and hydration, the latest step in Catholic Italy's long-running debate over euthanasia and when
Born on September 19 last year, Love and Prince Zalte, from Mumbai, were attached from the chest and shared a liver, intestine, bladder and pelvis. The surgery took place on Tuesday.
Abby Lewis, 22, from Newcastle, has not left her home since suffering a panic attack and collapsing on a bus in 2015. She is now preparing to spend her third Christmas indoors.
Heidi Loughlin, 35, from Bristol, said the world is her oyster after defying the death sentence imposed on her by doctors. She was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive breast cancer in 2015.
MANILA (Reuters) - Former Philippine President Benigno Aquino defended on Thursday his decision to implement a controversial immunization program using a new dengue vaccine in 2016, saying it was just
NEW YORK/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - For Nancy Minoui of Portland, Oregon, and Crystal Lett of Dublin, Ohio, Congress' failure to fund the Children's Health Insurance Program is not some distant tale of po
How does your drinking measure up to the average from countries around the world?
BEIJING (Reuters) - The Asian Development Bank [ADB.UL] (ADB) approved a third loan, worth 428 million euros ($506 million), to help improve air quality in China's smoggiest region of Beijing-Tianjin-
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - California firefighting crews may face on Thursday another round of fierce gusts that have fed a volatile wildfire, one of the largest in the state's history, as they protect h
(Reuters) - An investor coalition that presses for corporate responsibility is calling on U.S. food companies McDonald's Corp, Denny's Corp and Sanderson Farms Inc to stop buying or producing meat rai
DUBAI (Reuters) - Pristine operating theaters and state-of-the-art medical equipment are featured in a new Dubai hospital that opened last week - exclusively for camels.
Speaking to FEMAIL, dermatologist Dr Natasha Cook revealed the six common mistakes people are making when it comes to protecting their skin from the Australian sun.
The handy guide, published originally on Healthista, comes as the dreaded 'Aussie flu' is expected to wreak havoc on the NHS after blighting Australia during the country's winter.
The trial, led by Barts Health NHS Trust, saw 13 patients injected with a copy of the missing gene that puts them at risk of excessive bleeding, which allowed cells to produce the missing factor.
Liz Earle, 54, from the West Country, reveals the foods to add to your diet over the winter months in order to care for your skin, boost your defences and improve your mood.
One of the youngest premature babies to survive in Britain, Arthur, from Nottingham, is even more of a miracle as both of his parents suffer health problems and thought they would never conceive.
An expert from the London-based Royal College of psychiatrists claims that women may be happier than men above the age of 85 because more people are widowed by then (stock).
Francisco Nunez Olivera, who lives in the village of Bienvenida in Badajoz, south-west Spain, became the world's oldest man after the death of Polish-born Israeli Yisrael Kristal on August 11.
Jessica Hepburn believes couples are often not prepared emotionally or financially when undergoing IVF. Justine Bold's relationship broke down partly because of her treatment.
Born on September 19 last year, Love and Prince Zalte, from Mumbai, were attached from the chest and shared a liver, intestine, bladder and pelvis. The surgery took place on Tuesday.
Pooja Ganatra, 24, who was born in Mumbai, has flaming ginger hair, deep emerald eyes and white skin - like that of a stereotypical Gaelic woman.
Most NHS trusts in England will publish information on deaths caused by failings in patient care by 2018.
While many may try to avoid eating their greens, a study has found children who eat healthily also appear to get on better with friends and avoid being bullied.
Wine glasses in Britain have doubled in size since the 1990s, and researchers at Cambridge University think it could be making people drink more.
The latest national survey of adolescent drug use found declining use of most substances, including alcohol, tobacco, prescription opioids and stimulants.
Lacey Jane Ayers, three, was in a car accident on Saturday while coming home from Christmas shopping in Russellville, Alabama with her mother, father and two-month old brother.
LONDON (Reuters) - The amount of medicinal products containing illegal wildlife parts seized by EU authorities has risen sharply in the last six years, according to monitoring group TRAFFIC, and inclu
(Reuters) - U.S. solar installations will fall more than expected this year, according to an industry report released on Thursday, due to weakened demand for residential systems and delays on large pr
SHIJIAZHUANG, China (Reuters) - Severe natural gas shortages are hitting businesses and residents across China's industrial heartland as an unprecedented government effort to clean up an environment d
US teen use of marijuana remains high and vaping appears to be one reason, researchers say
It may take until the 2060s to know how much the sea level will rise by the end of this century, according to a new analysis. The study is the first to link global and local sea-level rise projections
State alcohol excise taxes are typically only a few cents per drink and have not kept pace with inflation, according to a new study. Raising those taxes represents an opportunity for states to increas
New research suggests that women receive less credit for speaking up in the workplace than their male counterparts.
A new study leverages data from multiple large cohorts to define and quantify what, if any, increased risk may be posed by taking the most commonly used ADHD medications. The team found that one medic
Researchers have found a new potential treatment that may alleviate complications of babies born smaller than they should be, also called fetal growth restriction, which refers to poor growth of the f
Approaching the second half of the century, the United States is likely to experience increases in the number of days with extreme heat, the frequency and duration of heat waves, and the length of the
Health risks increase for infants born to mothers living within 2 miles of a hydraulic fracturing site, according to a new study.
How pioneering gene therapy has given a haemophilia patient a new lease of life.
(Reuters) - A U.S. appeals court on Wednesday vacated the conviction of the owner of a wholesale drug distributor accused of selling authentic Botox and other drugs with foreign labels, dealing anothe
Professor Judith Hall made headlines in the year 2011, for inventing a device which stops potentially fatal injections of drugs into the wrong part of the body.
The herbal drug "should be legal and available for those struggling with addiction," said Rep. Jared Polis.
(Reuters) - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Pfizer Inc's second biosimilar to Johnson & Johnson's blockbuster rheumatoid arthritis drug, Remicade, the company said on Wednesday.
If your wine was served in a smaller glass, would you drink less of it?
Doctors use gene therapy to correct the defect that causes haemophilia A.
The 10 airports with the most growth in 2017 are in nine states. Two are on the East Coast, three on the West Coast and the rest in the central part of the country. Three types of exports appear most
LONDON (Reuters) - Heathrow Airport announced a public consultation on the proposed development of a third runway at Europe's biggest airport, saying it aimed to mitigate the environmental impact of e
We love our pets, but the 'companionship of creatures great and small' doesn't seem to influence signs of aging, new research suggests
Two unions representing health sector workers in Saskatchewan are pointing to overwork as a root cause of absenteeism among its members.
Dear Readers, For many years now, I’ve published an end-of-year list of my most-read articles, based on digital metrics. If you missed them when they were originally published, you can get caugh
CHICAGO (Reuters) - A new study sheds light on how the mosquito-borne Zika virus causes a rare neurological condition, and the findings could have implications for companies working on Zika vaccines,
CHICAGO (Reuters) - As many as 646,000 people are dying globally from seasonal influenza each year, U.S. health officials said on Wednesday, a rise from earlier assessments of the disease's death toll
CLEVELAND (Reuters) - Women in Ohio would be prohibited from receiving abortions because of a fetal Down syndrome diagnosis under a bill that passed the state senate on Wednesday and is heading to Rep
A new study concludes that changes in the weather do not bring on pain.
Lacey Jane Ayers, three, was in a car accident on Saturday while coming home from Christmas shopping in Russellville, Alabama with her mother, father and two-month old brother.
Five fires in California have scorched over 230,000 acres of land in the state, but the effects of smoke inhalation extend far beyond the blazes, endangering more than a million people.
Fentanyl test strips don't always detect the presence of the deadly opioid and could give drug users a false sense of security, Health Canada is warn
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